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8:00 PM on 11.05.2013

Defend your own universe with this 3D Voltron hoodie

No, that's not someone's attempt at a fury costume. That is, in fact, a real, honest to goodness Voltron hoodie that you can buy right now from There are a lot of character hoodies out there, but we've never seen...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

3:00 PM on 06.04.2013

FullerDesigns x OutsmART Originals Don't Care Bears shirt

Yes! I'm so excited! I just recently showed you the Lil' Jammies series of the Don't Care Bears that FullerDesigns has created, but now you can get your hands on the shirt as well! Their apparel debut is featured with this re...

Rio McCarthy

10:00 PM on 05.20.2013

ACen 2013: Athena's Wink

This isn't what we usually cover, but it is hand-crafted collectible merchandise so I thought creations of Athena's Wink are worth taking a look at. Their booth was run by Carolann Voltarel and Carrie Wink, who spend a lot of...

Tianxiao Ma

8:00 PM on 12.28.2011

Make a contract for warmth with Kyubey earmuffs

As if one of these horrifying hellspawn wasn't enough, now, for some reason, you can get double the Kyubey and double the contracts with these new earmuffs from Ensky. Why anyone would want to willingly put this monster remot...

Emily Smalara

8:00 PM on 11.09.2011

DesignerCon 2011: So So Happy

I had seen the some of the character items from So So Happy at one of my local comic book stores a while back. I instantly loved the playfulness of the character's designs and their grin-inducing bios. Case in point, Tribe, t...

Natalie Kipper