Genderbending goes West with this Billy the Kid pre-order

FREEing - 1/8 Scale
Dec 05
With Japan's penchant for turning historical figures into cuties, it's a wonder we haven't seen more focus on American personalities. Plenty of European and Japanese figures have been given the "moefication" treatment, but as... read

Enjoy a good book with Lilith at your side

Clayz - 1/8 Scale
Oct 23
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito was one of the first blatantly yuri anime I ever got into, and as little known as it is I'll definitely remember it for a long time to come. I also remember Clayz' kit of the series' library ... read

You probably didn't see this Narika pre-order coming

Kaitendo - 1/8 Scale
Oct 10
It's not every day you see a fairly worksafe eroge figure, at least not one that seems to have zero hint of naughtiness about it, but Kaitendo's out to do the impossible with Chouko Sennin Haruka's Narika. It's not an eroge I... read
Pre-order Kodachi Nagi photo
Pre-order Kodachi Nagi

Pre-order Waves Kodachi Nagi only if you are a fan

Or maybe not
Oct 06
Some of you may be familiar with an eroge produced by August known as Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. Well it must be fairly popular, because there have been a few figurines made of Kodachi Nagi, one of its leading ladie... read
For your eyes only!
If last month's pre-orders for Kotobukiya's Sumika weren't enough to get you going, AmiAmi's blog has brought a collection of images specially designed to make you support the war effort! As I said, seeing such a brightly col... read feature

Wave - 1/10 Scale
The bathing beauties keep on coming, with Wave just about ready to announce three new Beach Queens additions. Sort of. Ever the popular franchise, Type-Moon's Nasuverse is being represented again with the slightly surprising ... read feature


Gamble on this Erina Olegovna Aveen pre-order

Broccoli - 1/8 Scale
Sep 27
How often is it that we see a bunnygirl figure that actually has reason to be dressed as a bunnygirl? Not all that often, but Broccoli's all about the context with their release of Dracu-Riot!'s lovely Russian vampire Erina. ... read

Get dramatic while pre-ordering Miyuki Sone

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
Sep 24
Griffon is certainly showing Totono some love lately! First adorable denpa Aoi is released, and they're not letting her show up alone. Following quickly is the elegant drama student Miyuki Sone, complete with baseball bat in ... read

Round out your collection with this Percival pre-order

Ques Q - 1/8 Scale
Sep 18
Nothing is sacred when it comes to Japan's genderbending history fetish! The Fate series has brought us quite a bit of King Arthur, but--as far as I can tell with a bit of research--another knight of the round table is given ... read

Get out of the pool and grab this naughty Nagi Kodachi

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
Jul 27
Griffon takes a step back from more popular products with their latest figure, the redheaded Nagi from the wordily named Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, an eroge about what seems to be a magic library as far as I can tell. One of ... read

Bite down on a pre-order of Kirie Kagarino

Milkpot - Non-Scale
Jul 20
With my perviness no secret in the least, I feel no shame in admitting that I'm dying for some fan group to translate the vampiric eroge Bishoujo Mangekyou, but despite the fantastic artwork no one's stepped up to the plate. ... read

[NSFW] Get confused while ordering Ane to Boin's Ringo

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Jul 20
Not content with just releasing Ane to Boin's Lilith, Daiki Kougyo is at it again with the interestingly posed Ringo Hanamaru. While, like Lilith, I find myself really loving how her face is sculpted, the rest of the figure i... read

[NSFW] Indulge in this pre-order of demoness Shamsiel

Lechery - 1/8 Scale
Jul 13
Lechery's branching out a little more with their busty succubus Shamsiel, hailing from eroge Kyonyu Fantasy Gaiden. She's a bit different from the Lechery norm, both in style and design, but despite her curvalicious proportio... read
A bubbly buxom beauty!
Last month's Lilith from Ane to Boin got some surprisingly upbeat commentary for one of the more naughty figures we've taken a look at. Leave it to Daiki Kougyou to come up with a pervy character that still catches everyone's... read feature


[NSFW] Cook up a pre-order for Ane to Boin's Lilith

Daiki Kougyo - 1/6 Scale
Jun 21
The busty beauties keep coming today, this time thanks to Daiki Kougyou, purveyors of all things pervy. Hailing from eroge Ane to Boin, Lilith here seems set to cater to your every need while clad in little more than an apron... read

Go on a nice boat and pre-order Katsura Kotonoha

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
May 25
Griffon continues their hit or miss streak with this lovely lady from School Days, Katsura. This time I don't think the blame is all on them however, as the series' fairly big-eyed art style is a bit awkward when viewed in 3D... read

[NSFW] Koikishi's Yuu only has the bare essentials

Plum - 1/7 Scale
Apr 20
Today's example of being startled by a full product after viewing just the thumbnail comes to us from Plum and the admittedly interesting sounding eroge Koikishi Purely Kiss. Despite the fantastically Engrish title, I can't h... read

[NSFW] Just go pre-order this lovely Celia Aintree

Kaitendo - 1/8 Scale
Apr 10
Full disclosure: Given the nature of source material Walkure Romanz, I really wanted to make a "joust" pun in that title, no matter how horrible it would have been. See what I avoid subjecting you all to? In any case, this on... read

Study this se.kirara pre-order

Max Factory - 1/7 Scale
Dec 09
Thanks to what seems to be a lack of manga or anime adaptation, I can't say I'm too familiar with Native's eroge se.kirara, other than the fact it seems to have some pretty appealing character designs. Right off the bat I'm d... read

[NSFW] Kaitendoh seduces you with Walkure Romanze's Celia

An attractive and inviting 1/8-scale prototype is previewed by Kaitendoh.
Nov 01
NSFW figures will never be in my collection but there are some that I have come across that I admire and tempt me greatly. The latest one to catch my attention is what Kaitendoh previewed in their latest blog post. The compan... read

Jingai Makyo's Ignis sparks back to life

Aug 07
Perhaps you may have missed last year's appearance of Yamato's poseable Ignis, but the re-releases continue with a second opportunity to pick up this fiery vixen. A bit more sizable than some other poseable lines and closer t... read

Volks Noel Marres Ascot garage kit available for order

Apr 06
There is something about a lady in shining armor that always impresses me. So when I saw this Volks resin kit of Noel Marres Ascot from Walkure Romanze, I just had to tell everyone about her! She really does look great from t... read

Daiki Kougyou has Tamaki show off her tsun side?

Feb 16
A month without Tamaki? I know! That's just too long for this popular lady from ToHeart2, huh? Well, Daiki Kougyou is looking to fix that by... oh. ... Re-releasing a Tamaki figure with a different face. That's just lazy. Com... read

Yamato tries to blow your mind with their poseable Ignis

Dec 19
Remember how Yamato was teaming up with Cerberus Project? Probably not. It has been a while. Almost two years to be exact. Well, after so long, we are now finally seeing Yamato's Ignis from Jingai Makyo pop up and they will a... read

This Eustia Astraea is utterly divine

Nov 28
I'd like to simply post this gallery and say "Wow", but somehow I don't think that would get me very far. I've made it no secret that I'm a huge fan of Kotobukiya's modeling a good 95% of the time or more, but even they've go... read

Takamura Yui allows a second look with this gallery

Nov 24
If you're still on the fence with Kotobukiya's upcoming Yui figure from Muv-Luv, try giving this gallery a once-over and see if you can't be convinced! One look at her pre-order information was enough for me, as I think she's... read

Rance Quest's figma Kenshin strikes again in new photos

Nov 11
Five years after its 2006 release, AliceSoft's eroge title Sengoku Rance finally saw a sequel with Rance Quest, the eighth title in the Rance series. What does adult visual novels have to do with toys? Well, Max Factory ... read

Adolf the idol singer? I did nazi that coming

Sep 29
You can shoot me for the awful title later. First, take a look at the latest wtf-ery out of the eroge world, this disturbingly adorable figure of Retia--or Laytea--Adolf from AliceSoft's Daiteikoku, a very sci-fi, very moe ve... read

Kotobukiya's Sniper Karin aims for your heart

Aug 18
The ToHeart 2 figures from Kotobukiya should be no mystery to longtime Tomopeeps, so perhaps it's not a surprise that the series continues on with Sniper Karin from the ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers game. She's not perhaps dres... read

WF2011S: Kotobukiya crosses into the various worlds of ToHeart to bring you figures

Jul 24
One thing that Kotobukiya has that they can keep going back to for variety is the ToHeart series. There's ToHeart 2, ToHeart2 ~Another Days~, ToHeart 2 XRATED, ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers, and Manaka de Ikuno!! Final Dragon Ch... read

Muv-Luv's Takamura Yui looking fine

Apr 25
So we just saw Krista, and she looks amazing. But maybe you have a thing for stockings? Fully automatic assault weaponry? Enter Yui. Like Krista, she's 1/7 scale, wearing nothing but some fancy undergarments and has a pretty ... read

Volks Manaka de Ikuno!! Bishop Manaka gallery

Apr 18
This isn't the first time we've seen Bishop Manaka, but she's so pretty that new pictures are always welcome! I gotta say, there's something sort of serene about her smiling face framed by the blue hood and giant bells. Overa... read

Beach Queens Yuki Kanade now available

Apr 15
If you were to round up all the Beach Queens figures that Wave has made so far, I wonder how many beach balls, inner tubes, parasols, and other beach accessories they'd have between them all. Probably a lot. Adding to the pil... read

Check out a gallery full of Kotobukiya's Dancer Maaryan

Apr 11
Last month, we heard about Maaryan being the latest addition to the hoard of Dragon Chronicle figures, and this month we have a nice gallery to show her off. Cute girls in bunnygirl outfits are always welcome, right? A bunnyg... read

Manaka de Iku no's Bard Silfa takes a new job class to cleanse the world of evil

Apr 08
Kotobukiya has been seeing a lot of success with their line of figures of the ToHeart2 spin off RPG, Manaka de Iku no!! Final Dragon Chronicle ~Guilty Requiem~. Taking the cast and throwing them in outfits from a fantasy worl... read

Volks Manaka de Ikuno!! new figures on the horizon

Mar 21
At the upcoming Hobby Round 5 event, Volks is going to show off a few new 1/8th scale figures from the popular Manaka de Ikuno!! series spun off from ToHeart 2. This is a bandwagon that everyone seems eager to jump on these d... read

A better view at Yuki Haruna's cute pink swimsuit, ready for the Wave beach party

Mar 11
It looks like galleries are going to keep coming in of the pretty girls of Fortune Arterial now that pre-orders have been open for a bit. So far joining the Wave party are Erika Sendou, Tougi Shiro, Kuze Kiriha and of course ... read

UPDATED: Kotobukiya's Racing Queen Alice-chan finally ready for pre-order

Mar 09
UPDATE: New information reveals that Alice-chan is limited to only 1,000 pieces and is already sold out at many stores, so if you were thinking of getting her act quickly! Way back in August, it was revealed that Kotobukiya w... read

Return to the pool again with Kaitendoh's Tamaki and Manaka from ToHeart2

Feb 26
There never seems to be a drought of figures from the popular eroge title ToHeart2. It's even branched out into the spin off title Manaka de Ikuno!! Final Dragon Chronicle ~Guilty Requiem~ featuring the cast members of the ti... read

Wave's Haruna joins the pool party with more gallery images

Feb 25
Yesterday we talked about Erika Sendou with her pretty red swimsuit and alternate eyes and faces. Today, miss Haruna wants to show off. Haruna is very cute, in an "adorable cupcake ready to eat" sort of way. No, I wouldn't su... read

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