Saber's ride really shines
Whatever happened to the ex:ride series? Max Factory and FREEing released more than 35 of them in 2010, everything from roller blades to jet skies for figma. But then the line simply dropped off. 2011 saw only one new release... read feature

ex:ride Josef open for pre-orders

May 31
ex:ride seems to be getting busy again, because today has seen pre-orders pop up for Fireball Charming's Josef (or Joseph, depending on how you choose to spell it as I've seen it spelled both ways), the bike that Drossel... read

[Update: Now available for pre-order.] Up on the Max Factory blog, we have a double preview, starting with figma Emiya from Fate/Zero! Emiya is coming with an arsenal of weapons, including a Thompson Contender, Calico M9... read feature

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Miscellaneous figures

Feb 15
Despite all our coverage of Wonder Festival 2012 Winter, there's a lot of other companies who and some figures that haven't been posted yet for one reason or another, so we're rounding some of them up right here! Notably, CM'... read

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