BeeFy & Co.'s Mari

BeeFy & Co.'s La Blues Lagoon Mari surfaces

New colorway of resin figure available in shop
Dec 08
Beefy and Co. have a new colorway of their Mari the Cuddlefish resin figure up for grabs: the La Blues Lagoon variant. As you can guess, it's a blue Mari, albeit with a rather toothy grin. He looks a little more angry than feeling the blues, if you ask me. La Blues Lagoon Mari is limited to 125 pieces and is currently in the Beefy and Co. store for US$65 each. read
Doktor A's Bella Delamere

Doktor A's Bella Delamere makes one more curtain call

Final colorway being released Friday
May 28
All good things must come to an end, and for Doktor A's Bella Delamere, that end comes in the form of a final colorway Releasing on Friday at 9 p.m. in Amsterdam (that's 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific), the final colorway is ca... read
She's showing her blonde roots at TGS
Hmmm... I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I loved the original Alter figure of GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE's Dizzy, but I'm not sure that I like this Type-S colorway on an actual figure. I know it's a great P2 color, bu... read feature

Frombie updates website, teases Rave and Ice Zora figures

A fresh coat of paint for the site and the figures
Feb 28
The website for Frombie, home to the friendly zombie Zora and her flying squirrel buddy SB, was updated recently. And, once the sawdust settled and the tarp was taken down, visitors to the site spotted an announcement smack-d... read

New Big Bad Buddha colorway available Thursday

Wooden edition will pop up on Kuso Vinyl's store
Nov 28
Kuso Vinyl has a new collectible in their store tomorrow: the wooden edition of BeeFy & Co.'s Big Bad Buddha! Yes, the big bellied fellow has been painted with a worn look that is supposed to resemble a woodgrain coloring... read

Bishoujo Commander Shepard paints it black for BioWare

Bishoujo Commander Shepard's alternate colorway is a BioWare shop exclusive
Sep 26
Thanks to the glory of press email (and a Facebook update I noticed after finishing this post), I've been informed that Bishoujo Commander Shepard is going to be released in an alternate colorway exclusively at the BioWare sh... read

Super7 releasing another excellent Little Prick today

New colorway: Glowing Sundown
Sep 20
Little Prick is definitely my favorite of all of Super7's myriad monsters, and its new colorway Glowing Sundown is going on sale today! It's only US$35 and you can access their web store starting at noon Pacific Standard Time... read

How many more weeks is it until the San Diego Comic-Con? It is still more than a month away and the super-cool announcements just keep rolling in. This time, the information comes to us from Bluefin/ Tamashii Nations regardin... read feature

Doktor A wishes you Good Mourning!

May 07
While I may not be an expert when it comes to vinyl, I know a good piece when I see one. Take the "Stout" (aka Mourning) edition of Chester Runcorn, from the Mechtorian line of figures. Designed by Doktor A and manufactured b... read

Gazuzu Airheads 'Springtime Aggro' Edition on sale now

Apr 03
It looks like Pierre Rouzier's work has been under my radar, though his name has graced the Tomopop front page a couple times before. The most recent release he's showing off is a colorway set of his Gazuzu Airheads called "S... read

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