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Creepy as hell photo
Creepy as hell

Creepy stuff I've found on ebay: Giant-sized Renamon and other stuffed... things

What has been seen cannot be unseen
Mar 04
// Scarecroodle
Anybody who's used ebay for any length of time knows that there's a lot of weird stuff on it. Some of it is weird in a cool way, other things are a case of WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT THIS?! This, of course, is a case of the latte...
Parasyte plush pre-orders photo
Parasyte plush pre-orders

These new Parasyte plushes are pretty freaky

I guess that fits the series, though
May 26
// Natalie Kipper
The manga series, Parasyte, has always given me chills and goosebumps from the covers because invariably there is some horrifyingly mutated monster-thing plastered across it. Long story short, I couldn't get myself to lift up...
Vicious Plush Kickstarter photo
Vicious Plush Kickstarter

Vicious Plush brings out the darker side of stuffed toys

Don't worry, they don't bite ... much
Sep 29
// Natalie Kipper
Fall has begun and with it come thoughts of Halloween and all things spooky, eerie, and at times, downright vicious. So it seems perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the season that Nats Toys, headed by Natalie and Natasha...
Swapping Egashira photo
Swapping Egashira

Fans have fun bodyswapping figma of Egashira 2:50

Those poor poor figmas
Jul 01
// Jon Wills
Crunchyroll recently published an article on their blog showing off how Max Factory's Egashira 2:50 figma can give Revoltech Woody a run for his money on the creepy level. I have to say that I am impressed at how di...

derp derp derp derp
Looks like Mikatan had some fun with today's figure preview... we're looking at Miku Dayo today (previously seen at Wonder Festival). She's drop-kicking mechs, and smacking around Sonic the Hedgehog like it's nobody's busines...

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