Zombie Art Project

Mikie Graham's ZAP 3 photo
Mikie Graham's ZAP 3

Mikie Graham's Zombie Art Project 3 goes to the Muppets

ZAP 3: Muppet Mayhem zombifies beloved childhood icons
Oct 28
// Natalie Kipper
At the start of October, Mikie Graham began revealing the custom toys he made for his third annual Zombie Art Project. This time, rather than ravaging Playmobil toys, he transformed the lovable Muppets into shambling undead c...

The Return of the Zombie Art Project starts tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder
Nov 23
// Natalie Kipper
While many toy fans are out shopping for the today's deals, plastic zombie elves are putting the finishing touches on Mikie Graham's Return of the Zombie Art Project, set to open tomorrow at Los Angeles' Toy Art Gallery. Okay...

Mikie Graham's Zombie Art Project returns next week!

Because Thanksgiving weekend doesn't have to be all about turkeys.
Nov 13
// Natalie Kipper
Mikie Graham's Zombie Art Project is lurching closer and closer to its gallery opening in Los Angeles's Toy Art Gallery on November 24. We saw a few of the custom pieces that will be on display previously at DesignerCon ...


DesignerCon 2012: Blamo Toys

Give a zombie a hug.
Nov 07
// Natalie Kipper
Blamo Toys had a booth at DesignerCon and Mikie Graham was there showing off his custom Playmobil figures for this year's Zombie Art Project (you can check out Tian's write-up on last year's here). In a tiered glass...

DesignerCon 2012: Toy Art Gallery

At least our toys are ready for the zombie apocalypse
Nov 05
// Brian Szabelski
For their DesignerCon booth, Toy Art Gallery stocked up on some exclusives — like a black and red colorway of Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire piece or new Paul Kaiju colorways — and zombies. Yes, you heard that ri...

The Zombie Art Project reaches its last day

Oct 31
// Tianxiao Ma
Well folks, it's Halloween and Mikie Graham has unveiled the last custom figure of his Zombie Art Project: Mort's Fine Meats. All of them have been deliciously macabre but I think this one just might be my favorite. Mikie is ...

[UPDATED] The Zombie Art Project prepares for the end of days in week 4

Oct 23
// Tianxiao Ma
Artist Mikie Graham continues to bring his unique take on zombies with the fourth and final week of his Zombie Art Project. Up through Halloween, you'll be able to see a new custom zombie figure each day. Some are disturbing,...

[UPDATED] Zombie Art Project week 3 releases

Oct 16
// Tianxiao Ma
The third week of Mikie Graham's Zombie Art Project brings some more sweet, gory customs. As with last time, a new set of figures will be released every day. Pricing will vary but is generally between $30 and $60. All figures...

[UPDATED] Zombie Art Project shambles into second week

Oct 07
// Tianxiao Ma
Artist Mikie Graham continues to make gore cute and fun with the second week of Zombie Art Project releases. The project kicked off last week and will continue with new custom figures for every day in October to celebrate Hal...

[UPDATED] The Zombie Art Project brings you cute custom zombies

Sep 30
// Tianxiao Ma
I never thought I'd ever describe a zombie as "cute" but that's exactly what these custom figures are. Artist Mikie Graham, in anticipation of Halloween, has decided to use the entire month of October to showcase his Zombie A...

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