SDCC 2014 Weta

SDCC 2014: Weta

Smaug, the desolation of
Jul 26
Weta's booth always makes a splash. This year, you could spot it a mile away as it was heralded by a giant, sleepy Smaug head. Obviously there would be a lot of merchandise associated with Tbe Hobbit. There were also some new Lord of the Rings statues displayed. Oh, and dwarves. So many dwarves. Click on through for the highlights. read
The Hobbit

Thranduil is seriously judging you

He may or may not throw you to the spiders
Jan 06
In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the 13 dwarves and single hobbit are held captive by the elves of Mirkwood. There, we meet Thranduil, king of the elves and the father of Legolas. He's also kind of a jerk, as this figu... read
SDCC 2013 Weta

SDCC 2013: Weta

Elysium, some steampunk accessories, and The Hobbit
Jul 21
Weta had a large display at Comic Con, showing off a lot of replicas and props for movies they've been involved in. The biggest ones are Elysium and The Hobbit. They had some life-sized replicas of a few characters, including... read
Open the floodgates! The list of exclusives for the San Diego Comic Con has gone online and, while it is not yet finalized, the thing is still pretty dang long and already has me dreaming of the exhibit hall. Within the scrol... read feature

Weta Collectibles' 1/6 Gandalf journeys into pre-orders

Of course it's expensive
Apr 24
Entertainment Earth announced via Twitter that they've put Weta's 1/6-scale Gandalf the Grey up for pre-order. This is, of course, to tie in to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in which Gandalf's a central character. The scu... read

Weta cooks up a new Hobbit statue with Bombur

There's nothing more dangerous than an appetite ... or a ladle.
Feb 27
Weta's latest limited edition The Hobbit statue is here, and it's perfect for you dwarf fans out there. Bombur the Dwarf is limited to 1,000 pieces and stands just over 9 inches tall (1/6-scale) and, of course, is carryi... read

Weta's Barad-dûr (Sauron's fortress) is terrifyingly cool

Also scary expensive
Jan 08
Say what you will about Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, but they were visually stunning. And no area were they more appealing than the absolutely epic buildings, such as with Barad-dûr. Weta appears to have pai... read

Check out upcoming merchandise straight from The Shire

The Hobbit is coming, and so are these cool wallet-busters
Oct 01
With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hitting theaters in December, it's no surprise that we're seeing an influx in upcoming merchandise. Funko and Weta have plenty to offer: Funko Pop!, Wacky Wobblers and Plush: Gandalf, G... read
You might remember our earlier post on the Dota 2 license being picked up by Weta for collectibles, and now, all of that first wave is available for pre-order! But what does that include? Check out the four items listed on th... read feature

Well, this is unexpected and pleasant: Weta have just announced that they're partnering with Valve to release statues, weapon and armor replicas from the-eternally-in-beta Dota 2. It's not the first time the two have col... read feature

SDCC 2012: Weta - Tintin and miscellaneous

Jul 19
Weta's booth, in addition to the Middle-earth stuff, featured some other properties that the studio had worked on. I understand the desire to show hobbyists your portfolio, but I don't think anyone's exactly clamoring for Tin... read

SDCC 2012: Weta - The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Jul 19
Weta, a.k.a. the visual effects studio that brought The Lord of the Rings to life, definitely had a ton of Middle-earth replicas on display at SDCC. The big one is the Barad-dur, the tower above which the Eye of Sauron floats... read

SDCC 2011: Of rayguns and rings at Weta

Jul 24
The folks from Weta came all the way from New Zealand for Comic Con, and with them came a few Lord of the Rings pieces. Both Gollum and the forthcoming Gandalf the Grey were behind the glass at the Weta booth, along with thre... read

Weta shows off Dr Gordbert's latest weapons of steampunk destruction

May 06
Like many folks out there, I enjoy clever steampunk designs when I find them. Lucky for me, Weta's line of Dr. Gordbort-branded laser guns bring that awesome aesthetic every time with excellent production values. This time ar... read

Glamdring slays evil, available in limited quantities

Dec 10
I love The Lord of the Rings. I've grown up reading the books and when the movies came out in the early 2000s, I was there opening day in line with the rest of the fantasy nerds. One of the things that made me love the movies... read

SDCC 2010: Weta Workshop's District 9 Figures

Jul 26
District 9 might have been my favorite movie of 2009, but for some odd reason there is not much merchandise from it. Films like Avatar get figures out the wazoo, but District 9 seemed left out of the crazy movie merchandising... read
Weta Workshop is famous for their ability to design props and costumes and make the impossible real. Take all the work they did for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and you'll see what I mean. What a lot of people don't know is ... read feature

Weta unveils the Righteous Bison ray-gun, steampunk monocles fall into their brandy once more

Aug 12
The good mad Doctor Grordbort and his cohorts at Weta are at it yet again, this time inventing another wonderful ray-gun for all you Victorian era adventurers who need a more practical replacement for your Unnatural Selector ... read

Weta introduce the F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter and Grordbort's Satchel pack to arm you to the teeth this New Year

Dec 11
Weta, fine maker of fancy smancy ray guns, have introduced another moon-bustin' blaster to their  Dr. Grordbort's Ray Gun line. The latest, the F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter, is yet another in their tiny yet affordable miniatu... read

Weta unveils the Moon Hater Death Ray; join in their Lunar boycott by shaking your fist angrily to the heavens!

Oct 08
Do you ever look up into the night sky and think to yourself, "F$&k you, moon!" If so, then Weta have got the perfect thing for you! Introducing the Moon Hater Death Ray, guaranteed to keep that cheeky lunar bas... read

Dr. Grordbort's at it again with "The Unnatural Selector"

Sep 23
If ray-guns seem too ordinary for you and you've been wishing for something a bit more punchy, then look no farther than Dr. Grodbort's latest infallible aether oscillator: "The Unnatural Selector". This ray-blunder... read

Weta's Prince Caspian figures limited to only 100 each

Sep 15
As a kid I read the Narnia series as one of those mandatory kid-like experiences, but I've never really been a huge fan of the books. Recently, however, on a very long trip overseas, it just so happened that on two flights in... read

Face off against the Flood with your very own Cortana (or just look at her all day)

Sep 11
There seems to be no shortage of Halo figures lately, as they unceasingly stream onto the scene with an unstoppable, Spartan-like mentality. But if one of them catches your eye amongst the masses it should be this one. It's p... read

Weta's Goliath-83 miniature let's you have ray gun supremacy at only a fraction of the price

Aug 22
When I was a kid growing up, my neighborhood friends and I would play cowboys and aliens. I always played the alien because they got lazer ray guns, which looked suspiciously like the cowboys six-shooters, because in reality ... read

Weta's Halo 3 sterling silver statues are up for bid now, but will set you back quite a few sheckels

Aug 08
Fans of Halo take note; Weta's got your back. They put out quite an incredible lineup of statues based on the Halo universe, and all of them are highly detailed and worth the buy. But if you are a fan of the "only one in... read

SDCC 2008: Weta and their shiny toy guns

Jul 28
If there is one booth at Comic Con this year that is made of Sci-fi win, that booth is Weta. Weta had tons of great licensed items on hand this year at Comic Con, including some amazing stuff for Chronicles of Narnia, Ha... read

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