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WWE photo
The Million Dollar Mystery Mini
A second series of Funko's WWE Mystery Minis are on the way and, despite including the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, the figures are expected to retail for the usual US$6 or so. The roster for this wave is a mix of legend...

Tamashii Nations photo
Tamashii Nations

SDCC 2016: Tamashii Nations

Debuting a bizarre new Toy Story set
Jul 24
// Tianxiao Ma
Have you ever wished your Toy Story figures could also be Transformers? Well Tamashii Nations has you covered with a line they're calling Cho Gattai Toy Story. These figures can transform and even combine together to form a s...
Mattel photo

SDCC 2016: Mattel

WWE, DC, She-Ra, Monster High, and more!
Jul 23
// Soul Tsukino
Our friends over at Mattel always try to do big at these conventions and this time around is no different. They had a lot to show off at SDCC, and our own tian was there to get all the picture. So let's dive right in.

Mattel pays tribute to wrestling's greatest blunder with SDCC Exclusive

Jun 10 // Soul Tsukino
The Shockmaster was the brainchild of the legendary Dusty Rhodes and debuted on August 18, 1993, during the live broadcast of Clash of the Champions XXIV. The big guy (in actuality Dusty's brother-in-law Fred Ottman) was to crash through a wall to introduce himself. The fireworks went off and... [embed]37473:37312:0[/embed] To remember the moment that has lived on in wrestling infamy, Matty Collector presents this figure complete with goofy ring coat and a bedazzled stormtrooper helmet. The Shockmaster is package in a way to commemorate him going ass over teakettle in front of a nationwide cable audience. He is priced at $30. Pre-orders for the figure start on June 16 for Matty Collector subscribers and June 17- 26 for everyone else. However, you MUST pick the figure up in person at the convention. For more details visit HERE.
WWE photo
This figure will SHOCK you!
Mattel, though their Matty Collector specialty label, has announced that one of the figures they will being selling exclusively at Comic-Con International- San Diego this year will be a figure that pays tribute to one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history. Ladies and gentlemen. I present the Shockmaster!

WWE photo

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel WWE

WWE's latest offerings on display
Feb 24
// Soul Tsukino
Being one of, if not the biggest exhibition for Toy producers, Mattel was a given to come in and show off what it plans for its toy lines in the foreseeable future. One of its top lines is the WWE wrestling figures. With Wres...
Mattel photo

Mattel halts production of Hulk Hogan figures

When it comes crashing down.
Jul 29
// Soul Tsukino
After transcripts were released of former wrestling great Hulk Hogan using racial and homophobic terms in a leaked video, Mattel, toy makers for the WWE announced that all production of Hogan related toys and figures has been halted.
WWE photo
Not to be disqualified
Just when you thought Funko's Mystery Minis line couldn't get any more exciting, the company devotes a series to the WWE! Additionally, the company plans to release (a depressingly non-oversized) Andre the Giant, Sting, and t...

SDCC 2015 photo
SDCC 2015

SDCC 2015: Mattel - WWE

Giving a look to the future
Jul 15
// Soul Tsukino
During Comic-Con International: San Diego, the WWE and Mattel gave us a look at what to expect from them in the near future. They showed off stars from the WWE's past, present, and future, and even tossed is a few more interesting figures into the mix.
WWE photo

Mattel and WWE show off at Super Toy Con

Just in time for Wrestlemania
Mar 02
// Soul Tsukino
Mattel and the WWE went to Las Vegas this weekend for Super Toy Con 2015 and, thanks to the fine folks at Ringside Collectibles, we get a great look at the future faces of the WWE and Mattel.
WWE photo

Get ready for Wrestlemania 31 with WWE figure pre-orders

Starting the road to Wrestlemania
Jan 10
// Soul Tsukino
With the beginning of the new year, the WWE likes to start the "Road to Wrestlemania", traditionally considered their best time of the year creatively as they build towards their biggest event, Wrestlemania. This year's big e...
WWE photo
All that's missing is the championship belt... Paige, please give it back! has listed a Pop! AJ Lee. Fans will best recall AJ Lee as the vibrant, fun diva who held the WWE Divas Championship for a record-setting 295 days before dropping the title to newcomer (and then-NXT Women's Champio...

WWE photo
Yes! Yes! Yes?
Whatcha going to do, brother, when Funkomania runs wild on store shelves with Pop! WWE Series 2? Series 2 consists of "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, "The Game" Triple H, "The Phenom" The Undertaker, Yes-Man Daniel Bryan, and Randy "Snap into a Slim Jim!" Savage. Series 2 is slated to release in October. Get them before they get tested for steroid use.

SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE photo
SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE

SDCC 2014: Mattel's WWE figures

A little bit of something for fans of all ages
Jul 26
// Brian Szabelski
The WWE section of Mattel's booth was pretty well filled at this year's San Diego Comic Con, with plenty for both old and new fans alike to be happy about. Many of the figures revealed at the panel on Thursday were at the boo...

SDCC 2014: Mattel's WWE Panel

Jul 25 // Brian Szabelski
The WWE brought out its big guns for this year's panel, featuring the injured Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and Hulk Hogan, with Michael Cole hosting. So pretty much, if you were a wrestling fan at SDCC, this was where you wanted to be on Thursday morning, even if you weren't a big figure collector. Mattel's own announcements were pretty quick but featured a lot of new stuff to go over, including two-figure Battle Sets of the New Age Outlaws; Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H; mid-90s HBK vs. 2014 Undertaker; and Big Show vs. Andre the Giant.  The NXT fans out there will be happy to know that NXT's stars will be beginning to get figures, with Sami Zayn as the first out of the gate. He'll be part of the regular Superstars line, alongside Rusev (and Lana, too), El Torito, Eva Marie, Adam Rose, and Bo Dallas. Not going to lie, the Sami Zayn news was pretty exciting, and I'm looking forward to Bo's figure as well. The WWE Elite line will add in at least six more figures: Bluetista (a.k.a. Best Batista), Roma Reigns, and Cesaro with his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale trophy, X-Pac with the European Championship (and there was much rejoicing ... somewhere), Junkyard Dog, and the debut of Doink. Or rather, all three different Doinks; you'll get the three different heads, each with its different hairstyle. The Defining Moments line is returning, with three new figures announced for that series. Two of them will be Wrestlemania III Hulk Hogan (and the original WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt) and Razor Ramon. Oh, and this man called Sting crashed the party at the end, just after Mattel announced they'd be making a figure of him for the first time as the third Defining Moments entry. It's also technically Sting's first appearance as part of the WWE family, WWE 2K15 commercial not counting. Needless to say, the place went a little unglued when he actually showed up in his Crow Sting facepaint and attire, and it seemed like such a perfect surprise to throw at the end of an already entertaining panel. Bet the people who left during the Q&A session in the middle are kicking themselves now, aren't they?
SDCC 2014: WWE Mattel photo
Lots of new figures announced ... oh, and some guy crashes the party
For four years now, I've made. I've learned that not only is it pretty informational, but there's almost always a surprise in store for the folks who attend. I just happened to get spoiled my first year during the Summer of P...

McFarlane Undertaker photo
Hopefully, it'll be available a bit more than the real deal
Back in October, news broke that McFarlane Toys were finally doing something that should have been done ages ago: making collectible statues of WWE superstars. The Undertaker was a logical choice for number one, and today, w...

WWE photo

Funko lays the smack down with WWE Pop! figures

Sons of Anarchy Pop! figures also announced
Nov 21
// Vanessa Cubillo
Funko has just unveiled the latest series in their Pop! line; WWE figures. To introduce this line, Funko is showing off six of their best heavyweight champions. There’s John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock, Sheamus, Stone Cold...
NYCC Mattel WWE photo

NYCC 2013: Mattel - WWE

Fan favorites and company staples featured heavily at the Mattel booth
Oct 12
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
The current WWE TV story line might be all about which wrestlers are worthy of being the face of the company, but when you look at Mattel's newest WWE offerings it's pretty clear who the faces really are. The display is prett...
WWE Undertaker photo
WWE Undertaker

McFarlane Toys takes on The Undertaker for new WWE Statue

Deadman Inc. is back in business
Oct 02
// Andres Cerrato
For the past week or so, WWE has been sending out cryptic tweets, teasing the return of the Undertaker to action. Dirtsheets ran with it and fell flat as the teases were not a ring return for the Deadman, but Todd McFarlane c...
SDCC 2013: Mattel - WWE photo
SDCC 2013: Mattel - WWE

SDCC 2013: Mattel - WWE figures

Jul 27
// Brian Szabelski
Mattel's WWE corner of their booth had a ton of figures on display that were shown off at the WWE panel, along with some surprises that were not. Some of them looks pretty good (see: The Shield trio), while others just look ....
SDCC 2013: Mattel WWE photo
SDCC 2013: Mattel WWE

SDCC 2013: Mattel's WWE panel

As surprise-filled as the Royal Rumble
Jul 20
// Brian Szabelski
As they have done for the past several Comic Cons, Mattel hosted a WWE figures panel during the convention, with several WWE superstars in attendance. This year's host was The Miz, and fellow superstar (and all around awesome...

SDCC 2012: Mattel's WWE figures panel

Jul 17 // Brian Szabelski
Among the prototypes announced (in unpainted deco form) were Ryback, Damien Sandow and Tensai in the WWE Superstars line. Also coming to the WWE Superstars line is Bork Laser Brock Lesnar, who has one of the biggest sculpts in the line to make him look properly intimidating. For the two-figure Battle Packs, Primo and Epico will be coming with their tag title belts (no Rosa, though ... sorry), along with Brodus Clay and Curt Hawkins. Yes, Hawkins will have his awesome cane. As for the WWE Legends line, you have both members of the Brainbusters, Arn Anderson (on sale now) and Tully Blanchard (on sale in September), along with a welcome surprise in Miss Elizabeth. In the Elite series collection, Kofi Kingston will be available, wearing an outfit that's colored in a way that's a bit of an homage to He-Man, as well as ... Kelly Kelly. She comes with the Divas title. The Flashback figure for Series 17 will be Makind in his post-Corporation look. Series 18 will bring us Brodus Clay in his track suit and Jerry "The King" Lawler, with Series 19 giving us Shawn Michaels during his European Title reign Dolph Ziggler. And yes, that Dolph comes with his (in)famous butt cape. After the announcements, Mattel brought out this year's three panelists: CM Punk (who didn't crash the panel this year), Zack Ryder and Sheamus. All three were actually great choices, and during the Q & A session, we got a peek at two more figures: Zack Ryder with his Internet Championship, and the first figure of the one and only AJ, seen above.  And yes, like last year, there was an interruption at the end of the panel. This year, it was Alberto Del Rio, accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez, who proceeded to cut a promo hyping his and Sheamus' then-upcoming match at Money in the Bank. This included Alberto making fun of all the "nerds" in the room and producing a purported copy of Action Comics #1, which he decided to be generous with and give to everyone by tearing it up. You can watch the full exchange here. In the meanwhile, check out the gallery for some additional photos and let us know if you find anything you like!

Earlier, we gave you a peek at Mattel's upcoming WWE figures for 2012 and 2013. Of course, that wasn't the only news: with a panel during San Diego Comic Con, there were bound to be a few surprises in store, and the panel sur...


MattyCollector's July sale starts in 24 hours

Jul 15
// Scarecroodle
MattyCollector's July sale starts on Monday, July 16th, at 12 p.m. EST (11 a.m. Central, 10 a.m. Mountain, 9 a.m. Pacific or just 24 hours from when this story goes live). The sale features five items with no reissues (well, ...

SDCC 2012: Mattel brings the WWE in your house

Jul 12
// Andres Cerrato
Wrestling is enjoyed by many of us here at Tomopop. We even go to Wrestlemania to mark out together. We'll do the same thing here as Mattel debuted what they have in store for the upcoming year, and let's just say that we'll ...

The next entry in Mattel's WWE Legends line for 2012 is coming soon, and it's the titanic King Kong Bundy. One of the bigger, meaner heels of the 1980s, King Kong Bundy was 400 pounds of destruction from New Jersey, thou...

Show & Tell: WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII Bear

Apr 20 // Rio McCarthy
There he is! Here we see the Wrestlemania XXVIII Collectible Bear, which I will from now on lovingly just refer to as 'Bear', in all his glory. First off I'll gush about how I love the colors! They made the great decision to use the Miami Dolphin colors for a lot of the Wrestlemania gear since it was held in Miami, and I couldn't be happier. Doesn't he look at home catching those rays? Well, I guess he's feeling like he did back in Miami! Alright so I'll be totally honest. I actually got this guy at Wrestlemania Axxess when we went so that I wouldn't have to carry everything around at 'Mania. As you can see there is a ton of embroidery on this little bear. His right arm has John Cena's name on it... ...while his left arm has The Rock's name! If somehow you hadn't had to hear about it on nearly every news outlet, yes, The Rock vs. John Cena was the main event of this year's Wrestlemania. Not going to lie, I was happy with the outcome of that match. Moving on down to his little foot you can see some more embroidery there. The WWE logo is proudly displayed, and actually all the embroidered bits look very nice! Especially considering this bear only cost $10. Oh well look at that! Yes, Bear! You were at Wrestlemania XXVIII and so was I! So was this shirt! I mean, that's totally not a shirt. On the topic of shirts, even if Bear doesn't have his name on him, he still happens to be a CM Punk fan! As were the people I went with, including Tomopop's very own Andres Cerrato, and his amazing wife, Candice! We all wore this shirt to 'Mania to celebrate. Look at his cute little face! Of all the merchandise swag the WWE loves to drop at events like that, he was definitely the cutest. His eyes and nose are like hard plastic beads sewn in, while the rest of his actual 'fur' is pretty soft. Of course the embroidery is a bit rough, but well.. it's embroidery. If you couldn't tell from the shot of the shirt earlier, Wrestlemania took place on April 1st, 2012 in Miami, Florida. How about that! If you hadn't guessed from the shots earlier, the rest of the Wrestlemania XXVIII logo continues on his back side. We'll take a quick peek at the tags on this little guy since we're here. Obviously you see the same information on the front of the tag that we've see on the bear itself. Now the more interesting part is that while it is called a 'Collectible Bear' it is actually a limited edition item as well. It doesn't just have that word 'Collectible' thrown on it for no reason! My bear happens to be #582 out of 3,500, and I'm assuming they must have sold out because I didn't see any online at WWE Shop like some of the other items. Ok, so the fact that the company is named Forever Collectibles makes me really happy for some reason. Maybe that's a weird, sappy, girl thing. You know, I really like it when they tell me what my stuff is made out of. I think this is one of the first plush-type things I've come across personally that actually had it all flat out written for you. Pretty cool, WWE! As you can tell, this was the perfect souvenir for me to bring home from my trip, along with all the photos, and memories, of hanging out with some awesome friends. Even though they didn't get to come to Wrestlemania with us, I did get to hang out with Pedro and Kristina as well, so it was a big ol' happy Tomo-party! This was a trip I won't soon forget. See you again soon, friends!

What's an amazing way to spend a week and a half? Go to Miami, hit up Wrestlemania, and hang out with some amazing Tomo-friends! That's what I did for the end of March/beginning of April and I had an incredible time. One of t...


BANG! Mattel's Diamond Dallas Page figure on sale Monday

Mar 30
// Brian Szabelski
I haven't bought anything from MattyCollector to date ... but that changes next week. Why? Because next week, the newest WWE Legends figure goes up for sale, and it's the master of the Diamond Cutter, one of my favorite wrest...

Toy Fair 2012: Mattel - WWE

Feb 21 // Brian Szabelski
Best of PPV Triple H (King of Kings attire from Wrestlemania)Daniel BryanJohn CenaMichael ColeBret Hart Best of PPV Elite Collection (Toys 'R' Us exclusive) Mark Henry (blue attire)ChristianJohn Cena (Over the Limit)Rey Mysterio (black attire) Includes pieces for Build-An-Interview-Set WWE Superstars #25-30 Rey Mysterio (grey attire)Alex RileyThe MizMark Henry (black attire)Zack RyderDolph Ziggler (black attire) WWE Two-Packs Daniel Bryan/Sin Cara (with chair)John Cena/The Rock (with 2 microphones)Bella Twins (with Divas title) WWE Elite Series 13 Big Show (with CM Punk's mask)"Undashing" Cody Rhodes (with paper bag)Sheamus (King of the Ring winner ver.)Dolph Ziggler (grey attire with World Heavyweight Championship)EdgeRey Mysterio (black and white attire with hood) WWE Elite Collection Series 15 Evan Bourne (with WWE Tag Team Championship)Mark Henry (with World Heavyweight Championship)Rey Mysterio (yellow and purple attire with hood)YokozunaSin Cara (with overcoat)R-Truth WWE Legends Andre the Giant (with original WWE Championship)Diamond Dallas PageArn Anderson (with old WWE Tag Team Championship)King Kong Bundy

It wouldn't be a Mattel booth at a toy event without a whole ring, err, booth full of WWE figures, would it? Of course, they had just that at Toy Fair. The one that was the most front and center (no surprise) was Triple ...


Andre the Giant headlines MattyCollector's Jan. 30 sale

Jan 28
// Brian Szabelski
MattyCollector will be having a WWE Legends sale on Tuesday, Jan. 30, and for their 2012 WWE Legends line, they're debuting with one of the biggest legends of all time ... literally. Andre the Giant will be available when the...

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