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1:00 PM on 04.13.2014

Zelda and Pokemon monopoly sets perfect for when you're 'board' and want to game

There must be some unwritten rule asserting that if it exists then eventually it will receive its own version of Monopoly. Although it seems that just about everything has been covered, the list of whatever-is-left has shrunk...



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4:00 PM on 04.01.2014

First 4 Figures adds Zelda to their Legend of Zelda line

By popular demand, First 4 Figures is adding another statue to their Legend of Zelda line; Princess Zelda. Looking exquisitely beautiful, Zelda is designed after the official artwork for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A...

Vanessa Cubillo

3:00 AM on 02.24.2013

Check out Jenn and Tony Bot's wonderful Zelda customs

The Legend of Zelda is one of those series that will always remain dear to my heart. When I get a chance to see a wonderful custom of any of the characters, it always brightens my day. Not only do we have one custom today, bu...

Rio McCarthy

9:00 AM on 04.27.2012

Art piece or cosplay? I want this Majora's Mask!

Holy crap! It's few and far between where I get the sudden urge to slap down $250, should I have it, for something out of the blue, but this Majora's Mask replica has definitely done that to me. This is a wearable, hand-paint...

Rio McCarthy

12:00 PM on 12.16.2011

Boskoes' custom Ganon likes him some variety

I mentioned on one of the last Tomocasts that given the choice, I pretty much want any Nintendo character converted into an action figure. Custom figure maker Boskoes, last seen with a pretty great custom Shredder, has decide...

Chris Pranger