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Lingerie Style Fate/Stay photo
Lingerie Style Fate/Stay

Wave lets you make your own lingerie Saber harem

From the company that brought you characters in swimsuits comes...
Dec 24
// Andres Cerrato
Some ideas you could have sworn have been done before. Sure, there's plenty of Saber figures to go around. Someone has had to have made them in various states of sleeptime apparel, especially of Saber. Surprisingly, it does n...
Beach Queens photo
Beach Queens

Got a Railgun messing up your plans? Pre-order these two ITEMs.

I just wish the figures lived up to the characters more
Sep 05
// Tianxiao Ma
A Certain Scientific Railgun S introduced me to the mercenary team ITEM, and its two most prominent members (Mugino and Frenda) quickly became two of my favorite characters in the show. I was hoping to see some figures m...
Beach Queens Premium photo
Beach Queens Premium

Wave goes totally insane with Beach Queens Premium

Small girls, big prices
May 16
// Martin Siggers
While I think Wave's Beach Queens line is (usually) fine, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for news about them. That might be why I missed that a pair of Galilei Donna Beach Queens announced last month kicked off...
Beach Queens Ryuko photo
Beach Queens Ryuko

Beach Queens Ryuko Matoi and Renge Miyauchi ready for pre-order

You might have to get past Senketsu first for Ryuko
Mar 11
// Rio McCarthy
Huzzah! Finally at long last my beloved Beach Queens Ryuko Matoi is available for pre-order! She's not the only Beach Queens figure up for pre-order today though, as Renge Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori is also ready to be orde...

Beach Queens Ryuko Matoi photo
Who wouldn't want to go to the beach with Ryuko and Senketsu?
Wave has posted a blog featuring their upcoming Beach Queens Ryuko Matoi of Kill la Kill fame. This will be the first Beach Queens figures I'll be buying, and I'm so excited! I can't wait to own a figure version of one of my ...

Beach Queens Ryuko photo
Beach Queens Ryuko

Wave takes Kill la Kill's Ryuko to the beach

I expect millions of alt colour versions of this figure
Feb 14
// Martin Siggers
By this point there are so many Beach Queens that something has to be pretty special for us to sit up and take notice, That's definitely the case here though, as Wave have announced that they'll be making a swimsuit version o...

Tomopop LinkUP: Gold Medal Panic

Feb 13 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kahotan posted a gallery for the upcoming Bakemonogatari Nadeko Sengoku Nendoroid. She comes with a lot of neat arm and leg parts for some really great poses. She's up for pre-order now so go get one. AmiAmi did an early photo review of the Beach Queen's Ayase Aragaki from OreImo. She looks great, but a little simple just wearing a white bikini, but I suppose that has its own appeal. She won't be out until June so enjoy the gallery. figsoku blog posted a gallery for the FuRyu Sonico Going Out Time ver. prize figure that was released last month. I'm not much of a Sonico fan, but I might have to reconsider my negative impression of FuRyu. Piapro posted a new colaboration between Pullip dolls and Hatsune Miku with a new Sakura Miku doll. They're not a doll series that's for everyone, but they did an impressive job with the outfit. Piapro also posted a look at a new series of Vocaloid plush products from Sekiguchi. Included are stuffed dolls and dangly things of Miku, Len, and Rin. If you're a gamer then simply by saying 'George Washington with a Gatling gun' should be conjuring up images of BioShock Infinite. So here's a Motorized Patriot made out of LEGO blocks. I got the game when it came out and still haven't played it... Thanks to io9 we're getting a ride back to the obscure side of the Golden Age of comics for a look at the slightly disturbing Fantomah statue based on the works of Fletcher Hanks. She comes in three varieties, all pretty limited. Task One has a new series of seven-inch WeedBears up in his store. Available are Green Crack, Purple Kush, and Stoned Panda for US$69.99 each. There's also a limited pink Bubblegum bear for Valentine's day, but that one has gone away like so much smoke. Akiba Hobby has posted a gallery for FREEing's new Asuna figure coming up in March. She's nicely sculpted and while the pose is a bit awkward at least it's something different. Good Smile Company's Mamitan was over in Japan for Wonder Festival and took the most amazing photos of figma Snow Miku out in the wilds. We've seen a lot of photos for Miku, but these are probably some of the most adorable ones yet. Pinkcheeks posted a surprisingly easy DIY tutorial for making your own Japanese-style table. I think I need to give this a try. And that's it for this week's Tomopop LinkUP. Look for the next installment next week during the craziness of Toy Fair!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Oh, right, there are other events going on this week
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Ol...

IDOLM@STERS Beach Queens photo
IDOLM@STERS Beach Queens

Grab some shade with IDOLM@STER Beach Queens Ranko

Pre-orders up on one great looking figure.
Feb 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Ranko Kanzaki has had a lot going for her recently. First we saw the new figma version go up for pre-order last week, the first of the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls to be sold at standard retail, and now Ranko fans get to add a...

Tomopop LinkUP: The rated A-plush edition

Dec 26 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Good Smile Company has been doing a number galleries for several newly released figures through Kahotan's blog. First up is the massive Nendoroid Attack on Titan Colossus Titan & Attack Playset. This is a really amazing set and the gallery shows off just how feature packed it is.  Then there's their almost as impressive Rozen Maiden set featuring Shinku. With all of the added stuff plus the big doll case the box even includes handles! Then there's GSC's 1/10 scale Ultimate Madoka figure that comes with a copy of Figure JAPAN: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Edition. Is it just me or did they really skimp on the paint for the hair and wings? Piapro's blog is showing off Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji latest lottery prizes revolving around Miku Wears Milk, a campaign that combines Hatsune Miku and the Harajuku Milk fashion line. For the most part the lineup of prizes include decorative items and paper goods, but there's also a great pair of plush Mikus and a series of rubber straps.  Piapro also blogged about a new plushie being made for Snow Miku 2014 from Gift. She'll be available in all of the same events that the Snow Miku figures will be sold at.    Over on Twitter Nitroplus is previewing the prototype for Sentinel's latest Super Sonico figure. This one features Sonico in a bikini playing a chocolate covered guitar with "I ♥ You" dripping down the front. The finished figure will certainly look unique on the shelf.  Akiba Hobby got their hands on a painted prototype of Griffon's upcoming Vividred Operation figure featuring Akane and Aoi.  Definitely a standout pose for the pair in a single figure.  Akiba Hobby also has a colored gallery for the Beach Queens version of Aoi. As BQs go this one is a little by the numbers.  Over at Geeks are Sexy they've pointed out this amazing plushie bantha from Star Wars made by Etsy crafter ecoLEFTZ. It's massive and entirely made out of reused materials.  The Mary Sue drew our attention to this incredible LEGO model of  Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings series. This 200,000 piece work is done by Alice Finch with David Frank who also made the massive Hogwarts school.  Think Geek is selling this adorable Hi-Koala plush with speakers in its feet. It hugs your device while playing your tunes and is compatible with anything with a headphone jack.  Think Geek is also selling this great transparent Gummy Bear designed by Jason Freeny. Just like with his amazing custom work all of the bones and guts are visible and you can even dissect it! In the Tomopop C-Blogs Invincible did a round of reviews for MMZ-00, 01, and 02. Great stuff! And that brings us to the end of another Tomopop LinkUP. I hope you have a Happy New Year and I'll be seeing you again right here in 2014!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
It's the last LinkUP of the year!
Hello and Welcome to this week's Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a crazy, exhausting week for me. Between a three-day ice storm, a 17 hour power outage, and rushing through Christmas, it has all left me a little drained. But the ne...

Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition

Dec 12 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Wooser is almost here again! Season two returns in January so that means a big product push for all things Wooser. Kahotan has posted this Belle Maison oshiruko soup set that features rubber straps of mascot Shirukuma and Wooser. They also have a pair of Wooser talking pens. Wing gave a very cryptic hint for one of their next figures. The hint is just an offset black and white image of a fleur-de-lis. They'll be doing their official reveal at Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] in February. Disney has posted on their Insider blog a look at the creation of their Infinity game figures from sketch to final product. The post talks pretty extensively with Art Director Jeff Bunker and Lead Character Designer Jon Diesta of Avalanche Software and their roles in making the game and figures a reality. Chauskoskis appears to be in a Greasebat kind of mood as he's made two of them. Based on Jeff Lamm's characters the first is Dunny baby Greasebat that he has Jeff's OK to make a few resin castings of. The other is an evil Greasebat that is only one of a kind that he put up for auction.  Check out this amazing Iron Samurai kitbash bade by Ken Lee. Reminds me of one of those samurai from Sucker Punch. I thought that movie was kinda awful, but this is very cool! It's 1/6 scale and a nominee for the 3A Customs and Kitbashes 2013 Awards. Good luck! No, I didn't embed an ad into LinkUP. Well, I mean I did, but not for advertising purposes. Matt Hopkins of Custom Papertoys sent along this really cool commercial he worked on for the SPCA. You think stuff like this is done with CG, but it's really stop motion. Matt says he built the models and much of the stop motion.  Tenacious Toys is offering Nerviswrek's Nibirian Drone resin figures by We Are Not Toys. The terrifying little things are hand painted and sold in set of 12 for US$350. Reflective Boundary did a great gallery for Alter's 1/8 Chitanda Eru from Hyouka. I'm glad this show is still getting some great figures, it gives me hope that a second season could be on the horizon! The AmiAmi blog posted a review for the latest Vocaloid GUMI figure. The Megpoid Whisper version made by Aquamarine is in a cute outfit and the bright colors fit her perfectly. She'll be out in February. VISEone displayed six new 16 inch Qee customs at a charity event in Germany recently. His work was a big hit and he even sold one right at the event with all proceeds going to the charity.  Funko is showing off a new series of Uglydoll x DC Comics vinyl figures. Featured are Ice-Bat as Batman, Wedgehead as Robin, and Babo as Superman. They'll be out on February 11.  Ron English has a special Metallic Purple Heart Skull in his PoPaganda store just in time for Christmas gift giving. They're going for US$150 and limited to only 20.  If you've ever wanted to try your hand at building Gunpla with no idea where to start then check out this handy ebook. Mecha Model Guide for Beginners looks to be a very comprehensive guide judging from its preview were it goes deep into all sorts of terminology and even deciphers the little symbols found in the instructions. There's even modeling history in there which could make it a good read even for advanced modelers. The ever-manly Black Star from Soul Eater has gotten the HQS treatment from Tsume with this fantastic looking statue. He's only limited to 250 printed on a metal serial plate and priced at 259€ (about US$356).  Akiba Hobby has posted a review (in Japanese) of Wave's new Beach Queens Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer! She'll be out in 2014. Hopefully if she sells really well they'll make a second season of the anime! Tentacle Armada posted a lengthy review of Pop Culture Shock's Katana statue from Mortal Kombat. They've got an awful lot to say about this enormous figure and it sounds like it isn't without its fair share of problems.  And that brings us to the end of another Tomopop LinkUP. See you next week where we'll have another batch of great things to talk about. 
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Seems to have been the week for handmade and limited editions
Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day t...

Beach Queens Trio photo
Beach Queens Trio

Three new Beach Queens hit stores for pre-order

Well, four technically, but come on
Dec 06
// Martin Siggers
If there's one thing you can say about Wave, it's that they certainly know how to keep that train of bikini clad girls a-rollin'. Today we've got three very different ladies from three very different shows appearing on virtua...
Madoka Beach Queens photo
A bumper batch of bikini girls
Never ones to believe you can have too much of a good thing, Wave has unveiled an entire new range of Madoka Magica Beach Queens. That's right, every one of the five main girls gets a brand new look to go to the beach in...

Idol Master Beach Queens photo
Idol Master Beach Queens

Check out these three Idol Master Beach Queens

Are you ready?
Nov 25
// Jon Wills
It's been about a month since Wave's trio of Idol Master Beach Queens beauties became available for pre-order. As expected, Akibahobby recently got their hands on a sample of these three ladies, Miki, Azusa, and Takane a...
Love Live Beach Queens photo
Love Live Beach Queens

A trio of Love Live! Beach Queens appears for pre-order

Something for every shape and style
Nov 19
// Martin Siggers
It's a good day for both fans of swimsuits and Love Live! School Idol Project, as Wave have put up not one, not two, but three new Beach Queens from the show. Making their way to the sea this time are Maki Nishikino,&nbs...
Beach Queens photo
Beach Queens

Wave shows off a parade of Beach Queens

Ever seen so many in one go?
Nov 12
// Kristina Pino
The flow of Beach Queens is always pretty steady, but I'm not even kidding with my title, here. This is a parade. Check out the gallery for images of: Masuzu (Ore no Kanojo) Aoi and Wakaba (Vividred) Yukari, Darjeeling, and ...
Beach Queens Sonico photo
Beach Queens Sonico

Super Sonico joins the Beach Queens series

Wave finally did it
Oct 24
// Kristina Pino
I'm actually really surprised that it took Wave this long to make a Beach Queens figure out of Super Sonico, but here we are. The figure was recently shown off by T_Santa, her proud illustrator, and she's currently unpainted....
Idol Beach Queens photo
Idol Beach Queens

Pre-order Wave's Fantastic IdolMaster Beach Queens DX Set

One Beach Queens I can resist, but three? Hnngh! Might be difficult!
Oct 22
// Jon Wills
I have long been a fan of The IdolMaster animated series (which you can watch over at Crunchyroll by the way). So when I saw that Wave had unleashed version 2.0 sculpts of Miki, Azusa and Takane, all at the same time, I did a...
Beach Queens Tsukiko photo
Beach Queens Tsukiko

Beach Queens Tsukiko is missable

Don't wait up
Oct 17
// Kristina Pino
Though the retail shots of the upcoming swimsuit-clad Tsukiko looked nice enough, these new photos don't really paint this figure in the best light. Maybe it is indeed the lighting, but she's looking rather dull. Not quite as...
Beach Queens Haganai NEXT photo
AmiAmi Blog shares some shots of the lovelies
Sena and Kobato (of Haganai, Haganai NEXT) already had entries in the Beach Queens line a while back, but with the second season of the anime, Wave gave them an encore. Sena sports a nice, relaxed expression and hairdo as she...

Pre-order Kodachi Nagi photo
Pre-order Kodachi Nagi

Pre-order Waves Kodachi Nagi only if you are a fan

Or maybe not
Oct 06
// Jon Wills
Some of you may be familiar with an eroge produced by August known as Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. Well it must be fairly popular, because there have been a few figurines made of Kodachi Nagi, one of its leading ladie...
Preview Chiwa & Hibari photo
My two favorites
Last month we posted a preview of seven upcoming Beach Queens by Wave. Among them were these two fine ladies, Hibari and Chiwa hailing from Senran Kagura and Oreshura respectively. AmiAmi recently posted an updated preview of...

Three new Beach Queens photo
Nice to see these girls again
It never ceases to amaze me how many ladies that Wave manages to turn into Beach Queens in such a short time. Recently I even wrote a little round up of seven upcoming Beach Queens to try to show just how many they make. The ...

Pre-order the latest Wave of Seven Beach Queens

Jul 23 // Jon Wills
First up, from left to right we have Kotori Minami, Honoka Kosaka and Umi Sonoda. All three of these ladies hail from a series called Love Live! School Idol Project. By the way Love Live! is streaming over at Crunchyroll if any of you want to check it out. Every generation of Wave's Beach Queens seems to get just a little bit better. Sometimes I hear people say that they all look the same. However, the differences show up more clearly when you look at Beach Queens side by side. Why just take a look at these three girls, their faces, expressions, measurements in bust, waist and hips, as well as belly buttons are all different. The swimsuits are also very accurate, the design comes straight out from episode ten of the series. All three of these Beach Queens come at a suggested price of ¥4200 each and are expected to ship out in late December of this year. [ Pre-order Kotori Minami at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List | ToysLogic ] [ Pre-order Honoka Kosaka at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search |AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List ] [ Pre-order Umi Sonoda at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List | ToysLogic ] Our second group is made up of ladies from slightly more popular series. From left to right we have Chiwa Harusaki hailing from Oreshura, Himawari Shinomiya hailing from VividRed Operation, also Hibari hailing from Senran Kagura. Oreshura and VividRed Operation can both be streamed over at Crunchyroll. Of these three Beach Queens I feel like Chiwa is crafted the best. Her design brings the bullet points of her character across the strongest; she is extra petite with those mini pigtails and her fiery eyes and fang tooth top it all off nicely. Himawari comes in a close second for me because she has the right smile and flow to her hair. Hibari is lagging behind in this pack. I do like her because of her energy and cheer that her pose and smile bring across. Her polka dot swimsuit is also very cute. However her eyes need a little bit of work still and I think her chest area could use a little bit of enlargement to match Hibari's size from the animated series. I know she is doing kind of a jump of sorts and things tend to move around. Still the fact remains that she needs a bit more volume in her bust to be more true to her character. If you're interested in ordering any of these lovely Beach Queens, you will be interested to know that they come at a suggested price of ¥3,800 each and are expected to ship out in November of this year. [ Pre-order Chiwa Harusaki at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Play Asia | J-List | ToysLogic | Big Bad Toy Store] [ Pre-order Himawari Shinomiya at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Play Asia | J-List | Big Bad Toy Store ] [ Pre-order Hibari at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Play Asia | J-List | Big Bad Toy Store ] Next up we have Maou hailing from Maoyu. Maoyu can also be streamed over at Crunchyroll. Of the Beach Queens we have previewed the great Mao has the widest range of outfit accessories. She can be displayed with a hat, with horns, or just as a plain girl. The variety of her options is really her main selling point as her swimsuit is pretty basic at a glance, though a bit daring, much like her character. News has been around about queen girl for a little while, but if you like Wave's curvy Mao you can head over here to pre-order her. Of course this group of seven makes up just a few of the recently announced Beach Queens. Why just a few days ago Wave's immodest Beach Queens Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters, became available for pre-order! I have to say that Noumi's swimsuit is way too showy for her young age, but somehow I can see her working well when displayed next to Rin Natsume, who also comes from Little Busters. In conclusion I am sort of impressed and disturbed by the sheer numbers of figurines that Wave is able to churn out. They are also not just making swimsuit figures either, recently they started a line of Evangelion figures with Rei, Asuka and Mari, but despite the skintight nature of their outfits I think I'll leave the telling of those figurines for another time.
Wave of Queens photo
That's a lot of Queens!
Wave has been making a splash in the figurine scene for a while with it's line of affordably priced swimsuit clad ladies. Often it isn't the quality of the sculpt that attracts fans to purchase wave figurines but often the wi...


Sae and Hiro complete the Hidamari Sketch Beach Queens

Pre-orders open now
Jul 02
// Martin Siggers
Wave may have shown off all of the Hidamari Sketch Beach Queens at once, but they've been choosing to release them in batches. After Yuno and Miyako came Nori and Nazuna and now we've finally reached the last pair, third...

Tomopop Review: Beach Queens Yozora, Short Hair ver.

Jun 24 // Kristina Pino
Figure Name: Beach Queens Yozora Mikazuki, Short Hair ver.Figure Maker: Wave (1/10-scale)Retail: ¥3,990Available at: HobbyLink Japan  Yozora's box matches that of any other Beach Queens figure I've seen. The inside is an attractive shade of blue, and there's a nice, big window through which you can view the figure, which is well-protected in her plastic tray.  Once she's out, you need only plug her into the base, which is the standard Beach Queens fare. She's got this confident pose working for her as she casually tosses her now-shortened hair. Though I was a fan of her long tresses, I like this newer look, too.  There are only two (albeit minor) drawbacks with this figure when I think about my very first impressions. The first is that she isn't wearing her swimsuit from the anime's beach episode - the full body striped suit - and instead wears the fan service swimsuit. It isn't a huge problem, but honestly, the other one suits her personality more. The second problem is that her face is slightly down-turned. I'm not a fan of that in general, but looking on the bright side - she can be placed on a high shelf to look down over the rest of your collection in disdain. Sounds like something right up Yozora's alley.  All things considered, I feel like the Beach Queens line has come quite a way. There's some decent sculpt-work here, right down to Yozora's torso and belly button under that swimsuit. It actually looks like a layer on top rather than painted on, and the finish gives it a nice shimmer. From the back, she's just as nice. There's some clean work here, which is always praise-worthy when it comes to a strong color meeting at the seams with lighter or fleshier tones. There isn't a smudge or sign of transfer in sight. I couldn't ask for a cleaner execution. And do you see the sculpting on that booty? Her nails on both hands and feet have this light pink or peach coloring to them. It's cute - a nice touch. In case you haven't seen a Beach Queens base before, the above picture of her feet will also serve the purpose of showing you - they're a light yellow color designed to look a bit like sand. Yozora's hair is overall good-looking, unless you happen to be looking from the top. This is the one area where the quality really falls short in comparison to the solid execution everywhere else. The dreaded seam! But, I have good news. It looks way worse in this close-up image than it does in real life. It's actually not all that bad, and either way, you wouldn't be looking at it once she's joined your collection.  As usual, I leave the faces for last. Again, there's some nice, clean work here. She's got a coy little smile on, and plenty of detail in her eyes. Everything here is executed perfectly according to her design.  Should this figure be a part of your collection? If you're into swimsuit figures and you like Yozora, then yes. She isn't remarkable in terms of design if you're the type of collector that just goes for pretty things, but she's rather great if you're familiar with the material (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai). The price point isn't bad, and she's got some solid work put into her. This figure is only 1/10-scale, and with a not-huge base, should be a good fit on most shelves.  As usual, make sure you mosey through the gallery to see images that didn't make it into the body of this review. [Thank you to HobbyLink Japan for providing Tomopop with this review sample!]
Yozora Beach Queens photo
Bold hair cut, bold swimsuit
Though we report on the goings of Wave and their Beach Queens line all the time, it's actually been quite a while since we've reviewed any of them. Looking back at our archives, I didn't find a review more recent than one fro...

A very moe Nadia
It's been a few months since we announced that pre-orders were available for Wave's 1/12th scale Nadia. Since then she has been released and Moeyo managed to get their hands on a released figure for review. They upl...

BQ Noumi photo
BQ Noumi

Wave's immodest Beach Queens Noumi is ready for pre-order

Can she really wear that to the beach?
Jun 12
// Scarecroodle
Wave's 1/10 Beach Queens Noumi Kudryavka (Little Busters!) is currently available for pre-order. The figure features a fantastic head-sculpt and hair that, along with the pose, drives home the character's inherent cuteness......

Nori and Nazuna join the Hidamari Beach Queens

Pre-order them now
May 31
// Martin Siggers
Wave continues their inexorable assault on the wallets of Hidamari Sketch fans today by putting up the next two Beach Queens from the show up for pre-order. This time it's Nazuna and Nori who are hitting the sand. We've ...
HidaSketch cuteness to follow
What was originally intended to be a simple Beach Queens Yuno preview spotted on AmiAmi and tipped to the other editors has turned into a cute reveal, thanks to Martin's sharp eyes - Wave's Beach Queens Nazuna is now painted!...

Melty & Saya photo
Melty & Saya

Second wave of Gargantia Beach Queens outed

See what I did there?
May 13
// Martin Siggers
Wave have got the Gargantia on the Vedurous Planet  licence and they aren't messing around with it. Less than a week after they revealed they were working on Amy and Bellows, the company blog has revealed two more Beach ...
Bikinis for all! photo
Bikinis for all!

Wave announce Beach Queens for the Gargantia ladies

Amy and Bellows first to get the swimsuit treatment
May 07
// Martin Siggers
What with the currently airing Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet receiving rave reviews and building a pretty dedicated fanbase, it was only a matter of time before a manufacturer stepped up to the plate and announced so...
Wave did a great job sculpting her
It's hard to believe but it's been a half year since pre-orders became available for this Nyaruko Beach Queen. She's already shipped out actually, however if you want her some stores still have her in stock here and ther...


Beach Queens Eru and Mayaka go up for pre-order

Hyouka heroines show off their swimwear
Apr 26
// Martin Siggers
Kyoto Animation's Hyouka was one of the most delightful shows of last year, blending the company's trademark slice-of-life breeziness with some wonderfully rich characters. And of course, because it was KyoAni,...
Medaka Box Beach Queens photo
Medaka Box Beach Queens

Medaka Box Beach Queens revealed, up for pre-order

Boy do these look better in color
Apr 22
// Kristina Pino
Alright, so after that fuzzy, awful scanned image, we now finally have the full retail sample from Wave for the upcoming Medaka and Shiranui Beach Queens figures! And what's more, they're up for pre-order at ¥3,990 sugges...

First glimpse of Medaka Box Beach Queens figures

fuuuuuuuuuzzy pictures!
Apr 20
// Kristina Pino
A few days ago, there was a quick announcement over Twitter about upcoming Beach Queens figures for characters of Medaka Box. I noticed an update on FigSoku about them, and it looks like there's already a pair ...
Prototype pops up at Miyazawa Model Exhibition
It seems like Little Busters!'s Noumi Kudryavka is very much the girl of the moment, as mere days after it was revealed that Griffon is working on a fully clad version of her, Wave have popped up with a bikini wearing Be...

HidaSketch Beach Queens photo
Woo, gallery!
It's only been a few days since Martin tossed up all the pre-order info for these HidaSketch Beach Queens coming out by Wave in August, but it looks like Moeyo already snapped up some previews! Check out the gallery for a few...


Beach Queens Yuno and Miyako are ready to go

Pre-orders open for Hidamari Sketch pair
Apr 04
// Martin Siggers
We saw them just a month ago, but now the first figures from Wave's avalanche of Hidamari Sketch Beach Queens are fully coloured and up for pre-order. Appropriately, they're being released in pairs, the first two being lead c...

CDJapan is having a sale

Some figures up to 90 percent off ... but it's a lot of Bandai stuff
Mar 25
// Brian Szabelski
The folks at CDJapan are having a sale of up to 90 percent off some merchandise. Most of it's 20 to 40 percent off and a lot of it is Bandai merchandise, but there's some well-known pieces. You can see a few of them in the header and there's some awesome deals (like that Figuarts Zero Shishio Makoto? It's 70 percent off. Worth it.) Hit the jump to see a lot of what is on sale!

Under the Radar: Pre-order this cute Yukiho Beach Queen

I'm not sure how I missed Yukiho. I think I will pre-order her.
Mar 07
// Jon Wills
Sometimes something cool or cute pops up and somehow it slips under the news radar. In this case I was browsing various stores' pre-orders and saw Wave's Yukiho from The IdolM@ster staring back at me. Even though re...

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