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5:00 PM on 04.02.2014

Aniplex USA launches their own Aniplex + Store

Exclusive items are the bane of overseas collectors, forcing us through expensive and inconvenient proxies just to get the figures we want. But from today, those buyers after Aniplex's exclusive Aniplex+ figures won't have to...

Martin Siggers


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Crummy Gummy releases exclusive figure for SubUrban Vinyl photo
Crummy Gummy releases exclusive figure for SubUrban Vinyl
by Vanessa Cubillo

Crummy Gummy and Manny X will be releasing an exclusive figure for SubUrban Vinyl’s art show this Saturday. The show, titled “Heart Strings,” is a Valentine’s Day themed event and will feature pieces all about love. For this occasion, the gummy bear figure available is a candy pink, glittery bear named Danny LiBido.

I can’t tell you how much I love that name! I would get this figure for the name alone. Crummy Gummy and Manny X picked this name after who they find to be the sexiest man in Hollywood, Danny DeVito.

Danny LiBido will only be available at SubUrban Vinyl’s show this Saturday in Waldwick, NJ. If you can’t make it there in person, you can purchase some of the pieces from their website now. Since this is an exclusive figure, there will only be five original sizes sold at US$40 and three minis sold at US$20. 

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Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nonsensical translations. In one case a line in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex talking about children being abducted by the mafia was translated as "Are you aware of the frequent occurrences of the mass naked child events within the country?" by a particularly awful fansub group. For a time the phrase "mass naked child events" became a meme referring to terrible translations.

When you think about it, Wonder Festival really is a mass naked figure event. Let's face it, most of the figures we'll be drooling over the pictures of this weekend probably won't be wearing a lot of clothes. And yes, some of them will indeed be naked, or pretty near it, especially if some of the previews in this edition of LinkUP is anything to go by. Plus we've got some other stuff to gawk at like videos, an interview, and various other things all after the jump!

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TRU to carry exclusive classic X-Men Marvel Legends set photo
TRU to carry exclusive classic X-Men Marvel Legends set
by Scarecroodle

Toys "R" Us will be carrying an exclusive Marvel Legends box set featuring the original five X-Men in their original costumes, based on their appearances in the All-New X-Men where the group's past selves confront their modern versions thanks to the magic of time-travel.

The set was apparently supposed to retail for US$85 (which would break down to US$17 per figure, a bit over the cost of a normal Marvel Legend) but reports have surfaced that the price has jumped to a whopping US$140! Fan-reaction has been understandably negative, especially considering that the set features very little new tooling.

The set, which goes up for sale in February, currently isn't listed on the Toys "R" Us website although a pre-order page previously existed. It should show up at local retailers where it may wind up being even more than US$140 depending on the awfulness of your local stores.

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Aniplex announces Homura in her Sunday best photo
Aniplex announces Homura in her Sunday best
by Martin Siggers

With their extremely striking take on Madoka (manufactured by Good Smile Company) receiving widespread praise, Aniplex have decided to take the inevitable next step and announced this morning they'll be producing a companion Homura figure. Unlike Madoka, she won't be in a Maiko outfit, but will instead be sporting her 'Haregi' look - roughly, her Sunday best outfit.

Though we've only got one piece of concept art to go on, I'm immediately drawn to the distinct colour palette of mustard yellow and purple. It's a very unusual combination to go with and deliberately goes against Homura's 'traditional' colours of black, dark purple and white (just as Madoka rejected pink for blue). Definitely one of those things we'll need to see for real to decide on, but it's got potential. We'll let you know as soon as more details emerge.

[via Aniplex]

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Amakuni and Hobby Japan's Erza now up for pre-order photo
Amakuni and Hobby Japan's Erza now up for pre-order
by Martin Siggers

A few days back we saw a quick unpainted prototype showing of Hobby Japan's take on Erza Scarlet, a collaboration with Amakuni. Now in very short order we've got both pictures of the fully painted figure and pre-orders up and ready to go.

So let's get the obvious bad news out of the way first - since Hobby Japan are involved, this is indeed a mail-in exclusive, so if you want her, you'll need to get your proxy on. She's not cheap either, clocking in at ¥9800, with a provisional ship date of June 2014.

As for the figure itself, I'm not a big fan. Amakuni's fit and finish is well up to snuff but the horrible, back breaking pose and the fact that the trousers cast off to reveal a skimpy thong give you a pretty clear idea of the target audience here. I don't want to throw shade at sexy figures - if that's your thing that's cool - but it's completely out of character. Can we perhaps just get a figure of Erza being the stone cold badass she is? Pretty please?

Preorder at Big in Japan | Nippon-Yasan

[via Hobby Japan]

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PREVIEWS shows exclusive The Walking Dead Daryl Pop!  photo
PREVIEWS shows exclusive The Walking Dead Daryl Pop!
by Vanessa Cubillo

It’s no secret that Daryl is one of the most popular character on The Walking Dead. So of course figures of him are always in high demand. So logically companies will make more figures!

Shown in the November edition of the PREVIEWS catalog is an exclusive Funko Daryl Pop! figure. From the concept art it looks like this Daryl comes from Season 3. He has longer hair, a motorcycle jacket, knife and crossbow. There will also be a blood splattered version of this figure.

Featured on page 477 of the PREVIEWS catalog, these figures can be pre-ordered now at your local comic book store. This exclusive Funko The Walking Dead Daryl Pop! figure will be in stores in March. 

[via Action Figure Insider

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Diamond Comic's PREVIEWS shows exclusive Godzilla figures photo
Diamond Comic's PREVIEWS shows exclusive Godzilla figures
by Vanessa Cubillo

The giant kaiju is striking again, this time as PREVIEWS exclusives. Godzilla collectible figures are being released from X-Plus and will be available at comic book specialty shops. There will be three Toho vinyl figures released; Godzilla, Varan, and Minilla.

The Godzilla figure will be modeled after his 1964 appearance in the fourth movie, Mothra vs. Godzilla. This figure will be 12 inches tall and have detailed body movement. Godzilla will cost US$160.

The Varan, or Varan the Unbelievable figure is taken from his first movie in 1958. Also 12 inches tall and featuring spiky spines from head to toe, this figure will be US$160. The last exclusive figure will be of Minilla from his 1967 appearance in Son of Godzilla. Baby Godzilla will be over 7 inches tall and cost US$80.

These three figures are featured in the November issue of the PREVIEWS catalog and can be pre-ordered now at your local comic shop. Diamond Comic’s PREVIEW exclusive Godzilla figures will be available in March. 

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Max Factory's Kirino is the woman in white photo
Max Factory's Kirino is the woman in white
by Martin Siggers

As is the case sometimes with exclusive figures, Max Factory's rather impressive Kirino Kousaka True End ver. went up for pre-order based only on unpainted prototype shots. For those of you who were unwilling to put down a lot of money based only on some grey plastic, we've now got finished and painted shots from the figma blog.

There's no denying that this is one seriously impressive figure, well up to Max Factory's usual high standards. It can be tricky to make largely single coloured figures stand out, but there's some great work here texturing and shading the white dress to make it stand out. The strong contrast with her orange hair and the red stairs (carpeted with real cloth) looks fantastic. I'm really liking the pale candy-colours of her bouquet too.

As we covered in the original pre-order post, Kirino is exclusive and costs a serious chunk of change, retailing at ¥15,750. It looks like you'll definitely be getting something impressive for your money though, and you've got until October 31st to decide. Do these new shots sway you one way or the other readers?

[via figma blog]


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Frombies reveals more NYCC exclusives photo
Frombies reveals more NYCC exclusives
by Kristina Pino

Frombies recently shared a flyer on Twitter revealing three Robo Zora figures which will debut at NYCC on October 11th together with the previously-announced S2B2. The Robo Zora Morphers are called Moriko, Houou, and Hoshiko, and each is going to be priced at US$125.

Each is limited to just 12 pieces, and their weapons could be combined to make a neato spaceship. They'll be sold at a first come, first served basis, so make sure your butt is at Booth #609 by 10 AM.

Side note: if you pre-ordered Mechy Pang, you have fast pass access to buying S2B2 at NYCC!

For the full flyer (cropped in header), click on the gallery thumbnail.

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Who likes POP 'Strawhat' Nami's short shorts? Not me! photo
Who likes POP 'Strawhat' Nami's short shorts? Not me!
by Scarecroodle

Nami has picked up a new (old) hat for a limited edition Bandai web exclusive Portrait of Pirates figure. The figure (which I couldn't believe was real when I first saw it) is entitled Nami: Mugiwara version and depicts the Strawhat Pirates' navigator basically cosplaying as Luffy.

Uh, wow much? If somebody told me about a design that put Nami in a(n overtly sexualized) version of Luffy's clothing, I wouldn't even be able to picture it and yet here we have a design that looks so oddly spectacular it almost seems natural... except for those daisy dukes --- in fact, I absolutely love the design with the sole exception of the denim thong that Nami is wearing. And no, don't try telling me those are actually shorts. Shorts don't ride up like that from behind.

The denim thong wouldn't be so bad if not for all the butt cleavage. I suppose it works if you just never turn the figure around. The figure is fantastic otherwise. Nami has a neat character design and a decent enough pose, which makes it a shame that MegaHouse really went overboard on that rear view.

Portrait of Pirates Nami Mugiwara version can be ordered from Bandai's premium site if you're in Japan or through Big in Japan (or your preferred hunter) in you reside in another part of the world. She'll be released in February 2014.

[ Pre-order at Big in Japan ]

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Frombie makes S2B2 for NYCC as limited exclusive photo
Frombie makes S2B2 for NYCC as limited exclusive
by Vanessa Cubillo

When will people get tired of Star Wars? The answer is never! That's why Frombie's NYCC exclusive is a mashup of their character SB and the Star Wars character, R2D2. For the event this year they went all out creating a figure that was much bigger than any figure they've made before.

S2B2 stands at nine inches tall and five inches wide. This figure will be available on the opening day of NYCC in very limited quantities. So if you find this figure cute and love the Star Wars theme, make Frombie's booth your first stop.

You'll also be able to pre-order their black version, Sith2B2, at NYCC.

[via Frombie]

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