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9:00 PM on 11.03.2014

Tomopop is looking for new writers; apply today!

Hey, you! Yes, you, reading this. Do you love collectibles? (I'd guess so, right?) Enjoy writing? If so, then you might be interested in knowing that Tomopop is looking for a few new writers! If you're interested, send an app...

Brian Szabelski

12:30 PM on 02.01.2013

Happy Five Years, Tomopop!

Today is a rather important day here at Tomopop; it's our birthday as a site, and more importantly, it's our five year anniversary of the day we popped into existence on the Internet. In Internet time, five years is like a de...

Brian Szabelski

[REMINDER] Vote in the 2012 Designer Toy Awards! photo
[REMINDER] Vote in the 2012 Designer Toy Awards!
by Brian Szabelski

As you might remember from our earlier post, voting for the 2012 Designer Toy Awards is underway. This year, though, Tomopop has been selected as a finalist for the Best Blog category, and we even got a shiny little finalist award for it. Yay! Thanks to everyone who nominated us in the first round of the DTAs! We definitely appreciate all the love.

Now that the nominees have been whittled down, it's time vote for your favorites in a handful of categories, including Best Blog, whether that's us or one of the other 9 sites we're facing off against. To vote, head on over to the DTA website, where you'll have to register, and then click on the "Vote for 2012 Nominees" tab at the top. You can vote once every 24 hours in each of the community choice award categories. Voting ends September 1, and the winners will be announced October 13 in New York City during an event MCed by the one and only Sucklord. 

Go vote!

[UPDATE: Saturday is the last day for voting, so this is your last week to make your voices heard!]

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[BUMP] It's our birthday, so we're giving you a present photo
[BUMP] It's our birthday, so we're giving you a present
by Kristina Pino

Today we celebrate four years of being super stars, and since we couldn't have done it without you awesome readers, we're going to give something away! Enter this here contest for a chance to win Master Chief Play Arts Kai (courtesy of Square Enix, because they're awesome, too). All you have to do it take a picture that describes your feelings when you think, "Because of Tomopop..."

...that's it! Last year, the staff responded to the theme in this nifty video, but now we want to know your own responses. It could be a picture of your collection, or an image of a Revoltech or figma doing something awful to him/herself after spending way too much money on that monstrously huge Miku figure that is so totally worth it. Show us how you jam, and you're in.

This contest will end in two weeks five days today (Wednesday, Feb. 15), and then a winner will be decided on awesomeness factors by staff. (It's pretty hard to do since you're all so awesome, though.)

Good luck everyone! As usual, everyone is welcome to join in the fun, just know that if you live outside of the U.S. or Canada we'll need some help with the shipping cost. Thanks!

[***edit/add: You can post up to three images as entries (thank Scarecroodle for that). As a side note, your entry doesn't necessarily have to include toys, so long as it goes with the theme. Leaving this one pretty open!]

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Tomopop turns four photo
Tomopop turns four
by Brian Szabelski

Today's a special day here on Tomopop. It marks the site's birthday, of course! Hard to believe that it's been four years already ... it was only yesterday that it felt like we were rounding up our first articles and wondering just what this little site might turn into one day.

The last year has been busy, turbulent at times, and the site today looks different than it did just last year. There's new forums, new faces and new companies showing up on our front page. In the past year, Tomopop has posted just over 4,400 news posts, reviews, features, contests, etc.; traveling far and wide to bring you event coverage. It's a lot of work when you think about it (almost a third of Tomopop's total posts ever came in 2011), but I can say that it's been worth it, for sure!

For the upcoming year, we plan to keep bringing you all the news you love, as well as trying to improve coverage in areas where we haven't been doing as well (Western figures, I'm looking at you). There will be more awesome contests, more features, interviews and reviews, and other ideas we're tinkering with right now.

But most importantly, all of what we do is meaningless without you, the readers. You've helped to keep us growing and make us one of the largest toy and collectibles sites on the entire Internet, and for that, we are forever grateful. Thank you for your feedback, your comments, your participation in the forums, community blogs, contests and more. You are what makes this site work — the Tomopop community — and we hope to bring you an awesome 2012!

[Header image via Pixiv]

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Tomopop joins the Jan. 18th SOPA/PIPA blackout protest photo
Tomopop joins the Jan. 18th SOPA/PIPA blackout protest
by Brian Szabelski

We'd like to take a time out from the usual stream of posting news about toys and other cool collectibles to bring you this little announcement. As part of the effort to protest against SOPA and its sister bill in the U.S. Senate, PIPA, Tomopop and our sister ModernMethod blogs (Destructoid, Japanator and Flixist) will all be going silent tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18. 

Despite the fact that SOPA has been shelved for the moment, that doesn't mean either bill is formally dead. And while you may not think it has much effect on you, the toy fan, remember that these proposedlaws have all kinds of nasty things in them regarding DNS and search engine blocking that could keep you from getting to Tomopop, other toy blogs/sites or really, any other site you enjoy ... permanently. 

Since we'll all have tomorrow off, take the time to call your senators and representatives, spread the word and let everyone know what's really up with these bills. For more information, head on over to the Entertainment Consumers Association.


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7:00 PM on 01.14.2012

Tomopop shirts on sale; get 'em while you can!

We just got the word from our junior assistant T-shirt sales coordinator: Tomopop T-shirts at SplitReason have gone on sale! While they've been available for some time, we won't be rushing back to print another batch of these...

Brian Szabelski

Happy holidays from Tomopop! photo
Happy holidays from Tomopop!
by Brian Szabelski

The entire Tomocrew wants to wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday season! The year comes to a close on Saturday night, but all that means is 2012 and all its collectibles are just around the corner! We've said it before, but thank you so much for reading, commenting, posting and doing what you do for the site. You are what really help makes this site go, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Since it is the holidays, news may be a bit slower this week, given that many of our staffers are on vacation or spending time celebrating with their families, friends and relatives (myself included). We'll be back up to full Tomopower on January 2, but we'll also be posting big news throughout the holiday week. So don't worry; we're not so much taking a complete break from the site as stuffing our faces with candy and dealing with cousins throwing Wii remotes into TVs.

Let us know what your holiday hauls were and check back soon; we'll be giving a little report in of our own on what we got this year!

[Image via Kodomut]

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A letter from the editor photo
A letter from the editor
by Brian Szabelski

[Questions, comments, concerns? Come at me, bro. Or girl. Hit me up at]

As we get close to closing out 2011, I decided to take the opportunity to sit down and look back at the year that was. To say it was hectic, turbulent and full of change at times would probably be to put things lightly. Things haven't always gone smoothly; I'll be the first to admit that, but we've been working hard to flatten out all of those bumps so that everything runs well.

When I ended up in the driver's seat of the Tomopop bus right before San Diego Comic Con, it was a tough time for me to sit down and figure out what we needed to take care of to make Tomopop a great place. There were quite a few issues that hadn't been solved and a lot of work to be done, but we've been working hard at it. Our site went through its upgrade pains, and we adjusted a few things to give you the classic Tomopop look while keeping some of the new features (both on the front end and back end of things), and we'll keep tweaking things to make them better ... and to fix what we may have accidentally broke while tweaking those things. So, if something's not working quite right, let us know and we'll send our tech ninjas out to fix it.

We still plan to cover what we always have: anime and PVC toys from Kotobukiya, Alter, Good Smile Co./Max Factory, Yamato, MegaHouse, Bandai and many, many more. Designer vinyl from the likes of Kidrobot, Toy2R, Medicom and the myriad of other companies big and small that now dot the vinyl landscape. Dolls from Volks, Blythe, SOOM and more; plushes from Uglydoll, Gift and GIANTmicrobes, among others; comics and movie collectibles from the likes of Sideshow, Gentle Giant and Bowen Designs; action figures from Hasbro, Mattel, McFarlane and DC Direct; garage kits and papercraft and vintage toys and gashapon ... pretty much everything we like and everything we know you love. We'll be covering events as big as San Diego Comic Con and Wonder Festival, as small as the opening of a new exhibit filled with custom toys and everything in between.  

Of course, we can't forget the community, either, and there's plenty for our readers to take part in. Features like Monthly Megapixel will continue to grow; the forums are in place and will grow as the community does; the C-Blogs have finally been improved as part of our long-awaited site redesign. Tomopop Game Night and the Tomopop Meetups will hopefully keep expanding. Promoted posts will be something you'll see regularly on the front page, and contests and giveaways will be happening, too. New ideas will come forth in the coming months, ideas we're debating and planning at the moment. As was said when this site was born: "It will be users like you that bring this blog to life, as you have brought our dear brother website Destructoid to the place it is today with your enthusiasm, contribution and time."

In February 2008, this very website was born onto the Internet, prepared to shake up the preconceptions of what a toy site could be. The names and titles may change over time, but the spirit that sparked this website is strong, and it's only going to get stronger over time.

For those of you who've been readers, no matter how long or short the time period, the entire Tomopop staff is grateful. We couldn't do this without you guys, and we're looking forward to the future. It's gonna be awesome.

Brian Szabelski
Tomopop Editor-in-Chief 

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The Tomopop Toy Retailer Map and Events Calendar photo
The Tomopop Toy Retailer Map and Events Calendar
by Brian Szabelski

For a while now, we've been working on a few small projects at Tomopop to help make it easier for you, the reader, to know what events are going on and where to find collectibles without a.) having to work on big time-consuming posts running down every event going on every weekend or b.) have you have to search through all of Tomopop's archives just to find info on that one show or shop in your neck of the woods.

The end result? We like to call them the Tomopop Toy Retailer Map and Tomopop Events Calendar. Hit the jump to check them out, along with a little more info on how you can help us to improve them!

[Header image: myplasticheart in New York City (left) and San Diego Comic Con (right)]

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8:00 AM on 09.21.2011

Tomopop Forums: The first month

About a month ago, we here at Tomopop officially launched our forums, and if you haven't been there yet, you're missing out on quite a few things. We're up to around 100 people (and 1,400 or so spambots who tried to crash the...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 AM on 08.17.2011

Tomopop Forums now live, go play!

Well, folks, it's finally here. After a long wait and a little beta testing period (if you're a C-Blog reader, you probably already saw it), we're happy to announce that the Tomopop Forums are open for business! Yes, another ...

Brian Szabelski