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Who is Sekure D? photo

Who is Sekure D?

So just who is Sekure D? He's an artist living out in Melbourne, Australia, who began his craft in 2006 by painting one-of-a-kind sneakers. After many years, he expanded to other mediums, including a beautiful customization of an 8-inch Dun...

Wood-Splitter Lee photo

Who is Wood-Splitter Lee?

So, who is Wood-Splitter Lee? She is a lovely sculptor who lives in Virginia. However if you asked her where her home state was, she would definitely tell you, "Alaska." Wood-Splitter-Lee was a child prodigy of sorts, creating won...

Outsmart Originals photo

Who is Outsmart Originals?

So who is Outsmart Originals? It's a company led by Kevin Winnik, formerly of Toy2R USA before they closed their doors, describing the company on their Facebook page as "bringing exceptional designs to the masses using multiple platfor...

David Brodsky photo

Who is David Brodsky?

David Brodsky (a.k.a. davidkraig) is an up and coming custom artist that we'll probably be hearing more about in the near future. He was one of the featured artists in Custom Toy Union's recent Star Wars Dunny series, going with Chewbacca a...

Ume Toys photo

Who is Ume Toys?

Ume Toys is the creative brainchild of artist Richard Page, through which Rich does various toy sculpts and customs. Among his recent pieces are a custom bust of Trust Pig's logo, a sickeningly sweet guy named Bassett D Kay, a fellow named ...

Steve Ehret photo

Who is Steve Ehret?

Steve Ehret is a northeast Ohio artist who's just finished sculpting and baking up a prototype for a new figure! Based off a character from his paintings, he doesn't seem to believe in pants and reminds me a bit of ET, but the piece has eno...

Chiara Lombardi photo

Who is Chiara Lombardi?

Chiara has taken DIY toys like Kidrobot's Rooz and turned them into amazing little buildings! Rooz, for example, is only about 7 inches tall, so the scale for some of these things like the teddy bear or the tiny plates of food on the table ...

Hitoshi Mitani photo

Who is Hitoshi Mitani?

Hitoshi Mitani (a.k.a. HitMit or keropuni) is a Yokohama, Japan-based fan of the Android vinyl figure, who also happens to be quite good at customizing them. Actually, quite good is an understatement: he's ridiculously good and very cr...


Who is Bruscolino ArtToys?

So just who is Bruscolino ArtToys? We've actually posted his work before, but the Italian toy customizer has a bevy of customs posted up on his Facebook page. Bruscolino (a.k.a. Marco Sgammotta) has several works that look a bit gooey ...


Who are Keybotz?

Sweden has brought us many good things: Dynamite. Modern seat belts so we would go flying through the window of our cars. Detolfs. Ace of Base. The Hives. Minecraft. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. And perhaps next, Keybotz. S...


Who is Thomas Scott?

It's about time, right? I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down (well, not sit so much as chat over the phone) with Thomas Scott, the lead designer on the Vinylmation creative team for Disney Parks to talk about his work, what got him i...


Who is Karisma Toys?

So who is Karisma Toys? The answer is a Spanish collectibles maker founded in 2006 with some nice licenses under their wing right now. The list might not be as familiar to our American readers, but some of our international readers might be...


Who is Toy Dungeon Studios?

So just who the heck is Toy Dungeon Studios? According to their site, they were founded in 2007 as an independent prototyping firm in industrial design for toys, but recently, they've been "working" with Danicus Prime on a new series o...


Who (and what) is Rivet Wars?

What exactly is Rivet Wars? Well, to be honest, I had never heard of it before Steve Talkowski (a.k.a. Sketchbot) tweeted about it recently. And now, well, I'm loving the little guys! The whole thing started off in the Toy Break forums, whe...


Who is Velocitron?

Who is Velocitron? It's a small company making Japanese vinyl since 2008, with some very interesting original sculpts. Velocitron startted out with a simple two-part figure called Bechigon, but now, they've worked up to 20 different figures...


Who (and what) is Maqet?

In the world of collectibles, there are a lot of ideas that seem to come and go, but one that's been on the rise and looks to stay is the idea of made-to-order pieces. While Kickstarter projects are one way this is happening, California-bas...


Who is Guy-Olivier Deveau?

Today, I discovered the awesome work of Guy-Olivier Deveau, who does sculptures in sand, ice and wood. Neatorama featured him this morning with a sand sculpture featuring 8-bit video game heroes and I couldn't resist checking out his websit...


Who is Joao Silva?

So who is João Silva? Well, to start, he's a customizer of miniatures and vinyl figures from Portugal, with Qees seeming to be his platform of choice. However, as you can tell from the gallery, João's not afraid to tackle any ...


Who is mishmish?

So who's mishmish? They're a new toy company based in Argentina founded by Gabriel Feldman nd his wife Vanina Drago, and they've just released their first figure, Cozo. According to Cozo's background story, he's an alien "from a far planet ...


Pierre Rouzier's Clash now available

Pierre Rouzier has returned with a new resin dragon for everyone to enjoy. The little fellow's name is Clash, and he's decidedly not as cuddly as Vapor was. Maybe the little leg that sticks out of his mouth is evidence enough of that! As fo...


Who is TSDproduction?

So who or what the heck is TSDproduction? It's a two-man duo made up of Italian artists M.A.R.T.A. and Dedo, who have combined together under the TSDproductions banner. And for the record, TSD stands for "Two Stupid Dudes", according to M.A...


Take a look at FoxBox Studio's amazing Hermes

Poseable figures usually aren't my thing unless they are of the pretty doll variety, but every once in a while one pops up that makes my jaw drop. That was my reaction when I saw the gorgeous 1/6 scale Hermes being produced by the brand-new...


Who is Tom Hardwidge?

So who is Tom Hardwidge anyway? Well lovers of steampunk and entomology take note, for Tom Hardwidge is the creator of Arthrobots (robot arthropods)! He has been constructing these amazing metal insects by hand since 2010 out of, among othe...


Who is Felt Mistress?

Felt Mistress aka Louise Evans is the creator of a wide range of one of a kind, handmade, and entirely cuddly monsters that hail from the UK. Primarily she collaborates with partner/illustrator Jonathan Edwards, but she has also done work w...


Who is Monsterella Plushies?

I have a stunning amount of Totoro memorabilia, most of it officially licensed Studio Ghibli product. I've also picked up a few fan-made items here and there, as sometimes I find that the way they see the beloved characters of My Neigh...


Who are Ashley and the Wumplings?

Oh my, that's one adorable little yeti. And who doesn't need a guy like that in their life? If you don't have one, perhaps you need to meet Ashley and the Wumplings. This adorable plush collection of beasties is all handmade and c...


Who is Noel Cruz?

Community member Ben Moy sent me a link this morning to a blog called Simple Browser which showed off an incredible custom ball-jointed doll of actress Angelina Jolie. Seems like it sold on eBay for US$3,350, which is quite a bit ...


Who is Krisoft?

I've noticed that when looking at any type of collectible art that's very different, or that other people label as "kind of strange", that's my cue to look at the same thing and find it wonderful. I've often championed the strange...


Who is Johnny Cupcakes?

Why, who's this cute, plump little morsel of delight? Big Kid, that's who. Johnny Cupcakes is an online apparel shop, but they've apparently decided to take one of their mascots and turn him into something a little bit more t...


Who is The Farting Monkey Girl?

Resin is the new vinyl -- everyday we see more artists in the toy world experimenting and making their visions a reality in this exciting medium. That’s why we were inspired when Mexican artist Matucha (winner of the Aarting Blankie s...


SDCC: Who is SuperModifiedStudios?

When we first discovered the slick designs of the robots of SuperModifiedStudios late last year, we were totally fascinated and dying to learn more. After all, with so much of the designer vinyl world turning to endless repaints for inspira...


Who is Guy Robot?

One glance at the works of Guy Robot, and one thing is for sure -- what you are seeing is a real conversation piece, especially for people who love to collect interesting objects. Even better, each one of these handmade robots is one of a k...


Who is Moon Fox?

One look, and my heart was instantly captured by that face. Placid and forbidding even the slightest distraction, the Moon Fox sails quietly in his boat under the moon towards an unknown destination which he is neither afraid of reaching or...


Who is The Brick Artist?

Nathan Sawaya is an absolutely awe-inspiring artist who uses LEGO bricks to make some of the most epic pieces I've ever seen. He has made everything from portraits to gigantic sculptures and stores over 1.5 million color bricks in his New Y...


Who is Mu Pan?

Today I'd like to introduce you to an artist whose work could possibly be described as papercraft, but with a distinctly non-traditional flair. Spotted on the ever-resourceful NOTCOT, Brooklyn-based artist Mu Pan creates everything from str...


Obie the Alien Space Cadet prepares for impact

Having made their introductions to the world of vinyl toys with The Saddest Devil, Devil's Head Productions is gearing up to release it's newest piece Obie the Alien Space Cadet. Somewhat reminiscent of Kif Kroker from Futurama, this somewh...


Mickey's mysterious Vinylmation

On July 29th, Disney parks began selling a series of collectible pins under the name Vinylmation. Each pin in the set is based on the iconic Mickey silhouette, with an artistic bent added to the paint job resulting in Kermit Mickey, Polka-D...


Blank canvas alert: CPK wave 1 from Argonaut Resins

All you DIY warriors out there get your paints ready, because there's a new template in town. Argonaut Resins has just announced its CellPhonesKill wave 1 resin figures, which are sure to set a few imaginations alight with possibilities.&nb...


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