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6:00 PM on 09.14.2013

Takara Tomy cancels plans for Fire Convoy reissue

Back in early August Big Bad Toy Store began taking pre-orders on a Transformers: Car Robots Autobot leader Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime in Robots in Disguise) figure reissue. Although Takara Tomy hadn't made any official ...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker


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10:30 PM on 12.17.2012

A bad sign for some cool lines?

Generally when I see an entire line being clearanced at a retailer or, even worse, show up at an overstock retailer (TJ Maxx, Marshall's), I assume that news of an outright cancellation can't be far behind. The latest potenti...


2:00 PM on 01.17.2012

In Icons responds to Apple Inc.'s cease and desist order

Last week, we covered an upcoming action figure of the deceased icon, Steve Jobs. Since the figure's announcement, there has been a flurry of media coverage, which, it turns out, may not have been such a good thing. One of ou...

Natalie Kipper

Breaking: ToyFare Magazine ceases its print publication photo
Breaking: ToyFare Magazine ceases its print publication
by Colette Bennett

We just got some very disappointing (but not surprising news) by way of Newsarama. The word was that both Wizard and ToyFare magazine had announced that they would be discontinuing their print publications. When they inquired with their PR department, they were informed of the following: "Wizard Entertainment is ceasing publication of the print magazines Wizard and ToyFare. Wizard World, Inc. will begin production of the online publication “Wizard World” beginning in February.  We feel this will allow us to reach an even wider audience in a format that is increasingly popular and more readily accessible."

There's no official statement on what will happen for subscribers of these publications, but I'm sure that they will be refunded for whatever remaining issues they were owed. I've heard the murmurs that print is dying, but as I watch magazines with long running histories such as these two follow down that path, I can't help but feel a little bit nostalgic. 

Did you ever subscribe to either of these publications? Do you feel the move from print to online is a smart one, or will you miss buying the physical magazine?

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8:00 PM on 10.06.2010

A sad day for figure collectors: Kotobukiya cancels Sorami Kanata

Figures are very rarely canceled, and when they are it is usually by lower-tier companies who just can't afford to produce small numbers of a not-so-popular figure. You know the figure economy is doing really badly when a big...

Tomopop Staff