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9:00 AM on 01.03.2015

The Colossal Titan gets an equally colossal Be@rbrick

I have to give Be@rbricks credit; they know how to make scale work. What started as a kinda cute offshoot of Medicom's Kubricks didn't waste much time coming into their own. They haven't done a whole lot to shake up their aes...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

4:00 PM on 07.07.2014

Space Dandy episode 14 spawns a real life Be@rbrick, baby

If you caught the premiere episode of the second season of Space Dandy over the weekend then no doubt you noticed a cameo by a certain Japanese toy line. Never a stranger to self parody, episode 14 features the gang jumping f...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

[Updated] Be@rbrick Optimus Prime gets painted and brings some friends photo
[Updated] Be@rbrick Optimus Prime gets painted and brings some friends
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

[Update: AmiAmi has an early listing for the impending pre-order for Optimus Prime and Megatron. They're 145 mm or 5.7 inches tall, which isn't bad, but they're breaking the bank at a suggested price of ¥5,184 each. I like them, but not that much! They're be out in late July]

It's been almost a month since we've seen Medicom and Takara Tomy's jointly made Be@rbrick Transformers Optimus Prime in scans and he's already back again. And this time he didn't come alone. AmiAmi blog posted the first colored photos of Optimus Prime along with Megatron, Starscream, and Bumblebee. Each of the fully transforming figures in robot mode have unique heads for each character featuring bear ears of their own. The likenesses are pretty good, especially loving that Megatron head, one of the best we've gotten in a while (even with the bear ears). They also have two robot body types.

The figures are nearly the same size in both modes and now we have a better idea of their height. They appear to be between four and five inches tall, much larger than the usual Be@rbrick figures. What that will mean for their price is still unknown, but I'm starting to think these won't be particularly cheap. We should be getting more info and even pre-orders pretty soon if they're already this far into production. I like them and want them all, but going to have wait to see what the price looks like. 

Don't forget to check the gallery!

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Medicom's new Optimus Prime is a real Be@r photo
Medicom's new Optimus Prime is a real Be@r
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Calling a Transformer a brick is usually used as an insult. It means the figure has a simple transformation and limited articulation. Medicom and Takara Tomy's new Be@rbrick Optimus Prime may have brick in the name, but it's anything but. This figure is the best of both worlds combining an ever popular and fully featured Be@rbrick with a fully transforming Optimus Prime figure. 

What I really like about this figure is that the Be@rbrick form looks identical (from the front anyway) to your standard Be@rbrick with a few extra panel lines in the legs. Bot mode is full of articulation, though the articulation looks a bit restricted in the arms. What I really want to see what kind of design they paint on this guy. I can't imagine them going with just a plain Be@rbrick, I really want it to be an Optimus Prime designed Be@rbrick that turns into an Optimus Prime. 

This is definitely something I want. It fits in well with a long line of bizarre Primes like the recently announced ink pen, ball caps, and Nikes. No word on size and price or even release date just yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him very soon. I'm pretty happy to see Takara Tomy (and Hasbro) loosening the reins on what they let other companies do with the Transformers license. For the longest time they would let others use the likeness to make figures, but nothing that could Transform until recently. It's all good!

[via 2Chan]

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7:15 PM on 07.28.2013

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Medicom

The attraction for Medicom is their lineup of 1/6 Real Action Heroes. They've made a surge as of late by going after key sought-after characters like Link and Saber. With the line finally getting its focus somewhere beyond Ka...

Andres Cerrato

11:00 AM on 06.20.2012

Medicom Toy Exhibition '12 opens Saturday in Japan

The events just keep on coming this summer, and next on the list is Medicom Toy Exhibition '12 at Shibuya Parco Museum! The event will show off Medicom's 2012 and some of their 2013 releases, which means to expect some Be@rbr...

Brian Szabelski

7:00 PM on 05.26.2011

Here's a peek at the upcoming Green Lantern Bearbrick from Series 22

Medicom's Be@rbrick series are always known for their tie-ins, and Series 22 is no exception. In fact, I expect it to be quite popular as some of the tie-ins include like Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides an...

Brian Szabelski

4:00 PM on 12.27.2010

Medicom takes on Daft Punk's Tron Legacy look with 400% Be@rbricks

We've done our best to keep you up to date with all the awesome Daft Punk X Tron Legacy products that have been announced since the movie's release, including the Kubrick set and the Real Action Heroes ver...

Colette Bennett

5:30 PM on 12.20.2010

19 years later, the first official Twin Peaks figure with Laura Palmer Be@rbrick debuts

I just couldn't contain my excitement today when Colette sent me an email describing the newest Be@rbrick character. As the "horror" release of the Be@rbrick 21 series, Medicom has released Laura Palmer. For those l...

Hiroko Yamamura

7:00 PM on 10.29.2010

Under the Radar: DC Comics 75th Anniversary KUBRICK and BE@RBRICK figures

I'll admit. I'm not a comic person. I'm that person that only finds out about them through other media such as television and film. And there is one series out there that I will watch time no matter the universe. That series ...

Jonathan Tubbs

9:00 PM on 10.21.2010

Iron Man fans, Medicom has a huge Be@rbrick just for you

As you may or may not know, from time to time, Medicom releases one of its monstrous 400% Be@rbricks. This time around, it's the 11" version of Iron Man in his Mark VI armor. It also happens to weigh a whopping 3 pounds....

Brian Szabelski

1:00 PM on 10.06.2010

Medicom will have a Hatter and White Rabbit Kubrick and Be@rbrick set for you soon

For all Alice in Wonderland fans, the orginal Hatter and Cheshire Kubrick and Be@rbrick set is still on sale! These were featured in a Reserve or Regret a while back, and I like it for the Cheshire cat, bu...

Kristina Pino