Green, but not so mean
inki-Drop's Toxika Squid Plush is currently available for pre-order. This adorable squid plush is listed as being green because the character is venomous, not because she's a zombie (although, with those x'ed out eyes, I have... read feature

Will the Rise of the Beasts lead to the Fall of the Wallet?
The 1980s and early 1990s were a pretty cool time for miniatures, whether it was Battle Beasts, M.U.S.C.L.E.s, Monster in My Pocket, and so on. Sure, some might say it was a simpler time, but it was a pretty cool time as well... read feature

And possibly a sizable chunk of your bank account?
Those deviously sly fellows at Gaming Heads have done it again, releasing yet another gaming icon statue. This time the subject is none other than Sly Cooper, the star of his eponymous Sony-exclusive game series. Sly looks pr... read feature


Kimchi Kawaii is looking to fund Panda Bar plushes

Don't let these pandas melt away
May 28
At this moment it’s uncomfortably hot where I am. So thinking of ice cream is very enjoyable at the moment. Now seeing an ice cream sandwich that looks like a panda is not only refreshing, but unbelievably cute. Panda... read

Grumpy Cat amigurumi crochet and more!

I've never wished I could crochet more so than now
Jan 13
Npantz22 might very well be my new favorite crocheter! I've always wished I had the patience for crocheting or knitting, but I just don't. If I did, however, I would be buying Npantz22's amigurumi pattern to make this adorabl... read
Ken Lye

Wait, that's not real? Amazing water creature resins

Seriously, that isn't real?
Dec 10
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me several more times after that then, well, you're probably a very talented artist like Keng Lye who crafted these fish and amphibian resins that need to be seen to be believed (although even... read
Featherblight and Non-Dinos previewed
The BMOG Kickstarter project website updated recently with new CAD rendered images of their stretch goal sets. If the Kickstarter can reach an additional US$12,000 (for a total of US$31,000) then Featherblight and the Non-Din... read feature

Development team's Transformers pedigree says a lot about this project
One of the latest crowd-funded toys to hit Kickstarter is a real bear. Project BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalt) is an innovative building system that combines multiple weapons into robotic animal forms. Using 5mm pegs ... read feature

Not to be confused with the Power Rangers villain Scorpina
Tomopop wasn't able to make it PowerCon/ThunderCon 2013, but Toyark managed to snag some great photos of Matty Collector's newly unveiled Scorpia, Battle Lion, and Blade. Also included in the gallery are a few of Mattel's off... read feature

Play with your virtual puppy inside its kennel!
You know, this is something I definitely wish we had when I was growing up. Back in my day we had Tamagotchi and Digimon little keychain virtual pets, but nothing like this. Looksi Pups is an app that you can get on your iPho... read feature

Takara's Beast Saga continues with even more pre-orders

Yes, I'll keep using variations of this title until the Beast Saga concludes
Sep 06
Expanded for your pleasure, Takara's growing Beast Saga line is sure to satisfy. Takara really brought out the animal with its latest choices of a rabbit, a kangaroo, a panda, a cat, and a tiger. Well, at least the last one i... read

Battle Beasts wave 1 selection confirmed, pre-orders open

Aug 18
Diamond Select Toys has revealed the full Battle Beasts Minimates wave 1 selection and, although really it's just the stuff we saw at their SDCC booth, we can now attach names to faces and figures to configurations. The good ... read

Beast Saga: The Legend Continues (with more pre-orders)

Jul 03
Hey kids, do you remember Battle Beasts? Of course you do! ...or don't, depending on how old you were around 1987. At any rate, I previously discussed how Diamond Select was bringing them back in name but now it's time to hav... read

Furry Friends Vinylmation Signing at South Coast Plaza

Jan 06
Wow! I must have been a bit out of the loop to not notice these before, but this may very well be my new favorite Vinylmation series! The Furry Friends Vinylmation series is happy to celebrate its release with a lot of its ar... read

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