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Aliens photo

In space nobody can hear you scream about Minimate Aliens

On Tomopop, not all titles fit so commas need to be dropped
Jan 18
// Scarecroodle
A product image of Diamond Select Toys' Aliens Minimates has shown up on io9. We saw some concept art during a panel at SDCC '13 and the figures themselves were on display at NYCC that same year. The first series of 2-packs i...

Kreatworks Alien sculptures are going to blow your mind

Mar 29
// Colette Bennett
If you are an Alien fan, I'm sure you're already frothing at the mouth just looking at this sculpture. Rightfully, you should be, because it's amazing. I mean, who sits around their house making stuff like this? It makes me f...

Custom Delights: District 9 Prawn mecha

Feb 04
// Hiroko Yamamura
When I first watched District 9, I didn't know what to expect. I had heard it was amazing from all the wrong people. So I approached it with an open mind, and was completely blown away!  The movie didn't rock my boa...

Scare all your guests with these huge new Alien Big Chap busts

Jan 11
// Colette Bennett
Alien is among my favorite horror films of all time, and I love the collectibles that just seem to keep on coming. When I caught these tremendous Alien busts over at the Hobby Search blog, I was simultaneously impressed ...

Promoted Review: Royal Mail - StealthDelivery- Revoltech Alien

Nov 11 // Kristina Pino
Figure name: Tokusatsu Revoltech Alien WarriorFigure Maker: KaiyodoRetail Price: ¥2,714 HLJ AmiAmi Hobby Search Shadow Mask Prime   Enjoying a Nice Cup of Joe, or whatever you call it... Never understood calling a drink by a human name. And if you were going to call it by a human name, there are plenty of better ones, like Cathy. Wait a sec, what's this? "Son of a Bit-" Ulp, that's going to leave a mark. Well here we are, what the Postie Stealth delivered to me today. And I mean Stealth Delivered. I do not hear any knocking (I usually hear when someone knocks on my door when I'm in bed). There was nothing put through my door to say it was delivered; and it was Registered SAL, so I believe that needs a signature. I just opened my door to check, and well, it is a good thing I'm not a toy, else I might have been stealth killed like the Classic Revoltech alien above... As there it was, tucked behind the door that leads to me and my neighbour, again. But seriously, Mister Postman, are you forging my signature? Are you even knocking at all? What the hell? I think I will go to the Post Office to inquire further some time, because who knows what else they will forge my signature for... but enough about that. This is a review of the Revoltech Alien Warrior... This is not just a simple case of a new head - It does feel like this one is a fair improvement in many ways over the Classic Alien. While it has to be said that when it comes to being creepy, the Classic is, well Classic. The colours, the look, and the rather human feel of it... they are very unsettling. However the new Revoltech Warrior is a lot more fierce-looking. More beast-like. The difference is like between finding a decomposing dead body and finding a wolf. One will really unsettle you and make you feel uneasy, while the other, you know that it is dangerous, and it will try to Kill you, so that is what drives your fear of it. I don't know why, but it feels it can better assume some more animal like poses than the Classic. I don't know if it actually is any better at posing than the Classic, but I do believe that while it may be possible for both monsters to crouch, only the new Warrior can make it look good. And I do mean good, I mean, look at this creature. It is crouching ready to strike and rip your liver out. This is mostly due to the least cosmetic change to the figure. It has new arms (two sets, with blades out, and with blades folded into the arm... I think?), new hands (two sets again, both claws ready to rip out your lungs and use them to breathe), new feet, and, most obvious, a new head. However, that thing sticking out of the back of the neck has been changed too. It now folds down for better head movement. Or if you're like me, then you can just pull that damned thing out entirely for TOTAL HEAD TILTBACKABILITY! Ah, that's better... The neck also seems to be different, as though it has also been redone for better head movement. All in all, this one feels a lot more like the one I worked with when I worked on the recent Aliens Vs Predator game. However it isn't just this new head tilting feature that makes it so more like the current image of the Aliens we now have. I think a combination of the new hands, new arms, new legs, and the new colours all help to give it a whole new image. Also, the Classic pose just doesn't suit it. Only more dynamic poses seem to be fitting for him. By the way, I would just like to point out.... I have no idea which of his folded in blade arms is left or right. But I do know which of the blade out arms is which. The "front" of the blade overlaps the top of the wrists, so other than the folded blade arms, I have no other left and right confusion; which is another improvement over the Classic. No two left hands (right hands?) or anything else like what was reported with the Classic, or maybe I'm just lucky this time? Also, I'm sure the other arms are meant to be the blades folded around the arms, as they are not just plain versions of the arms, something is on them, partially covering them. So to go over the new stuff again: New head, new neck, new hands, new arms, new feet, new back collar thing, new base (with awesome and gruesome looking closed egg, and acid hole) new name tag and a new paint job. However, this isn't just the simple new paint job it seems. The most obvious difference is the fact that, rather than being black and silver/grey/brown, he's black and blue. What isn't simple is the translucency. While the Classic was also translucent, the effect seems more... pronounced in the Warrior version... And even the Glorious Egg has a little, look: I love this figure so much, that it is hard to find any fault with it.... ...However... There are a couple issues, including something they haven't really fixed from the last version... .... That tongue is still not much to write home about. It has to be said, the jaw has been improved a bit, so it is no longer prone to hanging open like with the Classic...  "Stop, or I'll shot with my invisible gun!" However with the mouth fully open, you can always see the tongue waiting there... A slight step back there I feel. "Oh cra-" Especially since that, compared to how awesome the rest of the figure looks, the tongue looks kinda meh. Also it is harder to reach the lever to pull the tongue out now... Eh, I really wish they would have improved how it looks a little more... Oh well.... The other problem is particular to me, probably, and actually has no effect on the figure at all. It is just... worrying. It is not even visible until I remove the hand from the effected wrist, as so... "Eh!?!?" Your eyes do not lie, that end is slanted because it is ever so slightly broken! I do not know where the end is, I assume it is still in the hand! "WTF!?!?!?!??!?" But as I said, no effect at all. Especially since each hand comes with its own revoltech joint. It does worry me though, and makes me try to be extra careful with him. And oh, one other "bad" thing.... he makes me want to Army build with him. I mean, I need... ... How many colonists were there again? Well that many Alien Warriors, and also loads of the eggs... The Queen Commands it.... yesss.... I hear it... ...The Call Of The Matriarch... But I can't afford to army build him, especially since I need to import him from Japan... If anyone does manage to army build him a bit, please show me an image of it... as it will be so awesome...  And now that last important picture chaps... THE HAT TEST! Pass with the use of Blutac! And a thank you very much, you've been a great audience! Also, all images hosted on my Flickr account, here! 

   By now you all know that we do a huge amount of reviews on Tomopop. Sometimes though, our own readers beat us to the punch! Shadow Mask Prime wrote up this review on the Revoltech Tokusatsu Alien Warrior that jus...


Halo Reach Series 2 images arrive and proceed to pwn me in Team Slayer

Oct 17
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
So Halo: Reach is out. Even though that's the proper way to format the title of that game, I keep looking at the box on my shelf and thinking it should be written as it is on the box: Halo | Reach but that would honestly make...

Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Kenner figures are almost as large as their price tags

Sep 29
// Robert Oden
If you were a wee nerd from the late 70's to late 90's you probably had at least one Star Wars figure produced by Kenner. Well now, Gentle Giant, in an attempt to capitalize on your nostalgia has created a new line of "J...

Revoltech Tokusatsu Alien Warrior available for pre-order

Sep 04
// Brian Szabelski
File this one under "things that went totally under my radar:" pre-orders for the newest Revoltech Tokusatsu figure, the Alien Warrior from Aliens, are open. The beast comes with not only an extra arm and head, but ...

Motorbot's They Live figures will force you to obey

Sep 02
// Robert Oden
Have you ever seen the 1988 cinematic masterpiece, They Live ? if not, go watch it now. It's the only movie I can think of that contains not only magic sunglasses and mind control, but also the incomparable Rowdy Roddy Piper....

Halo Reach collector box set contains four kinds of killtacular awesome

Aug 05
// Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed
Yes, I'm still jazzed about Halo Reach, more so now that we've seen some more of the story trailer. At the risk of verging on fanboy, I did get a little tingly this morning when I came across this box set from MacFarlane toys...

SDCC 2010: Sideshow Collectibles' life-sized busts

Jul 26
// Tomopop Staff
I have seen figures in a lot of different scales, but they usually do not get bigger than 1/4. Sideshow has decided to do a line of 1/1 scale busts, and even though they are basically just heads they are HUGE. They look even ...

A History of Space Godzilla

Apr 14
// Joshua Hayes
When it comes to villains, nobody has better villains then Godzilla. And I mean but nobody! With a poop monster, the three headed dragon, and that giant moth it is hard to pick a good place to start talking about his enemies....

Mattel shows off carded MOTUC Optikk

Feb 25
// Robert Oden
It seems like only yesterday when we found out about the arrival of Optikk to Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line. Now our little eyeball spaceman is all grown up, packaged and set to go on sale in May. Like any MO...

Custom facehugger Munny is TERRIFYING!

Dec 14
// Anthony DePasquale
"I like griping," Lambert said to Kane. Well, he won't be griping when she sees this Munny, as she will be too terrified to speak. It is a testament that such a thing like this exists, so cool and yet so very fright...

Insane but somehow awesome-Alien USB Device by Cube Japan

Nov 25
// Robert Oden
Hey, do you like Aliens? Do you like to pay to be scared and confused randomly? Well my friend, I've found just the thing you've been looking for!Geek Stuff 4 U has just started taking pre-orders for the new USB Alien figure ...

More flavors of terror: New colorways of SD Alien vs. Predator Requiem Vinyl Collectibles

Oct 28
// Robert Oden
Back in April, we showed you the SD Alien Vs. Predator Requiem Vinyl Collectibles designed by Three-B. Recently, Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the new colorways of the gorgeous Predator, Alien, and PredAlien SD figures.W...

Ghoulish customs from PlaSeeBo Customs are just in time for Halloween

Oct 12
// Jason Millward
When the fine folks of PlaSeeBo Customs were invited to design works to display at the upcoming Halloween Massacre Show in Tokyo, lead artist Bob Conge answered the call. Bob put together these two "creepy customs" ...

Voltaire's Deady the Teddy vinyl figure coming in an absolutely not bootlegged form

Sep 03
// Jason Millward
Everybody's favorite goth renaissance man, Voltaire,  has just released a new vinyl figure in the likeness of his creation Deady the Bear. Officially. According to Deady's website, "you can tell because it says, 'TH...

An electronic Twitter accessory? Meet Guardian Robot

Aug 14
// Colette Bennett
While browsing NOTCOT today I stumbled across this little white robot, which normally I might have skimmed over, but the part that caught my eye was the note that he works in conjunction with your Twitter feed. Wha? Clicking ...

Space babes beware: the Brain Monster wants you!

Sep 08
// Katrina Johnston
If you're a comic book fan, Bret Blevins is probably a familiar name to you. With a resume that includes big names like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and even Warner Bros and Disney, he's got quite a reputation. More recently, Bret ...

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