Watchmen photo

Play Arts Kai Rorschach takes to the streets with new photos

Who watches the people who watch people post photos of the Watchmen?
Mar 18
// Scarecroodle
Scarecroodle's journal. Saint Patrick's Day yesterday. Streets filled with drunks and insanity. Bigger news is that Hidemi Matsuzuka unveiled new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai Rorschach. Same Rorschach seen a...
Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty Collector's March sale is maddeningly huge, starts in 48 hours

Not to be confused with John Maddeningly huge
Mar 15
// Scarecroodle
As if to make up for January, Matty Collector's March sale is pretty massive. The sale (which starts at noon EST on Monday) includes two "firsts" in form of the '90s hook-handed Aquaman (the first of the defunct Club Infinite...
Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix photo
Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix

Toy Fair 2014: Square Enix debuts its newest figures

Bahamut and more in full glory
Feb 16
// Andres Cerrato
Square-Enix has made a lot of strides in its offerings. The Play Arts line evolved into Kai and in more directions than just the company's own game lineup. The Variant line for DC Comics, for example, has been fantastic so fa...
Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty Collector's September sale starts in 12 hours

Making September a pretty awesome month
Sep 15
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector's September sale, which starts in 12 hours, features some very exciting selections including the Comedian (Watchmen) and a DCU Huntress. The Huntress was an oft-requested inclusion to Mattel's DCU, as the Bat-...
This batch contains heroes and villans
Funko has just revealed seven more exclusives that will be available at SDCC. Their first two exclusives will be Wacky Wobblers. Most of their exclusives, so far, have been metallic, so they've continued this with metallic W...


Matty Collector's January sale is starting now

Tomopop editor despondent over Ram Man bump
Jan 15
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector's Janaury sale is starting right now. The sale includes Rorschach (the first figure in the DCU Watchmen imprint), DCU Saint Walker, MotUC Netossa, and final calls for both Horde Prime & Griffin. The sale e...

Mattel's Rorschach will give you an inkblot test

Or maybe his fists will make your face look like an inkblot test?
Jan 10
// Scarecroodle
The first of Mattel's 6-inch DCU Watchmen figures will be sold during Matty Collector's January sale next week. We now have photos (and video) of both the figure and his cool new packaging. Rather than receive a plain white l...

Lego Samus, Big Daddy, others, ready for next mission

That mission? A replicated Lego Brinstar.
Jan 03
// Scarecroodle
Super Punch has a gallery of Pate-keetongu's Lego creations which might knock you down. Highlights include Samus Aran of Metroid fame, a Big Daddy from the Bioshock games, and some Watchmen-themed creations. The seemingly ver...

NYCC 2012: Mattel - Watchmen

A not quite super-powered couple
Oct 16
// Scarecroodle
MattyCollector unveiled the next two Watchmen figures, Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II, for its Club Black Freighter at NYCC. And, thanks to Preternia, we can show you photos of them. While the six figures for this club have ...

The clock is running for DCC's Silk Spectre pre-orders

Sep 19
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders have opened for DC Collectibles' Before Watchmen 10.5-inch Silk Spectre II (Laurie Jupiter) statue. The statue, previously seen at DC Collectibles' SDCC booth, is based on the character's appearance in the Watchmen...

SDCC 2012: The Mattypalooza Panel

Jul 17 // Brian Szabelski
So, to start with, there's the Superboy/Miss Martian Young Justice figure set. Already shown off in our DC Mattel recap, the two were supposed to be the start of the second wave of Young Justice 6-inch figures, thus why they're in their second season designs. US$50 will get you the figures only (no bases) when the pre-sale opens on August 1. Pre-sales end August 15 and they'll only be made if a pre-order minimum is met. If they don't meet the minimum numbers, orders will be cancelled, so if you're serious about completing your Young Justice set, you probably don't want to sit on these. Speaking of DC, we got peeks at the panel of next year's Club Infinite Earths subscription figures (also in our recap) and some news about the subscription going forward. Club Infinite Earths will be back in 2013 and beyond (pending getting a minimum number of subscribers), but next year's program includes 12 monthly figures that will be US$18 each (US$20 day-of) and an oversized club-exclusive figure. The bigger news, though ...  ... was that most of the fan-demanded characters, team builders, collector favorites and so-on are going to be Club Infinite Earth exclusives. Some will still be available at retail, though, but we don't know which ones. Mattel's big new license reveal was the Watchmen franchise coming that will feature the original six main characters from the comics. They'll be released every other month for US$25 each with a subscription available, but no subscription-only figure. The final Lions to form Voltron are coming, along with that exclusive Sven figure for subscription members. Black Lion is on the way in October as the final one, and each of the Lion/pilor duos comes with a piece that forms the Blazing Sword when assembled. Ghostbusters is alive after all! It's been a while since we've seen new collectibles from the franchise, but Mattel says they're committed to making more in 2013, and that includes new action figures like the Courtroom Ray Stantz with Tony figure. More importantly, there's a new prop replica coming in 2013: the Ecto Goggles! They'll actually also work with the PKE Meter; the goggles will project Slimer inside and the faster you turn the dial, the faster Slimer moves and glows.  Finally, there's MOTUC. Revealed were the winner of the MOTUC fan design contest (Castle Greyskullman) and the five runners-up, which you'll find in our gallery: - Gangstor by Oscar McDonald - Ra-Jar by Josh Howard  - Three-Beast by Angelia Pettus  - Bubblor by Jim Johnston  - Major Header by Earl Luclear As for Club Eternia, next year brings a ton of exclusives like King He-Man and Ram Man, but it also brings an increased price point. You'll now pay US$25 per monthly figure (or US$27 day-of), plus different prices for fourt quarterly items: US$25 (US$27 day-of), US$30 (US$33 day-of), US$50 (US$55 day-of) and one at US$75 (US$81 day-of). Your subscription also gets you an exclusive figure and an exclusive map of Subterrania, but doesn't include convention items, potential weapons or weapon packs. Production costs are the reason for the price hike this year, according to Mattel. On the plus side, Club Eternia members will get to vote on the November 2013 release, with one vote being allowed for each membership purchased. The choices include Crash Landing Captain Glenn; Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn; Mini-Comic Trap Jaw; Illumina; and Songster from the 1987 live concert show. Yes, that's a real thing and I have this sneaking suspicion folks will push for Songster to win because he's the most ridiculous. Just a hunch.

If you were a fan of Mattel's figure lines, then the one panel at SDCC that you just had to be at was the Mattypalooza panel. Hosted by Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich (dressed as the MOTUC character he created for the franchi...

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