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Marvel photo
Needs to be real
Do you like cats? And do you like superheroes? What would happen if that peanut butter got mixed in with your chocolate? Artist Tom Kennedy recently unveiled some mock ads and packaging for his Marvel Boomcatz, depicting what...

Horror photo
That which quacks cannot eternal lie
Do you like ducks? How about Cthulhu? Douglas Prince combines the best of both worlds with Dthulhu, a "rubber duck" version of Cthulhu and it's available through an IndieGoGo campaign. Whether in the tub or on the shelf, Dthu...

Plush photo
Do you cuddle with them or eat them?
After a slight delay, Inki-Drop's Saltwater Sweeties Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and will run until September 7th. The campaign seeks to raise US$26,000 to fund the creation of three food-themed animal plushies...

Plush photo
A tasty new campaign is on the way
Fans of sea creatures and food may be excited to hear about Inki-Drop's upcoming Kickstarter which will feature three food-styled animal plushies. The line-up includes the Mint Chocoturtle (a mint chocolate chip ice cream san...

Plush photo
Green, but not so mean
inki-Drop's Toxika Squid Plush is currently available for pre-order. This adorable squid plush is listed as being green because the character is venomous, not because she's a zombie (although, with those x'ed out eyes, I have...

Nostalgic for '80s collecting goodness? Rise of the Beasts can help

Feb 12 // Scarecroodle
It's amazingly hard to not compare Rise of the Beasts with Battle Beasts, as the latter was the most famous example of tiny animal-guys-in-armor fighting each other. As is often the case, there's a razor-thin story behind the line to justify the animal-on-animal combat. Of course, the concept art is more interesting: The art implies that these creatures are the result of science. Science gone horribly wrong! (Or horribly right, if you're a mad scientist.) What has man wrought upon itself? Will its failed experiments inhabit the world it once owned? Of course, roughly 0% of that theory is backed up by the actual story. Instead, they're probably the result of some ancient civilization trying to play god or something. It also occurs to me that we never really thought about the reasons for these things when we were kids, we usually just accepted that these things were what they were. So far the line consists of two figures (a rhino and scorpion) with multiple colorways, but four additional figures are on the way (including a lion which I assume is that Thufur guy from the story). The different color painted versions of the figures seem to represent different characters while the unpainted ones are, well, just unpainted. Even the unpainted versions are available in different colors which, again, is always a fun throwback to the various lines floating around at the time. These unpainted molds are cast in a "Muscle orangish-pink," black, gold, and an olive green. Do you want to build an army of rhinos or scorpions? Then you'd be in luck because you can get 12 for the price of 10. If nothing else, it's a neat configuration option. Personally, I'm more a fan of the painted figures but you can save some money if you opt for the unpainted ones then do a little painting on your own. It's a great way to customize that army and give them some distinction. The figures are listed as standing roughly 6mm tall (or about 2.3-inches) and feature 4-5 points of articulation (neck, arms, waist, and, when applicable, tail). The upcoming figures will up the ante a bit as some of them feature weapons so these animals can fight just like animals: with swords and maces! The new selection consists of an ant (the perfect army builder!), a lion, a gorilla, and a horned lizard. The sculpting looks great (my favorite might be either the gorilla or the lizard) and the weapons are just icing on the cake. So far I like what I've seen of the line. And you'll be seeing a lot more of the line pretty soon because I'll be reviewing some of the figures next week. In the meantime, you can learn more about the line (the creators even have bios for the characters! I don't know why I find that so exciting), you can buy some figures, or you can check out the photos in the gallery. Or do all three since you'll have some time on your hands while you wait for that review.
Rise of the Beasts photo
Will the Rise of the Beasts lead to the Fall of the Wallet?
The 1980s and early 1990s were a pretty cool time for miniatures, whether it was Battle Beasts, M.U.S.C.L.E.s, Monster in My Pocket, and so on. Sure, some might say it was a simpler time, but it was a pretty cool time as well...

Sly Cooper photo
And possibly a sizable chunk of your bank account?
Those deviously sly fellows at Gaming Heads have done it again, releasing yet another gaming icon statue. This time the subject is none other than Sly Cooper, the star of his eponymous Sony-exclusive game series. Sly looks pr...

Kickstarter  photo

Kimchi Kawaii is looking to fund Panda Bar plushes

Don't let these pandas melt away
May 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
At this moment it’s uncomfortably hot where I am. So thinking of ice cream is very enjoyable at the moment. Now seeing an ice cream sandwich that looks like a panda is not only refreshing, but unbelievably cute. Panda...
Amigurumi photo

Grumpy Cat amigurumi crochet and more!

I've never wished I could crochet more so than now
Jan 13
// Rio McCarthy
Npantz22 might very well be my new favorite crocheter! I've always wished I had the patience for crocheting or knitting, but I just don't. If I did, however, I would be buying Npantz22's amigurumi pattern to make this adorabl...
Ken Lye photo
Ken Lye

Wait, that's not real? Amazing water creature resins

Seriously, that isn't real?
Dec 10
// Scarecroodle
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me several more times after that then, well, you're probably a very talented artist like Keng Lye who crafted these fish and amphibian resins that need to be seen to be believed (although even...
BMOG photo
Featherblight and Non-Dinos previewed
The BMOG Kickstarter project website updated recently with new CAD rendered images of their stretch goal sets. If the Kickstarter can reach an additional US$12,000 (for a total of US$31,000) then Featherblight and the Non-Din...

BMOG photo
Development team's Transformers pedigree says a lot about this project
One of the latest crowd-funded toys to hit Kickstarter is a real bear. Project BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalt) is an innovative building system that combines multiple weapons into robotic animal forms. Using 5mm pegs ...

PowerCon 2013 photo
Not to be confused with the Power Rangers villain Scorpina
Tomopop wasn't able to make it PowerCon/ThunderCon 2013, but Toyark managed to snag some great photos of Matty Collector's newly unveiled Scorpia, Battle Lion, and Blade. Also included in the gallery are a few of Mattel's off...

Tomopop Review: Looksi Pups Kennel

Aug 11 // Rio McCarthy
Toy Name: Looksi Pups KennelToy Maker: LooksiPrice: VariesAvailable at: Kickstarter | Looksi Pups First off we'll take a look at the beta version of the Looksi Pups app! On the home screen when you first start it up you'll see just how many days until the Kickstarter ends. As you can see, not very many! So, after you read this review I would like you to head over there and make your pledge ASAP! They need as much help as they can get in these few remaining days! You'll notice in the first picture we have Tomopup. Well, that happens to be my second puppy. I learned the hard way after getting my adorable Husky, Snowy, that... you can't exactly leave the puppies alone for a few days at a time. They'll end up in the pound. So.. -ahem- we have Tomopup now, and he fits right at home on the site! In the app itself you can play with your puppies, feed and water them, dress them up, and all kinds of things. It'll take you awhile to see all there is to see with it as you go. Tomopup is a Jack Russel, and Snowy was a Husky, but you can also choose from a Labrador, Westie, Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle, or Hakkaido for the amount of bones listed below them. Doing different things in the game will help you earn bones, which you'll use as a currency of sorts. This made me feel special as I was opening up the box to check out my kennel! Let's go on ahead and take a look at that while we're at it shall we, since that's what we're here for? The kennel comes packaged in a very cute box. It's made to resemble a yard, with the white picket fence and everything all detailed onto it. It also tells you a bit about the project itself and how to support it. The back of the box continues the adorable design, as well as giving you more information about the project and what the app can do. Here we have the front of the kennel itself right out of the box. There's a blue bone adorning the front, which serves to nicely complement the pink roof. When we turn it to the side, you can see another window that somewhat matches the one on the front. This is where you'll be seeing the puppy a little bit later, so keep your eye out. However, when you turn it to this side, you might think it's a bit boring over here. Well, fear no longer... ...they even include stickers for you to decorate with! How cute are those? On the back it looks quite a bit different from the rest of the sides. Well, that's because this is where you're going to put your phone once the app is loaded and you're ready to play with your puppy. Once you get the phone set up you'll slide it into that slot, and to get it back out you'll just push that open button. Easy peasy! Actually, this is where you're going to put your phone first. Once you have your puppy loaded you'll put your phone into the bottom piece, then just pop the other side on from the top. It's as simple as that! However you will have to have either an iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 or an iPod Touch 5G. Originally I had a case on my iPhone 5 and it wouldn't fit in this, so it has to be a case-free phone. However, I just slid my phone into the kennel without the black casing and it worked fine, however your phone will just slide right out of the kennel if you don't have it in this, so it's worth your time to pop that case off and get it in here. Here's a first look at Tomopup inside his kennel! I was having a hard time getting good photos of him while in the kennel, so excuse the quality here on my part. I can tell you that the quality you'll see when looking at the kennel is just as good as the screenshots I showed of the app earlier in the review. This is thanks to the handy help of mirrors that are used to bounce the image down from the phone so you can see it in the kennel windows. Might I add, it barks? Yes, you can talk to your puppy and train it to do tricks. Needless to say, my cat, Mija, wasn't too thrilled by this. Every time he would bark, Mija would slap the kennel off the box. He wasn't having it, that's for sure. Mija was also set on having the kennel's box as a hat, so we just let him play with that while I finished taking photos. You can see the kennel is still laying in its predicament position from when it got slapped. Here comes Tomopup ready to greet us as we put him back in the kennel! He's such a happy little guy, even after being cat slapped. It has full voice recognition, so if you've worked with your puppy in the app, you'll be able to say things and he'll follow your commands. Aww, he wants to give all of you a sweet puppy lick! I can see you all putting your cheeks to the screen right now! In closing, I would definitely say you should head on over to Kickstarter and support this project. You can also see videos that show better detail on how everything works. They have ideas for other kennels, and will be working on the app more as well. There are several levels of support you can give, including one that would have them actually put YOUR puppy into the game! Please give it a look, especially if you have children. I'm 24 and had a lot of fun with this, so I know your kids would just love it! [ Thanks to Looksi for providing us this review sample! ]
Looksi Pups photo
Play with your virtual puppy inside its kennel!
You know, this is something I definitely wish we had when I was growing up. Back in my day we had Tamagotchi and Digimon little keychain virtual pets, but nothing like this. Looksi Pups is an app that you can get on your iPho...


Takara's Beast Saga continues with even more pre-orders

Yes, I'll keep using variations of this title until the Beast Saga concludes
Sep 06
// Scarecroodle
Expanded for your pleasure, Takara's growing Beast Saga line is sure to satisfy. Takara really brought out the animal with its latest choices of a rabbit, a kangaroo, a panda, a cat, and a tiger. Well, at least the last one i...

Battle Beasts wave 1 selection confirmed, pre-orders open

Aug 18
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has revealed the full Battle Beasts Minimates wave 1 selection and, although really it's just the stuff we saw at their SDCC booth, we can now attach names to faces and figures to configurations. The good ...

Beast Saga: The Legend Continues (with more pre-orders)

Jul 03
// Scarecroodle
Hey kids, do you remember Battle Beasts? Of course you do! ...or don't, depending on how old you were around 1987. At any rate, I previously discussed how Diamond Select was bringing them back in name but now it's time to hav...

Furry Friends Vinylmation Signing at South Coast Plaza

Jan 06
// Rio McCarthy
Wow! I must have been a bit out of the loop to not notice these before, but this may very well be my new favorite Vinylmation series! The Furry Friends Vinylmation series is happy to celebrate its release with a lot of its ar...

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