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My Little Pony: an introduction

Jan 06
// Karen Gellender
Whenever I see a My Little Pony- particularly one from the 1980s- I see everything that I miss from my childhood. I see the beginning of my interest in fantasy, toys, art, and animation; what I basically see are the roots of ...

Saint Seiya collector's statue canceled due to manufacturing defect

Jul 22
// DickMcVengeance
In what must be a major blow to Saint Seiya fans (with a lot of money), Bandai and Tamashii have canceled their limited edition Saint Seiya Pegasus -Gold Cloth- statue. According to, the announcement went out vi...

Vintage Star Wars Micro Machines dug up by Think Geek

Sep 26
// Katrina Johnston
Apparently the guys over at ThinkGeek were doing some spring (fall?) cleaning in their Millenium Falcon and unearthed a bunch of these little guys for our purchasing pleasure. The Star Wars Micro Machines Luke Binoculars are ...

McFarlane Toys Cancel In-House Toy Lines

Jun 12
// Rio McCarthy
Today is a sad day in the figure world for me. I'm a huge fan of Todd McFarlane's artwork, as well as McFarlane Toys. They've now announced that the Dragons, Legend of the Blade Hunters and Warriors of the Zodiac lines have b...


Go For Broke: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

May 30
// Pedro Cortes
Welcome to the feature that breaks through to the heavens and kicks logic to the curb, Go For Broke!This week I'm covering the latest hit from Gainax, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, hereby shortened to the more manageable TTGL. ...

Show and Tell: 1/8 Nia Teppellin PVC

May 28
// Pedro Cortes
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) is quite possibly the greatest anime series to come out in the last five to six years. Hands down. The animation is superb, the music is amazing, the characters are unforgettable, and the sto...

Less Than Three: McDonald's Super Mario Bros. 3 Toys

Apr 04
// Brian Szabelski
I've been a collector of toys for quite some time, ranging from the slightly obscure to the same crap everyone else has. But what may have started me down my road to collecting toys came in 1990, and from McDonald's as ...

Under the Radar: Konami's WaffeDolphin

Mar 20
// Qais Fulton
Even before I was involved with Tomopop I tended to hunt down toys that in my Internautical meanderings I happened to stumble across and find neat.  But regularly searching for news or new toys has increased my knowledge...

Show and Tell: The Great Cthulhu

Mar 19
// Qais Fulton
Show and Tell is a new weekly feature here at Tomopop.  Every Wednesday one of our editors will show a piece from their own collection, sharing stories of its acquisition, rambling about why it's earned a spot on the man...

Beautiful translation: Shining Wind's Touka Kureha figure by Max Factory

Jan 31
// Topher Cantler
It's funny how we're allowed to swoon and sigh over pictures of Venus DeMilo or Michelangelo's David, but the thought of finding beauty in a toy or figure is something most people will turn up their noses at in disgust. This ...

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