Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Broccoli

I'm sure you can find a waifu here...
Feb 14
Broccoli doesn't exactly have a banner year of super-popular characters on their slate (save for one), but it's not like they care. In the gallery, you'll see their bread-and-butter. Emphasis on the butt(er). Their 1/8 scale ... read
Good Smile Company

Don't underestimate Nendoroid magical girl Akari Yomatsuri

Plus a bunch of other friends from Miyazawa Model Exhibition
Nov 19
Although announced a few months ago, we're finally getting out first look at Nendoroid self proclaimed magical girl Akari Yomatsuri from Captain Earth at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Autumn 2014! They haven't said a wh... read
Bargain bin sale

Hobby Search is holding a bargain bin sale

My favorite ladies are in trouble! Buy them!
Aug 22
Remember the recent sale on Alter characters over at AmiAmi? Well, these loveable ladies and more must not be selling well because they are now in Hobby Search's latest bargain bin! Of course this is a great thing for co... read
AmiAmi's Alter sale

AmiAmi has a fantastic price on these three Alter figures

I own and love all of these figurines.
Aug 17
Yesterday when I was trying to dig up some sales to tell you about I happened across some amazing deals at AmiAmi for Alter figures. First up we have Alter's Majyokku Miracle-n hailing from YuruYuri for just  ¥3950 y... read
A Miraculous Cutie
YuruYuri was easily one of my favorite shows from 2011 and 2012. It brought lots of laughs and cute girls. Every episode was amusing and generally light hearted. It was occasionally odd, and a little creepy too. The subject m... read feature

Pre-order these YuruYuri plushes

They are both so cute! I want to hug them.
Apr 02
Do you like YuruYuri and plushies? If you said yes then you need to check out Penguin Parade's latest plushies of Akarin and Chinatsu from YuruYuri. Both are cute dolls with good looking uniforms but Akarin is the cuter ... read

Rare Invisible Akari Nendoroid spotted, it sold quickly!

So cute! I would love to hide her in my collection!
Mar 13
[update: found her up for pre-order!] A limited print version of this adorable clear Nendoroid of Akari Akaza AKA "Akariin" from Yuru Yuri was announced and it seems to have sold very fast. 7,777 copies are to be made an... read

Catch Alphamax's Chinatsu before she takes a dip

I apologize for there not being better news than this
Feb 18
There are as many swimsuit figures as there are fish in the sea, but that won't stop Alphamax from adding to the selection. I suppose as long as there are characters to fit into swimsuits, there will be swimsuit figures. This... read

Salute summer with YuruYuri's Akari

Alphamax - 1/7 Scale
Dec 14
While some lucky few of us may be enjoying the onset of Winter, the rest of us are wondering why Christmas has decided to be grill weather rather than the season for yule logs and hot cocoa. An apt pre-order, then, is Alphama... read

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: Alter

Just reminding you that Kongiku's still a thing
Nov 27
Alter had a few figures to show at MegaHobby Expo, including a timely reminder that their Kongiku figure is still going to happen. Eventually... probably. Who knows with Alter? Among the sights to see were: Saber in probably... read

30th Prize Fair: Sega Prize

YuruYuri, Accel World, OreImo, and even Kaito Kid show up from the game company that's also prize figure maker.
Nov 07
What's a Prize Fair without the company that has it in their name? Sega Prize attended the 30th Prize Fair with their assortment of prize figures from an array of anime titles that may interest some folks. The one that immedi... read

YuruYuri's Akari by ALTER is visible for you to pre-order

ALTER has not forgotten the dumpling hair girl by releasing a 1/8-scale figure of her.
Nov 07
It was just Monday at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition that we saw YuruYuri's background girl Akari brought to the forefront by ALTER. Now she's completely front and center and ready for pre-order at various resellers online. I'... read

Miyazawa Model Exhibition: YuruYuri's Akari by ALTER

ALTER makes sure this dumpling hair girl is front and center for her figure release.
Nov 06
Though Akari is one to be forgotten in YuruYuri, figure makers have taken notice. In fact, ALTER has made sure she's front and center at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition. The company brings the cheerful personality of this girl ... read

Pre-order this Pureneemo Akaza Akari before she vanishes

Oct 26
Dolls have never been my thing. I have never bought any at all! Despite this, Azone's Pureneemo series have constantly amused and teased me with their designs. One day, I know I will cave in and buy one of them. Over the year... read

Pre-order these YuruYuri Beach Queens!

Kyoko Toshino and Yui Funami coming in February
Sep 12
I love YuruYuri. The show puts a smile on my face every time that I watch it! When I saw that Wave was making new Beach Queens figures of Kyoko Toshino and Yui Funami, I wanted to show them to you all. The funny part is, I'm ... read

Get your mahou shoujo fix with Majokko Mirakurun

Aug 31
Well, apparently despite the delicious yuri, Alter's decided that YuruYuri's normal cast just isn't exciting enough for getting some PVC love. Enter Majokko Mirakurun, fictional magical girl within the series' universe. Of co... read

A week ago we brought you a look at some of Good Smile Company's upcoming Nendoroids. Among these my favorite was Akari Akaza, more popularly known as "Akarin'" hailing from the comedic light shoujo-ai series Y... read feature

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Sega Prize! Part 2

Jul 30
Sega Prize! had no small amount of offerings at Wonder Festival this time around. Moving on to part two we'll be looking at new figures from Ben-To, Last Exile, Mawaru Penguindrum, and Yuruyuri♪♪! Follow me after the jump to see what's in store for all of these series. [see also: Part 1] read

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Nendoroids!

Jul 29
So, with announcements of Nendoroid Iron Man, new Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Nendos, and a bunch of new Miku Nendos including the first Nendoroid Jumbo, you probably think ... yeah, you know where I'm going with this, so... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Alter

Jul 29
Not to be shown up by anyone, Alter is in with plenty of prototypes of new and upcoming figures, as well as a few other things we've seen before (like Charlotte Dunois which is up for re-release, Laura Bodewig which is up for... read

Have a second look at Wave's Beach Queens Akari

Mar 29
Fans of moe and yuri comedy rejoice! Thanks to AkibaHobby, we are able to post some new photos of Wave Corporation's Beach Queens Akari from Yuru Yuri. So just in case you were on the fence or had somehow forgotten about... read

Wave's newest Beach Queens on pre-order parade

Feb 14
Do you like Beach Queens and/or Haganai, Infinite Stratos or YuruYuri? If you guessed I'm asking because of pre-orders, give yourself a pat on the back. We have four simultaneous 1/10-scale Beach Queens pre-order opening... read

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