Sailor Chibi Moon photo
Sailor Chibi Moon

Get into the Groove with the DAL Sailor Chibi Moon doll

Pink Sugar Big-headed Girl Heart attack!
Apr 05
Groove has opened pre-orders for the newest installment of their DAL line with Sailor Chibi Moon from the monumental anime Sailor Moon. The future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask comes in her Sailor Scout uniform and ... read
RWBY Ruby Rose photo
Red like roses (and just as sharp)
With the popularity of anime it's no surprise that the west would produce some imitators. There have been many failures, but some, like Totally Spies! (yeah, they still make new episodes), manage to find their legs. Othe... read feature

Dollfie Miku photo
Dollfie Miku

Volks milks the Hatsune Miku License for yet another Dollfie Dream

what, already?
Jan 21
It has only been a few months since Volks have completed shipping their Hatsune Miku dollfie dreams to buyers, and now they are already planning the next one! We've had a couple of additional costumes already, but in a rather... read
Disney Attractionistas photo
Disney Attractionistas

Disney Attractionistas and more coming to parks this year

A new set of dolls? Count me in!
Jan 09
I have to start off by saying I am so excited for Summer suddenly that I just can't stand it! Coming this Summer are the new Disney Attractionista dolls! From the concept images they look to be similar to Monster High dolls (... read
OMG Sales photo
OMG Sales

Disney Store Online's Toy Mania Sale is ON

Upto 30% off select toys
Dec 16
Disney's online store has just launched a big toy sale, with a bunch of items up to 30% off. I've put a little list together of some items that are now reduced in price: Large Simba plush. There's also a big Nemo one on sale... read
Pullip Sailor Mercury photo
Pullip Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is revealed as the next Sailor Moon series Pullip

Available for pre-order now!
Aug 29
The brains of the Inner Senshi, Sailor Mercury, is joining Sailor Moon in the realm of Pullip dolls. This may just be me, but Mercury seems to look a lot better in this line than Moon does. Maybe it's the haircut. Groove also... read
Matty Collector photo
Doomsday... and other things
Matty Collector's post-SDCC sale starts at noon EST on August 4th and includes, but is not limited to, the DCU containment suit Doomsday. Other non-DCU containment suit Doomsday SDCC items up for sale include the Monster High... read feature

SDCC2014 Monster High photo
SDCC2014 Monster High

SDCC 2014: Monster High

The Ghouls are ready for new dolls
Jul 30
Greetings, ghouls and spooks! This year there were a ton of new Monster High dolls shown on display that you'll be able to pick up in upcoming months. After recently getting my boyfriend addicted to Monster High, I'm excited ... read
Mezco photo
Mezco unleashes some extra crispy new figures
Mezco's booth once again featured a good deal of Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad collectibles, including a Gus Fring figure and a spoiler-y Gus Fring figure (so avoid the rest of that photo if you're planning on watching the... read feature

SDCC exclusives photo
The daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf will be a con-exclusive
For Ever After High fans awaiting more news after Tuesday's teaser image, the time for the full reveal has come. As predicted, the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is none other than Cerise Wolf (a.k.a. Cerise Hood), the daughte... read feature

SDCC Mattel teaser photo
All signs point to a special throne-coming edition of this Ever After High doll
At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel is not only bringing Monster High exclusive dolls but an exclusive Ever After High doll as well. A teaser image of the Ever After High figure popped up on Instagram yesterd... read feature

SDCC exclusives photo
Boy, talk about a horse-face
The badges have (hopefully) been purchased, the hotel rooms booked, now it's time to start talking about San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Mattel revealed that one of their much-coveted con-exclusive toys will be a two-pack of ... read feature

Disney Princess Dolls photo
Disney Princess Dolls

Doll makeovers fit for a Disney Princess

Make that 'Princesses' plural
Apr 24
Lulemee of deviantART has done some of the most wonderful custom doll work I've seen in a while. I'm not a huge doll person, save Monster High and MLP: Equestria Girls for the most part these days, but I can definitely say I'... read
Console wars photo
Console wars

X.Bonnie is the (X-Box) One to win the war against P.Stellar

The console wars are heating up?
Apr 14
The console wars have apparently found a new arena, as Original Effect (maker of the Army Attractive line) has produced two dolls which suspiciously look like homages to gaming systems. Meet X.Bonnie and P.Stellar, who both s... read
Batman photo

Holy gender-bending, Batman! Monster High Dolls have been customized to look like Batman rogues

Rule 63 in action?
Apr 06
Rachel Hell Haus of Dolls has produced some female versions of Batman's more popular rogues in a series of Monster High doll customs entitled "Daughters of DC villains" which, among other things, includes a "Ms." Freeze, fema... read
it's a small world photo
it's a small world

Disney's 'it's a small world' collection continues with China and Mexico

Along with horse and kangaroo plushes for good measure!
Mar 31
As the fiftieth anniversary for Disney's iconic theme park attraction, it's a small world, looms nearer (the actual date taking place on April 22), the company has decided to release a second round of themed merchandise in ce... read
Card Captor Sakura photo
Unfortunately the prices aren't
Back in the late 1990s when Cardcaptor Sakura was hitting its stride Bandai released a very popular series of dolls with bendy limbs and cloth outfits. These were so popular that when Nelvana got the TV series and rebranded i... read feature

Disney Store dolls photo
Disney Store dolls

Avast! New LE Tinker Bell and Zarina dolls on the horizon

Insert yet another pirate pun here
Feb 03
To celebrate Tinker Bell's upcoming movie, The Pirate Fairy, the Disney Store has announced that they will be releasing two new Limited Edition dolls, one of Tink and another of the Pirate Fairy herself, Zarina. Each doll is ... read
Disney photo

Frozen's Anna and Elsa may help thaw your winter

Or they might do nothing
Jan 07
Winter's chill getting you down? Perhaps these limited edition Frozen Anna and Elsa dolls may fill you with a warm cheer. Both dolls will be available for pre-order in North America only, online and in select stores, startin... read
Licca-chan Snow Miku photo
The clothes are kinda nice, though
Remember that kinda unusual looking Hatsune Miku version of Licca-chan by Takara Tomy that appeared earlier this year? Looks like Good Smile Company and Crypton Future Media have given their blessings on a second doll ba... read feature

Disney's Frozen LE dolls photo
Available for purchase on November 20
I don't go to movies very often. Probably close to never, actually. But, I actually pre-ordered tickets to go see Disney's Frozen. That is how psyched I am for this movie. So, of course, I was thrilled to see that Disney... read feature

NYCC Monster High photo
Frights, Camera, Action! New ghouls have arrived!
We took pictures of a lot of the new and upcoming dolls of Monster High while we were at SDCC this year, but NYCC brought the debut of at least two new ghouls for us to get acquainted with. Their names are Elissabat and Viper... read feature

LE Disney dolls photo
Make them part of your world, err, collection
The remastered release of the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, is almost upon us and in celebration, two limited edition dolls will be available. Images of Prince Eric and Ursula the Sea Witch washed up onto the shores of ... read feature

Monster High photo
Monster High

Monster High's Catty Noir now on the prowl

I wasn't aware were-cats were a thing but I'll roll with it
Sep 16
Previously revealed at this summer's San Diego Comic Con, Mattel's Monster High Catty Noir is finally out! The doll was released on Friday the 13th, rather fitting for a monster girl resembling a black cat. According to her b... read
Disney Animators' Dolls photo
Disney Animators' Dolls

Changes come to the Disney Animators' Collection dolls

And I am not pleased
Sep 14
We all like to think change is a good thing but sometimes it is a big disappointment. This is one of those times. The Disney Animators' Collection dolls (previously featured here and here) recently went through a reboot ... read
Scary Godmother doll photo
Scary Godmother doll

Scary Godmother doll can make it Halloween all year round

This spooky-cool Kickstarter is almost funded!
Sep 08
Jill Thompson is a comic book artist who has lent her talents to such works as The Sandman and Wonder Woman. She also created an original comic series called The Scary Godmother starring a witchy godmother who is ac... read
Army Attractive Cello photo
Army Attractive Cello

Recruit Army Attractive Cello to your collection

Ymra eht nioj
Aug 27
Original Effect's Army Attractive Cello is currently available for pre-order. This 1/6 articulated beauty comes equipped with a rather large "reaphook" weapon and chain. Army Attractive is a line that has rather embarrassingl... read
SDCC Mezco Toyz photo
SDCC Mezco Toyz

SDCC 2013: Mezco Toyz

They're all about strange bedfellows
Jul 25
A lot of manufacturers focus on particular genres of TV and films when they make toys, but apparently Mezco will just do anything under the sun. It's a good thing, though. Where else are you going to find a plush of the puppe... read
SDCC Monster High photo
SDCC Monster High

SDCC 2013: Mattel's Monster High

What are the Monsters up to for the upcoming year?
Jul 25
Have you drank the Ghoulade yet? If not, jump in now! I was so excited to see the new Monster High dolls in person, and to sit in on the panel. It was incredible! The show is now available in 30+ languages, and it's only goin... read
Danny Choo visits AX photo
Plus additional information from the press conference
Danny Choo of Culture Japan was not only a Guest of Honor at this year's Anime Expo but he also had his very own panel and press conference to boot! He shared his spotlight with his original character, the lovely Mirai S... read feature

MLP Equestria Dolls photo
MLP Equestria Dolls

Tomopop Exclusive: MLP Equestria Girls Dolls escape store

An Amazon mishap leads to them being in my home
Jun 26
So, I was minding my own business on June 21st late into the night, when I happened to decide to go to Amazon to look for a book. However, what happened to be on the front page when I logged in completely blew my mind. Undern... read
Madoka dolls photo
Plus a new look at Licca-chan Hatsune Miku
There's no stopping Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it's here to stay. Even when it looks like things are starting to slow down something new comes along and we get all excited again. Not that you would ever actually want it to st... read feature

Smart Doll photo
Smart Doll

Mad scientist Danny Choo is creating the first Smart Doll

Progress report shows some impressive tech
Jun 12
Danny Choo is working on a a project that might make doll fans out of tech geeks. Built from the ground up his project, dubbed the Smart Doll (NSFW!), features custom software, 24 servomotors, and touch sensors. Yep, tou... read
PureNeemo photo

PureNeemo Tsukiko wishes for you to pre-order her

Latest from Azone goes up for sale
Jun 02
Azone's popular PureNeemo doll line has placed their latest up for pre-order. The child-like Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from the surprisingly good anime series the "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat (HENNEKO) looks really cute... read
Monster High Webarella photo
Monster High Webarella

Monster High: Webarella appears for SDCC!

Wydowna Spider as Power Ghoul, Webarella
May 15
The daughter of Arachne has made her appearance on Monster High's Facebook! Wydowna Spider will appear as a Power Ghoul named Webarella for her SDCC exclusive doll. While I was partially correct in my previous post about... read
Ouch photo

Disney Villains Designer dolls get a major price cut

Nearly 50 percent off is quite a mark down
May 14
If you were on the fence about buying the Disney Villains Designer dolls when they were first released way back in September and October of 2012, this may very well be your lucky day. Four of the designs (Ursula, Mother Gothe... read
Miku Licca-chan photo
Miku Licca-chan

Here's our first look at Takara Tomy's Hatsune Miku doll

Doll based on Licca-chan finds its way onto another web shop
May 10
Just this past weekend we got word that a Miku Hatsune dress-up doll for girls based on Takara Tomy's popular Licca-chan doll line would be coming as soon as this July. And while we still haven't received official word y... read

MattyCollector teases SDCC 2013 Monster High doll

Spoiler alert: It's the Daughter of Arachne
May 07
Let's have a flashback to SDCC 2011 shall we? Mattel had a vote for which of the three dolls collectors wanted to be the next Monster High doll. Well, this year's exclusive wasn't the winner - instead, it's Daughter of Arachn... read
Dress-up doll for girls briefly listed at Japanese online shop.
Not content with just having a firm grip on the high-end doll business, it would appear Hatsune Miku has now turned her focus on young girls. It seems a dress-up doll based on Takara Tomy's popular Licca-chan doll will be com... read feature

Tomopop About Town photo
Every city has its secrets
If you consider yourself a bit of a doll fan or even if you're just a little curious, there's a place in Hong Kong which you should check out. Hidden (and I mean REALLY hidden) in the 18th floor of a very nondescript building... read feature

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