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iZombie photo

iZombie comes to television, and your shelves soon

Best to jump in BEFORE all the other kids
Jan 21
// Oansun
DC Collectibles' long-solicited iZombie statue of Gwendolyn Dylan arrives soon (looking at January or February) for those looking to get their pre-orders in before the show starts up in March. This is based on ...
Zatanna photo

Kotobukiya says 'epytotorP wohS': Zatanna appears!

looc ytterp s'tI
Jan 16
// Oansun
Kotobukiya continues trampling on the ashes of DC's old Ame-Comi line with more suitable (and realistic in comparison) representations of classic female characters. Previously teased in illustrated form, Zatanna arrives with ...
Batgirl photo

Batgirl statue a breath of fresh air

Jesse Farrell gets it.
Dec 25
// Rachael Chambers
In a sea of lazy, mass produced figures, artist created toys are always fun to come across. Jesse Farrell, sculptor extraordinaire, contributed this fun piece for HUB Comics 6th Annual Dark Knight on a Dark Night and I'm tota...
Thor photo
Merchandising doors to shortly crash open
For those who missed the somewhat weird announcement earlier this week, Thor will soon be a woman. No, it's not a gender-bend (although it's worth noting something similar was done with Lady Loki) nor is she being billed as a...

X-Men photo

Days of my Bank Account Past: Sideshow Collectibles unveils new Sentinel maquette

If only I could time travel and tell myself to save some money for this
May 25
// Scarecroodle
Sideshow Collectibles recently revealed a teaser image for its upcoming (and presumably nigh unaffordable) Sentinel maquette. This statue depicts the giant mutant-hunting robot in a more classic look (as opposed to their appe...
Hikari photo

Wicked-looking metallic Batman is second entry in Funko's Hikari line

May 09
// Scarecroodle
Funko continues its sofubi Hikari line with NVS Batman and, as with the metallic Leonardo (TMNT), is offering fans a chance to win the first figure in the series. While the Leonardo looked really cool, this is obviously Batma...
Spider-Man photo

Amazing Spider-Man #1 to feature limited edition Minimates variant cover

Will we eventually see a Minimates issue?
May 01
// Scarecroodle
Peter Parker is back in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (don't ask) and, to celebrate a return to the status quo, there will be a limited edition comic with a variant cover featuring a Minimate Electro fighting Spider-Man (apparently i...
Amazing Spidey 2 photo
Amazing Spidey 2

Medicom spins a MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 2 pre-order web

But will it stick?
Jan 16
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders have opened for Medicom Toys' MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man, based on the character's likeness in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel. True believers may recall that the first entry in Medicom's MAFEX li...
DST photo

Sinful Suzi, Stay Puft among latest DST pre-orders

A well-endowed batch of pre-orders
Oct 19
// Scarecroodle
The collectibles shown in Diamond Select Toys' latest batch of previews -- including a 24-inch tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vinyl bank -- are currently available for pre-order. The selections include a superbly detailed Bat...

NYCC 2013: MadKnits

Won't you give one of their monsters a nice home today?
Oct 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
MadKnits is a company full of creepy, cute monsters from Kaitlin Juarez and Max Yax. These handmade little monsters each come with a story of their own. There's Ender the Intergalactic Space Captain, Izzy the Navigator, Band...
NYCC 2013 photo
NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Industry Panel

Marvel. DC. Bishoujo. Star Wars. More.
Oct 11
// Andres Cerrato
Last night, Kotobukiya held its annual panel at NYCC to discuss what's next for the company in 2014. The company had a few surprises for its main franchises, including Marvel and DC Comics, Star Wars, and of course the Bishoujo line. The company also has some brand new properties that will definitely surprise you.  Hit the jump to check out the new items from the panel!
Sandman photo

Dream a little dream of Dream... of the Endless

Won't you dream with me?
Oct 08
// Scarecroodle
Vertigo Comics has released the first image of an upcoming DC Collectibles Sandman: Overture statue. The statue depicts Dream of the Endless (the eponymous Sandman who also goes by Morpheus) with swirls of what might be sand ...
Kotobukiya photo

Kotobukiya teases Black Widow's butt

Will she turn the other cheek?
Oct 01
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukya has teased an image of Black Widow's butt, presumably a reference to the character's upcoming appearance in the 1/10 ArtFX+ Avengers line-up which has thus far included the Hulk. While both Black Widow and Captain A...
Variant PAK photo
Variant PAK

Variant PAK Supergirl, Superman have come to save the day

Superman? No thanks, I'll just wait for Supergirl to save me from this burning building. I'm not in a hurry
Sep 12
// Scarecroodle
Photos of Square-Enix's upcoming DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Supergirl and Superman have appeared on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Supergirl, traditionally a B-act, has completely stolen the show from her cousin as he...
SDCC My Little Pony photo
SDCC My Little Pony

SDCC 2013: Misc. My Little Pony

My Little Pony was spread out all over SDCC this year!
Jul 25
// Rio McCarthy
You thought we were done with My Little Pony when just posting about Hasbro's offerings? Oh no, dearies, of course not. The comics were definitely in full force, with two exclusive covers, as well as a hardback edition of the...
SDCC Batman cover photo
SDCC Batman cover

Mattel figures to appear on SDCC exclusive Batman cover

Holy halibut, Batman!
Jun 22
// Scarecroodle
DC Comics' new comic book throwback to the classic Adam West Batman tv show may whet toy collectors' appetites, as the SDCC-exclusive Batman '66 #1 will feature a variant cover that displays items from Mattel's hotly anticipa...

Pre-order Square-Enix's Variant DC heroes

Play Arts Kai designs bring a fresh look
May 03
// Martin Siggers
This isn't the first time we've seen Square's Play Arts Kai range tackle the heroes of the DC Universe, but now there's a cool and unusual twist to be had. Instead of working off of existing interpretations, DC has ...

Sciurus Customs' rad 4-inch Nightwing

Apr 25
// Kristina Pino
A recent blog update from Sciurus Customs revealed a lovely 4-inch Munny now sporting DC's The New 52's Nightwing look. I'd say that's a great look on our pal the Munny.  The only commentary that Sciurus left on the post...

Kwietone's custom Dr Doom hits the streets

Latveria's lord has never been more charming
Apr 22
// Martin Siggers
I'm not normally a big Munny guy, but every so often something comes down the pipe which makes me really want it. This time it's this fantastic custom of of one of Marvel's most iconic villains, as crafted by Kwietone. The sc...

Let the light of fear shine through your home

May make you yellow
Mar 14
// Scarecroodle
DC Collectibles' Yellow Lantern Power Battery (or Yellow Lantern) and Ring  prop replica set is now available for pre-order. While this isn't the first time that DC Collectibles has sold a Yellow Power Battery and Ring s...

Troops of Doom celebrates fifth anniversary

Will there be plastic cake?
Feb 26
// Scarecroodle
Troops of Doom, a web comic featuring G.I. Joe and Star War figures battling for Lego technology, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The comic was launched in 2008 and now, five years later, has had 523 comic strips (or ...

Prepare to be judged by this Judge Death Figure!

The Crime is Life, the sentence is Death!!
Feb 18
// Chris Seto
Where would a hero for a comic be without a good villain? Superman has Lex Luthor, Bats has the Joker, The X-Men have the rest of the world, Spider-man has, well, lots! But lets go for the green goblin! Heck, even Kick-Ass ha...

The Jelly Empire prepares for NYCC

Selina Briggs shows off upcoming merch and a new Jellybot
Oct 04
// Kristina Pino
Selina Briggs of the Jelly Empire has divulged a bit of information regarding her goods for NYCC. We already saw that she was working on a comic, and now she's revealed she'll also have stickers, a coloring book, sketch cards...

The clock is running for DCC's Silk Spectre pre-orders

Sep 19
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders have opened for DC Collectibles' Before Watchmen 10.5-inch Silk Spectre II (Laurie Jupiter) statue. The statue, previously seen at DC Collectibles' SDCC booth, is based on the character's appearance in the Watchmen...

Let Marvel characters light up your home

Aug 22
// Scarecroodle
Remember when you were like five and you had a little character lamp in your room? I had a really neat light-up Winnie the Pooh which I absolutely adored. However, after seeing Westland Giftware's Marvel-themed lamps, I can't...

Crunch some votes in this Mojo poll

Aug 16
// Scarecroodle
Thanks to Exodus over at, I've learned that Randy Bowen (of Bowen Designs) has started a poll to gauge interest for a statue of the cult-favorite X-Men supervillain Mojo. Apparently the Kucharek brothers have alrea...

The Marvel Select line is now ten years old (just think: 8 more years and it'll be able to vote! And smoke!) and, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Diamond Select Toys will be giving away over 21 Marvel Select figures to ...


Can your bank withstand the Hulk maquette's radiation?

Aug 06
// Scarecroodle
The Avengers is coming to DVD and bluray in late September but you have a bit longer to wait if you want this incredible 1:4 scale Hulk maquette based on his movie appearance. Sideshow's Hulk maquette is a bulky 25.5-inches t...

Pre-order Young Justice Miss Martian & Superboy today

Aug 01
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders for the Young Justice Miss Martian and Superboy are finally open. Despite being initially revealed at SDCC, the wait for the pre-orders to go live seemed like forever although that's probably just because the duo w...

Marvel Legends Deadpool is back in black... and red

Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
The X-Force Deadpool will be be getting his expected standard-colored variant in wave 3 of Hasbro's Marvel Legends line. Despite being an intuitive variant that was assumed would accompany his X-Force version, this Deadpool w...

More Hot Wheels Batman stuff because 'chicks dig the car'

Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
Hot Wheels' 1:50 Batman line originally caught my eye with The Penguin's Duckmobile but since then it kind of fell under my radar until I noticed that a new wave had hit my area. The new selection includes two variations of t...

SDCC may be over but Matty still has exclusives

Jul 20
// Scarecroodle
Sick of SDCC news yet? The con may be over but footage and stories have been rolling in over the past week, plus we've had the inevitable post-con sales. While Toys "R" Us and HasbroToyShop sold out of their most-coveted good...

SDCC 2012: Diamond Select Toys

Jul 18
// Scarecroodle
Don't let the single article deceive you, Diamond Select brought a good variety of items to SDCC and had some cool reveals. I would have loved to have broken this into three or four articles along the lines of Marvel, monster...

SDCC 2012: Hasbro - The Great Latverian Invasion (MU)

Jul 17
// Scarecroodle
If you're anything like me, you were probably bored by the Marvel Universe case and its handful of reveals. You're probably wanting something a little bigger that maybe showcases what the line is about. Well, once again Hasbr...

SDCC 2012: Hasbro - Marvel Universe

Jul 17
// Scarecroodle
Marvel Universe (MU), Hasbro's flagship 3.75-inch Marvel line, is sailing into its fourth year come 2013. MU continues to be a bizarre amalgam of older designs, imports from similar 3.75-inch Marvel lines, recycles, and new m...

SDCC 2012: Hasbro - Marvel Legends

Jul 17
// Scarecroodle
Unlike Mattel, Hasbro had a lot of spoilers over at their booth including most of wave 4 (or wave 1 of 2013) as well as the as-yet unseen designs for wave 3. With so much buzz, you'd think that there would be little they coul...

SDCC 2012: Mattel - DC Universe and other stuff

Jul 16
// Scarecroodle
Up until after the Matty Panel, Mattel's DC Universe booth was pretty boring. Then, at said panel, Mattel dropped bombshell after bombshell on unsuspecting fans which left some too shell-shocked to realize that a few of the s...

MattyCollector's July sale starts in 24 hours

Jul 15
// Scarecroodle
MattyCollector's July sale starts on Monday, July 16th, at 12 p.m. EST (11 a.m. Central, 10 a.m. Mountain, 9 a.m. Pacific or just 24 hours from when this story goes live). The sale features five items with no reissues (well, ...

SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles - Assorted DC action figures

Jul 15
// Scarecroodle
Possibly the biggest news going into SDCC (on the DC Collectibles front anyway) was the announcement of a new con-exclusive 3.75-inch DC line. Expectations for further news about the line were beyond shattered by a stunning d...

SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles - Assorted DC statues

Jul 14
// Scarecroodle
DC Collectibles had a wide array of statues at their booth that consisted mostly of items coming out later this year. While much of the selection looks like previously revealed items (with many already up for pre-order), I ca...

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