Ring of Honor photo
Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor wrestling announces first wave of toys

Time for the collection to Man Up!
May 27
Figures Toy Company announced that it has signed to be the exclusive toy maker for Ring of Honor wrestling and unveiled some head sculpts as a preview of what fans of the U.S.-based wrestling promotion can expect.  The f... read
S.H. Figuarts Super Moon photo
S.H. Figuarts Super Moon

Bandai announces S.H. Figuarts Super Sailor Moon for 2015

Make this the Holy Grail of your collection
Feb 17
During the Wonder Festival Winter 2015, Bandai previewed the newest addition to its Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts collection by showing off Super Sailor Moon. By popular demand, the second manifestation of Sailor Moon will debut ... read
MF Link photo
Legend of Zelda hero appears
What with figma Link and Nendoroid Toon Link popping up in Good Smile's portfolio over the past few years, it was surely only a matter of time before a full fat scale version of the legendary hero broke ground. And here he is... read feature

GSC Ren photo
Shirt purely optional
I don't know too much about DRAMAtical Murder but the visual novel (and now anime) has already made it's mark in the toy world, with several fine figures mostly of protagonist Aoba. During today's Kahotan Station stream,... read feature

SHF Sakura photo
But they're both so adorable!
It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about how there were no Cardcaptor Sakura figures, but now we're practically drowning in them, as Bandai have announced they'll be producing an S.H. Figuarts version of Saku... read feature

Colossal Titan photo
Mega statue kicks off new 'Wonderful Hobby Selection' ramge
We've seen Good Smile Company's breathtakingly massive rendition of the Colossal Titan from Attack On Titan at several trade shows now, but he's finally reached the last stage of his journey - a Kahotan preview shortly b... read feature

Akuma Homura photo
Akuma Homura

Nendoroid Akuma Homura completes the trilogy

Small wings, big head
Aug 11
Warning: Madoka Magica movie spoilers ahead! There's pretty much a holy trilogy when it comes to super popular characters - scale figure, Nendoroid and figma. You have to be pretty in-demand to merit all three, a feat wh... read
figFix Shimakaze photo
figFix Shimakaze

[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2014 Summer - figFix Shimakaze kicks off new line

None of the joints, none of the clothes
Aug 07
Wonder Festival saw Max Factory unveil a brand new line for the company - fixFix. As you might be able to guess from the name, it's a spin on their omnipresent figma line, but without the signature poseability. Instead, these... read
Cardcaptor Sakura photo
Cardcaptor Sakura

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kotobukiya announces ARTFX J Cardcaptor Sakura

And Syaoran too!
Jul 28
Those of you who've followed the blog will know of my near continuous requests for scale Cardcaptor Sakura figures. Well, good news has come out of Wonder Festival - it's finally happening!  Surprisingly, though, th... read
Kotobukiya Rikka photo
Kotobukiya Rikka

Kotobukiya show off their Rikka Takanashi prototype

Chuunibyou heroine shows up packing quite a punch
Jun 24
Considering how popular Kyoto Animation's Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! has been, it's been somewhat surprising there haven't been figures from it. The only two offerings so far have been directly from KyoAni themselves... read
Medicom Toy photo
Medicom Toy

Medicom's Toy Exhibition 2014 reveals new Kill La Kill Real Action Heroes

Plus, Daft Punk, Madoka Magica and more!
Jun 21
Medicom's annual Toy Exhibition opened today, and as ever for the company Real Action Heroes were front and centre. There was a good mix of announced, released and brand new stuff on show, with a few first glimpses to hand. P... read
Summer WonFes photo
Kantai Collection leads the fleet
Is it really almost Wonder Festival time again? Yes, though it might be difficult to believe, the biannual celebration of all things figure is almost upon us, and as ever headliner Good Smile Company has some neat exclusives ... read feature

figma Homura photo
figma Homura

Akuma Homura takes flight in figma form

Make a deal with the devil
Jun 07
Firstly, let's say SPOILERS for those of you who haven't seen the third Madoka Magica movie. All clear? Good! Good Smile Company and its various sub brands have ridden the Puella Magi Madoka Magica train pretty hard so f... read
Alter Fate photo
Alter Fate

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: Alter goes back to the well for a new Fate Testarossa

The Lightning Mage rides again
May 31
Man, remember when Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was the hottest thing in the figure world? A few years back it seemed like we'd get a new Nanoha or Fate figure every week. A lot of those figures were made by Alter (I own ... read
Good Smile Company photo
Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company announces it will attend MCM Comic Con London

Con exclusives available for sale
May 15
For myself and my fellow UK readers, MCM Comic Con is one of the biggest dates of the nerd calender. Twice a year the massive convention attracts scores of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming fans to the Excel Centre in London... read
Nendoroid More photo
Nendoroid More

New Nendoroid More set will be school swimsuits

No ninjas this time
May 11
It was just the other day that Good Smile Company revealed that they would be expanding the Nendoroid More line of alternate bodies beyond the initial pajama offering. The teaser post hinted at some really cool ideas, like go... read
Nendoroid More photo
Nendoroid More

Nendoroid More Pajamas to be re-released, new ideas teased

I could go for some Ninja Nendos
May 09
Good Smile Company's adorable Nendoroid More Pajama parts were clearly a big hit, as in a new blog the company announced they've got plans to re-issue them. That's good news for everyone who wanted to grab them, but missed ou... read
QMx EVE Online photo
QMx EVE Online

QMx acquires the EVE Online license

Another source of great spaceships!
May 08
QMx, maker of fine spaceship replicas and other sci-fi collectibles, has secured the license for EVE Online. EVE has a reputation for being one of the least accessible MMORPGs out there, but is also an amazing case of a ... read
Capcom Morrigan photo
Capcom Morrigan

Capcom announces a figure of Morrigan from Darkstalkers

Soul Fist nowhere in sight thankfully
May 08
While it's never been a perennial favourite on the level of Street Fighter or Tekken, Capcom's monster themed 2D fighter Darkstalkers has maintained a loyal cult following over the years. In particular leading lady ... read
Nintendo photo

Nintendo is making their own figures for their video games

Nintendo embraces the toy culture
May 08
It’s no secret that Nintendo has been struggling in the video game market. I mean, one day Mario really might have to be a plumber! Still, this company continues to fight and is still trying to be innovative. At an in... read
Dead Space 3 photo
Dead Space 3

Threezero announce they have the license for Dead Space 3

There's also a teaser!
Apr 30
Threezero has obtained some awesome licenses; The Walking Dead, Titanfall, Game of Thrones. Now they’ve officially announced that they’ll be making figures from Dead Space 3. Last night on Facebook they made the ... read
Threezero Titanfall photo
Threezero Titanfall

Threezero announces Titanfall license

Atlas prototype shown on Facebook
Apr 03
Titanfall is trying to make mech-based games cool again, and a merchandising agreement with Threezero is a pretty good start. They've announced via Facebook that they're working on an Atlas figure. There's no release tim... read
Sentinel Iron Man photo
Sentinel Iron Man

Under the Radar: Sentinel announces three Iron Man figures

Welcome to the Bleeding Edge
Mar 24
A couple of weeks ago, Sentinel teased a new line of action figures on their Facebook page, the first of which will feature Iron Man. Specifically it was an illustration of Iron Man's Bleeding Edge armor, which takes a lot of... read
Free! figma photo
Free! figma

Free! figmas begin with Haruka Nanase

Portrayed in his iconic costume of really not very much
Mar 21
Max Factory announced that they'd be making figmas based on Free! back in November, but since then we've seen and heard nothing of the Iwatobi Swim Club boys. The wait is finally over however as the water loving Haruka N... read
Beach Queens Ryuko photo
Beach Queens Ryuko

Wave takes Kill la Kill's Ryuko to the beach

I expect millions of alt colour versions of this figure
Feb 14
By this point there are so many Beach Queens that something has to be pretty special for us to sit up and take notice, That's definitely the case here though, as Wave have announced that they'll be making a swimsuit version o... read
GSC Natsu photo
GSC Natsu

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Good Smile's Natsu Dragneel

Hot off the press
Feb 11
After I loved Lucy so much I was psyched for Good Smile Company to do more Fairy Tail figures and, like most people, assumed we'd get a sucession of the main ladies. But no, GSC have decided to throw us for a loop and in... read
Sentinel Danboard photo
Sentinel Danboard

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel's Danboard

Tremble pathetic earthlings
Feb 09
Sentinel have carved out quite a reputation as a maker of fantastic poseable mecha toys. Having worked their way up through lesser lights such as Gurren Lagann and Canti, they're now ready to take on the ultimate robot. Yes, ... read
Max Factory's Cordelia photo
Max Factory's Cordelia

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Max Factory's Cordelia

Fire Emblem heroine to receive scale figure
Feb 09
I know a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting figma Marth from the breakout 3DS hit Fire Emblem Awakening. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit longer, as he's on display at WonFes in the same unpainted for we've seen... read
Nendo Snake photo
Nendo Snake

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Nendoroid Solid Snake

Kept you waiting, huh?
Feb 08
It seems Good Smile Company's Nendoroid licensing rampage knows no bounds. After raiding Nintendo's celebrated library, they've now moved on to Konami, as shots coming out of Wonder Festival have revealed there are plans in p... read
KLK Nendos photo
KLK Nendos

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Nendoroids Ryuko and Mako

Feb 08
It was pretty obvious from the teasers that Good Smile Company posted the other day that Ryuko Matoi from the already beloved Kill la Kill would be getting a Nendoroid, but GSC has hit fans with an amazing surprise at Wi... read
Nendoroid Sakura photo
Nendoroid Sakura

Nendoroid #400 is Cardcaptor Sakura

No puns here, just unbridled joy
Feb 08
She's really real! Good Smile Company announced they'd acquired the Cardcaptor Sakura licence what seems like an eternity ago, and after promising a Nendoroid of lead character Sakura Kinomoto, went almost entirely silent. Bu... read
Tamashii Nations photo
Tamashii Nations

Tamashii announces integration of SH Figuarts and D-Arts

So long D-Arts!
Feb 06
Tamashii Nations announced on their Facebook today that the S.H. Figuarts and D-Arts line will be merging into one line. Soon, figures from popular series like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Mega Man will be released under S.H. F... read
Figuarts Mario photo
Figuarts Mario

Let's-a go with S.H. Figuarts Super Mario

Pipe Dream
Jan 29
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has just posted a bunch of pictures from the currently running Nuremburg Toy Fair onto their Facebook page, and contained within is the first look at what they were teasing a little while back. It is ... read
Kotobukiya Asuna photo
Kotobukiya Asuna

Kotobukiya unveils a new Fairy Dance Asuna

They've conquered Aincrad, now it's Alfheim's turn
Jan 22
With Sword Art Online being so popular there have been a huge number of figures of leading lady Asuna. Few have managed to equal Kotobukiya's take though, a gorgeous, well crafted rendition that appeals even to those of ... read
WonFes Exclusives photo
Madoka! Attack On Titan! And, of course, Miku.
By now we know that Good Smile Company will always bring some extremely tasty stuff along as Wonder Festival exclusives, and this year is no different as the firm has unveiled the list of six figures and accessories that have... read feature

Typhoon Yotsuba photo
Whipping up a storm
The continuing lack of figures from Yotsuba&! is a crime that Chara-Ani only partially managed to remedy a few months ago when they put up their rather lovely version of Fuuka Ayase. Now though they've gone and annou... read feature

ThreeA Transformers photo
ThreeA Transformers

ThreeA lands Transformers license

And Micronauts, too
Jan 06
Thanks to a seemingly offhanded comment made in a recent interview on the World of ThreeA production blog, Ashley Wood says that upcoming licensed projects include Transformers and Micronauts. That's really the entirety of th... read
Death! photo

A deathly silence please for KyoAni's Sanae Dekomori

Here to accompany her master
Dec 29
With all the positive noises made about Kyoto Animation's rather lovely take on Rikka Takanashi from earlier this year, it was surely only a matter of time before the other stars of Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai! took to... read
Soul Eater photo
Soul Eater

Medicom starts Perfect Posing Products with Maka Albarn

Soul Eater heroine opens new static figure range in style
Dec 12
Medicom Toy has ruled the roost in large scale poseable anime figures for quite some time now, thanks to their rather excellent Real Action Heroes range. Now though they're looking to turn their undoubted talents to something... read
Haregi Homura photo
Dressed to impress
With their extremely striking take on Madoka (manufactured by Good Smile Company) receiving widespread praise, Aniplex have decided to take the inevitable next step and announced this morning they'll be producing a companion ... read feature