Attack on Titan photo

The Colossal Titan gets an equally colossal Be@rbrick

I have to give Be@rbricks credit; they know how to make scale work. What started as a kinda cute offshoot of Medicom's Kubricks didn't waste much time coming into their own. They haven't done a whole lot to shake up their aesthetic (well, a...

Space Dandy Be@rbrick photo

Space Dandy episode 14 spawns a real life Be@rbrick, baby

If you caught the premiere episode of the second season of Space Dandy over the weekend then no doubt you noticed a cameo by a certain Japanese toy line. Never a stranger to self parody, episode 14 features the gang jumping from reality to ...

Be@rbrick Optimus Prime photo

Medicom's new Optimus Prime is a real Be@r

Calling a Transformer a brick is usually used as an insult. It means the figure has a simple transformation and limited articulation. Medicom and Takara Tomy's new Be@rbrick Optimus Prime may have brick in the name, but it's anything but. T...

WF2013S: Medicom photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Medicom

The attraction for Medicom is their lineup of 1/6 Real Action Heroes. They've made a surge as of late by going after key sought-after characters like Link and Saber. With the line finally getting its focus somewhere beyond Kamen Riders and ...


Medicom Toy Exhibition '12 opens Saturday in Japan

The events just keep on coming this summer, and next on the list is Medicom Toy Exhibition '12 at Shibuya Parco Museum! The event will show off Medicom's 2012 and some of their 2013 releases, which means to expect some Be@rbricks, VCD figur...


Iron Man fans, Medicom has a huge Be@rbrick just for you

As you may or may not know, from time to time, Medicom releases one of its monstrous 400% Be@rbricks. This time around, it's the 11" version of Iron Man in his Mark VI armor. It also happens to weigh a whopping 3 pounds.  If you'r...


Gloomy Be@rbrick probably the most obvious crossover ever

Confession: I love Gloomy Bear. I have a bunch of Gloomy merch, from stuffed animals to Revoltechs to hats to slippers and so on. Yes, I realize Mori Chack has been milking his creation for years, which makes me a sucker for buying all this...


SDCC 2010: Medicom's Daft Punk figures for Tron: Legacy

Well, we just showed you the new Tron: Legacy figures on hand at San Diego Comic Con, but there was one more thing hidden away at that booth... DAFT PUNK! Ok, no, not the band, but new Daft Punk figures! While Daft Punk was scheduled to per...


Tron Bearbrick coming in limited quantities to SDCC 10

It's hard to believe that San Diego Comic Con is just a mere two weeks away. For those of you who have a way in to the sold-out show, you can try to get your hands on the latest Bearbrick from Medicom, their SDCC exclusive of Tron. It's mol...


Medicom announce amazing new Peanuts and Star Trek figures

Giant Medicom vinyl figures of Peanuts characters? Yes, I want that. Star Trek Be@rbricks? Oh boy, I'll take those too. I'm lucky Medicom doesn't have their own charge card, because mine would likely be on fire by now.The Medicom official b...


Get your movie-themed Be@rbricks at the Conbini

I've always had a soft spot for Be@rbricks. In fact, before Designer Vinyl was big in any way, I remember seeing these guys and being fascinated by them. If only I had any idea what a deep spiral of addicted toy lust I was tumble down not t...


Medicom introduces My First Be@rbrick Baby collaboration

I remember that the Be@rbrick was one of the very first modern toys that caught my attention. I loved it's clean lines, the simple design, and the iconic ears -- seemingly a bold statement that toys weren't just for kids anymore, but also u...


Toy Fair 2010: Uglydoll Be@rbricks

Uglydolls are going to be on Be@rbricks again! First featured with the Wage in Be@rbrick Series 19, there is now a 3 figure set scheduled to be released in the coming months as well as more products with Medicom to come as well. It's great ...


Help Mega Man Kubrick come to the US

Over on the Capcom-unity blog, a question has been posed: Do you want these Mega Man figures to be sold in the US? Produced by Medicom, these Kubrick and Bearbrick figures are set to be sold starting next month in Japan, and it sounds like ...


Where The Wild Things Are's Max, now in 400% Be@rbrick form

Ningyoushi's got their hands on something really cool: a Where the Wild Things Are Be@rbrick! Featuring Max, this 400% Be@rbrick comes wearing Max's fur monster suit, his king's crown, and includes his royal scepter. Best yet, they all look...


Medicom and Stussy collaborate on 30th anniversary Bearbrick

Medicom and Stussy have collaborated on a new Bearbrick for the upcoming Bearbrick series 19 in celebration of Stussy's 30th anniversary. Sporting sunglasses, a lei, a camera, and an aloha shirt, this goofy little Bearbrick is ready for som...


Medicom take on the new Alice in Wonderland Bearbricks

I'm beyond excited about Tim Burton's upcoming take on the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, as it's long been one of my favorite novels (and films) of all time. Just the trailers give me the happy shivers, and while I expected toys to com...


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