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7:00 AM on 03.18.2015

Two original TFs get WTF repaints from Hasbro

Some things are beyond explanation. Fans of the clunky original Transformers Generation 1 figures have been wanting to see Hasbro give Blitzwing and Astrotrain a proper reissue for years now. We knew the molds were still...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hunter x Hunter fans get one big Bisky figure photo
Hunter x Hunter fans get one big Bisky figure
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

So you say you want a figure of Gon and Killua's teacher Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter. Well, you've got two options: you can either track down Banpresto's cute prize figure from 2013 or you can get Premium Bandai's muscular Bisky coming out next May. 

Yeah, that's right, the same people who brought us that unlikely gravity-defying Gon figure is now set to produce an almost equally unlikely figure of Bisky in full form. Sporting the physique of a male body builder this isn't the type of thing you usually see figures of and that's why Premium Bandai is so awesome. She's standing 135 mm (about 5.3 inches) tall and, gasp, she's also in scale with that Gon figure. Orders are now open until February 14, 2015 with the figure coming out sometime in May. Unfortunately if you want this buff Bisky you'll have to go through a proxy as PB won't ship outside of Japan.

Now let's see them do a figure of rapidly aged Welfin. 

[via Crunchyroll]

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4:00 PM on 11.17.2014

GoodSmile Company gives us a Racing Miku... Transformer?

Unveiled over the weekend, GoodSmile Company showed off the next item in their Wonderful Hobby Selection in the shape of a collaboration with Shouji Kawamori to give us a racing Miku "Transformer" (and I use the term lightly ...

Chris Seto

2:00 AM on 09.21.2014

Japanese KFC celebrates Colonel Day with fried chicken prizes

Japanese fast food is better than ours. I don't know if that's true of the food (some sure think so), but it's definitely better when it comes to unique and unusual promotions. This seems to be especially true for franchises ...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello Kitty hits controversy over not actually being a cat photo
Hello Kitty hits controversy over not actually being a cat
by Scarecroodle

Hello Kitty and Sanrio recently made headlines with the "revelation" that Kitty White (the eponymous Hello Kitty) was not, in fact, a cat. The news predictably evoked some pretty extreme reactions ("Hello Kitty is not a cat, Everything is a lie.") as well as a few mocking responses.

The LA Times reports that Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii, was preparing her written texts for the exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum when she was corrected after referring to Kitty as a cat

"I was corrected — very firmly," Yano says. "That's one correction Sanrio made for my script for the show. Hello Kitty is not a cat. She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She's never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it's called Charmmy Kitty."

This bizarre distinction was widely taken to mean that Kitty White was a human, something that was allegedly disputed by a Sanrio PR rep who clarified: “We never said she was a human.” The rep is described as going on to explain that 'Hello Kitty is a personification or anthropomorphization, basically just like Micky Mouse. No one would mistake the Disney character for a human–but at the same time he’s not quite a mouse. Just like Hello Kitty isn’t a human, she’s not quite a cat either.'

The whole bizarre affair might be chalked up to something lost in translation. The Sanrio reps who spoke with Yano might have felt that the word "cat" was too literal or there may have been some other aspect that was misunderstood. The one thing that should be understood, however, is that all the "Hello Human" jokes fall flat because the "Kitty" in "Hello Kitty" refers to the character's name rather than her species.

For my own part, I'm still going to refer to her as a cat. I'd also like to point out that Disney never tries to claim that Mickey Mouse isn't a mouse.

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1:00 PM on 06.09.2014

These are the weirdest cat gashapon yet

And now for something completely bizarre. Have you ever seen a cat walk on its two back feet? If you have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, give this youtube video a look. Freaky, right? They look like furry Hunchba...

Natalie Kipper

Things get hairy with Bandai's new Gon figure photo
Things get hairy with Bandai's new Gon figure
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

If you're up to date with the Hunter X Hunter manga or have watched this week's episode of the anime then you know what you're looking at. If not then I apologize for being the one that spoils this for you. This is Gon Freecs as you've likely never seen him before. This form is the results of all his rage over Kite's death finally boiling over and transforming him into a body well beyond his years. What he does next is a pretty one-sided splaterfest. Clearly Bandai has been holding onto this figure in secret for a while, waiting for this metamorphosis to take place in the anime before posting it to Premium Bandai as an exclusive only a few hours after the episode aired. 

The wait resulted in a figure that will certainly draw a lot of attention on your shelf, if you have the space for it. Gon here towers in at 430 mm or nearly 17 inches tall to the very tip of his impressive hair. But unlike most fiugres of that magnitude he only comes in at ¥3,178 or around US$31 which is pretty reasonable. He's up for order from now to July 31 which gives you plenty of time to find a proxy seller since Premium Bandai only ships within Japan.

The moment I saw this in the anime I wondered how long it would take for someone to make a figure. Looks like I didn't have to wait long at all. 

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12:00 AM on 05.23.2014

McDonald's gets a creepy-looking new mascot for the Happy Meal

[UPDATE: Happy is now featured on the U.S.A.'s HappyMeal site] Abandon all hope ye who eat here. McDonald's has decided to give the Happy Meal a new mascot, a creepy box with teeth ironically named "Happy" (rather than "Freak...


12:00 PM on 10.22.2013

Super Duck turns fast food mascots into action figures

I come across a lot of figures, and every once in a while there will be a figure that confuses me. They confuse me because I'm not sure why it exists, and really, aren't those the best kind of figures? That brings us to the ...

Vanessa Cubillo

11:00 PM on 12.26.2012

[NSFW] Want a girl on a tricycle? Lechery has you covered

Oh, Lechery: the crazy little pieces you sculpt always make me wonder what you have planned next, and as posted on their blog ... it's a tricycle racer. Yes, this little lady is Trike Racer, and she's not wearing a helmet. Ho...

Brian Szabelski

1:00 AM on 12.05.2012

Lechery's latest abomination is called College Girl

I have very little words to describe what's going on with these pictures, but hey. Way to go, Lechery! Images in the gallery. Feel free to weigh in! I personally think this is terribad. I mean, when I was on college I didn't hang out at bars with my homework, no pants and a pair of slippers. Geeze. Click through to see the gallery. If you dare.

Kristina Pino

9:00 PM on 08.30.2012

The Obama family appears in Matryoshka form

Rocket News 24 posted about this set of Matryoshka dolls, presumably made to honor President Obama. The end result is.... oh let's just say "not magnificent." I'm generally not in favor of poo-pooing other people's hard work ...

Tianxiao Ma