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HG Vegeta photo

Fall into overwhelming despair with this new Vegeta figure

Say what you will about Krillin, nobody in Dragon Ball Z is better at being frozen with fear and becoming completely useless than Vegeta. Sure, there's nobody cockier than him either when he thinks a win is certain, but when overwhelmingly ...

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka photo

Here's a Hunter x Hunter Hisoka figure anyone can turn on

No, that's not clever lighting used to censor Hisoka's nether regions. That is, in fact, a red LED embedded in his crotch. When Hisoka is aroused everyone knows it thanks to the bright light that emanates from his loins so what better featu...

Top sales 8/17 to 8/23 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 8/17 to 8/23

The universe is clearly broken. An adult figure has ranked as one of the top toys in Japan. And when I say adult I don't mean cast off bikini tops and whatnot, I'm talking a figure doing things that we can't post here (but can link to) in g...

Giant Isopod plush photo

Leave it to Japan to make me want a Giant Isopod plush

All cards on the table, my taste in plushes at times borders on the bizarre but this time, I must not be alone in thinking these Giant Isopod plush toys are absolutely adorable. Why else would Strap-ya be sold out of most of their stock, le...

character earplugs photo

Kitan club makes amusing earplug capsule toys

Have you ever wanted to wear an anime character in your ear? Well, if you are like me then the thought would never cross your mind, at least until you saw these capsule toys made by Kitan. Kitan made sets of ear plugs that feature a pair of...

One Piece crystal glasses photo

One Piece crystal glasses are a very valuable treasure

The fine crystal masters at Baccarat are getting set to let loose official One Piece crystal drinking glasses onto the Japanese public. These glasses feature all nine crew members and Ace with a unique coat-of-arms for each character. ...

Alpaca Man photo

Beware the power of Steins;Gate's Alpaca Man

In today's installment of "Wait, they actually made this into a resin kit?", we have a re-release from resin kit maker World Scope, featuring Alpaca Man and his boss, Alpaca Commander. The duo hail from Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phen...


Japanese restaurant offers chance to win life-size Rei

It's easy to make fun of American's for being food gluttons, but Japan sure does love to do some crazy food promotions! Remember that Windows 7 burger that was offered at Japanese Burger Kings a few years ago? Well say hello to Lotteria's "...


New movie Megatron statue is here to break the bank

New company Prime 1 Studio is working under approval of Takara Tomy to produce a massive new cold-cast statue of Megatron for their new Museum Master Line series based on his appearance in the second live action Transformers&...


King Robo Mickey & Friends are ready for your pre-order

I don't think I need to introduce this figure anymore. Bandai and Disney collaboration project of taking famous Disney characters and giving them their own mecha versions to pilot is really one of those amazing WTF Japan moments? And this W...


More info on Bandai's Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends

After a few days of sleep, I assumed it was all a dream but nope! Bandai's Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends is officially real. Bandai has opened a special page for the upcoming combiner of Disney characters turned robots just ahead ...


Mickey and Friends combine with the power of Chogokin

...what? I swear I'm looking at some kind of unlicensed product but it's legit. Bandai has lost their marbles and has transformed popular characters from Disney into robots that can combine into a giant robot. There are days when you just c...


These Kinnikuman straps are begging to be pre-ordered

If you've seen any part of Kinnikuman, any at all, then you already know it's a pretty strange franchise full of wrestling oddities and explosive matches. So for the very well initiated seeing these new phone straps might seem pretty much p...


Prepare yourself: Japan has a 60-foot tall Rei Ayanami

It's honestly scary to me how much Japan loves Evangelion. It honestly baffles me, but hey, there's weirder things to obsess over. Japan is taking its school boy mecha mother drama series obsession to new heights with their latest, a 60-foo...


It exists: An Evangelion inflatable horse for toddlers

You come across a lot of weird things on the internet. There are just some things that leave you scratching your head and wondering who the hell approved these ideas. For me, most of these things involve Evangelion, so some things shouldn't...


Treasure Festa in Ariake 7: Itacars, idols and live event

And now for something completely different. It may come as a bit of a surprise but Treasure Festa wasn't all just about garage kits and Griffon stuff. There was actually a section dedicated to Ita-cars and there were some bona-fide idols th...


Schick's crazy Evangelion promotion includes ... figures?

Evangelion 3.0 is a few months out still, but the tie-ins to the film are already popping up. Taking the weirdest tie-in so far, though, has to be Schick's Evangelion promotion. Already the top-selling brand of razors in Japan, Schick ...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Azone's ... panty machine?!

Right now at Wonder Festival Winter 2012, companies are busy hawking their wares and bringing people into their booths through many means. Some have cosplayers to attract folks. Azone has a capsule machine that's giving out underwear. ...


This Virtual On X Hatsune miku Fei Yen is a real thing!!

When we first covered the Fei Yen Miku ver a while back, a part of me really did hope that it was just simply a very bad practical joke. Well, it looks like I was wrong as the fully completed Composite Ver Ka Fei Yen HD (tentative name) was...


Welcome your new Idol leader, Retia! Courtesy of Kotobukiya

If you needed any more proof that Japan with Moefy pretty much anything, you need only read a little of the bio for this new figure from Kotobukiya! First, a little on the background. Retia is from the game Daiteikoku (lit: great empire), t...


NSFW: I appreciate a nice butt as much as the next girl...

And what glorious butts in small sizes! Check out some great butts in thongs that are made into key chains for your any-time pleasure. Actually, it looks like you can stick your key in there, too, so it may be a mildly disturbing commodity ...


Custom Delights: A crime in Japan?

It really saddens me to share the news that two superbly talented custom figure artists from Kenosyokutaku Models in Niigata prefecture were arrested for copyright infringement! Apparently, the duo sold this delicio...


Tamashii Nation Fall 2010: What the #&%@, Katoki edition

We've all seen the Fonz jump the shark. I know fans may point to Endless Eight as the shark moment, but I think we can all agree this is the end. We've had our fill of Figmas, Nendoroids, gashapon, GKs and prize figures from Haruhi, but doe...


Nendoroid Cattleya makes me weep for humanity

Sometimes WTF is the only phrase that can accurately describe a figure. Well, I never thought I'd have to apply it to a Nendoroid, but it's really all I can think when looking at this oddity. The Reina and Tomoe Queen's Blade Nendoroids wer...


Michiko to Hatchin finally in figure form

A few seasons ago, you may have watched the crazy adventures of Michiko and her daughter Hatchin in Brazil that was produced by studio Manglobe. Shinichiro Watanabe's musical adventure with unique flair was perfect to be transferred to figu...


NERV to help you save the planet, one bucket at a time

I've seen quite a few tie-ins with anime, movies, and TV shows in the past, but this one takes the cake: NERV buckets. I personally don't even remember a single bucket in any of Evangelion (the TV series or any of the movies for that matter...


Remember an old Meme with these custom Nendoroid faces

If you were watching anime back when the show Eureka Seven was being broadcast on Japanese TV, then this face may seem familiar. When the show was in its middle stretch, the drawing quality on the show dropped dramatically which lead to a p...


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