Hobby Round rises and throws in a few surprises!

My poor wallet...
May 25
Hobby Round has grown considerably since it started up six years ago but even with the increased showing from the garage kit makers and other companies, it is still very much the Volks show so it makes sense that Volks use it... read

Sword Art Online gets another addition to its dollfie dream family

Volks on Overdrive!
Apr 06
Ever wonder if Volks are overdoing things a little with their Dollfie Dream Releases? Not only are they prepping for a Snow Miku release as well as the two Macross F ladies, hot on the heels of the Dolls Party event in Kyoto,... read

Volks add a few new extras to their upcoming Macross F Dollfie Dreams

Going to need a new wardrobe...
Apr 04
The pre-order window may be closed and the actual items aren't expected until the end of the year but that hasn't stopped Volks from adding a little something to their new Dollfie Dream releases (to be)! Back at the end of la... read

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Volks

Soon, my precious...
Feb 10
They came, they saw, they left us (well, me) impressed.  For the most part, Volks were content with showing off their older works with only a few glimpses of what they have in store for the future. In terms of completely... read
Dollfie Miku photo
Dollfie Miku

Volks milks the Hatsune Miku License for yet another Dollfie Dream

what, already?
Jan 21
It has only been a few months since Volks have completed shipping their Hatsune Miku dollfie dreams to buyers, and now they are already planning the next one! We've had a couple of additional costumes already, but in a rather... read

Volks release promo Video for their Dollfie Dream X Macross F Collaboration!

They want your Christmas money!!
Dec 24
Just in time for the holidays!! Volks has just released a promo video for those of us on the fence about buying one of their Sheryl Nome or Ranka Lee Dollfie dreams! In a rather insidious move, they have released the video j... read

The Dollfie Dream Macross F Collaboration items have been priced!

Not long to go now!
Nov 16
If you've been following the Dollfie Dream twitter feed, you will have noticed that several additional costumes have been announced for the Macross F x Dollfie Dream collaboration but rather than bore you with multiple posts ... read

Hobby Round 12: Volks shows off their next 1/4 scale kit... finally!

Been a long time coming!
Oct 19
Looks like Volks was a busy bunny this weekend. As well as showing off their new Macross F dollfie dreams, they were also holding their usual biannual Hobby Round event and used the event to finally show off their new 1/4 sca... read

Get a first glimpse of the Macross F Dollfie Dream Collaboration!

Sheryl! Sheryl!! Sheryl!!!
Oct 19
Well, that didn't take long! It was only a week ago when the Macross F X Dollfie Dream collaboration was announced (with a basic website with no info made live a few days later) but we've already got a first glimpse of the tw... read

The next Dollfie Dreams ask you to listen to their songs!

One hell of a sucker punch!
Oct 11
Oh boy... There are sucker punches, ones which really take you down for the count in one blow, and then there are things like these which knock you out before you know what happened! Volks are currently wrapping up their Doll... read

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Volks

The Train keeps a-rolling
Aug 03
If there was any doubt about what Volks will be focusing for their future revenue streams before, this Wonder festival pretty much snuffed it out. after shuttering down the resin kit lines and slowing down news in general, it... read

This Months Volks news shows us how to eat deities!

and room for a boyish girl who wants to be more lady like
Jul 06
The latest issue of Volks News has started to appear online in scans which gives us a good chance to look at the latest offerings from Volks ahead of big events like Wonder Festival and their own Dollfie Dream Fest at the end... read

Volks Hobby Round 11: The non-Volks stuff!

Time for a "me too!" moment!
Apr 20
Volks weren't the only ones showing off their wares. Some of the smaller figure companies used the event to show off their future (and current) releases! Aquamarine are first off the block with a display of their Chaika from ... read

Volks Hobby Round 11: Mecha get some loving too!

Obligatory Megas XLR theme tune playing
Apr 20
Ah Volks, whatever you do, please don't stop making drop dead gorgeous Five Star Stories mecha kits!! A large display was put up at Hobby Round 11 to showcase the new plastic kit of the LED Mirage, one of the most iconic desi... read

Volks Hobby Round 11: Even More Charagumin!!

At least Volks give Valkyria Chronicles more love than Sega!
Apr 20
If you thought that was it for the Charagumin line at Hobby Round 11, then think again! There were still several new announcements, although most were only on display as placeholders and there were quite a few re-releases. In... read

Volks Hobby Round 11: All eggs in the Charagumin basket!

Farewell, Turn-A brand.
Apr 20
This Saturday saw Volks hold their biannual figure event, Hobby Round! Now in its eleventh incarnation, it certainly has grown compared to its humble beginnings. From what was a small event used to showcase the newest figu... read

Volks sneaks in one more Idolm@ster announcement

One more time...
Apr 08
Volks just can't keep away from the Idolm@ster right now. Along with the news and first showings of Rin and Ranko, the Volks Dollfie Dream Twitter page has also posted up a teaser for their next release and they're going back... read

Volks Revisits the Idolm@ster for their next Dollfie Dream Releases

Are you ready? I'm Lady!!
Apr 06
[EDIT - Dollfie world was kind enough to post up some scans of Volks News and they do indeed have prices for the ladies. Shibuya Rin can be yours for ¥58,000 while Kanzaki Ranko will set you back an eye watering ¥62,0... read
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Bandai's Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon is ready for pre-order

Look at her, she means business
Nov 20
After seeing her debut at Wonder Festival 2013 and seeing a full preview in October, Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon is ready for pre-order. If you’ve been on a big Sailor Moon buying binge, then this figure wouldn’t b... read
Yaya yaya daze! photo
Yaya yaya daze!

Volks teases 3 new Character Dollfie to their collection

Something old, something new, something older... and really damn expensive!
Nov 15
[UPDATE: Twitter user @TonyBSD added prices on his tweets for the three ladies from his copy of the magazine! Belldandy comes in at ¥120,750 (told you she would break ¥100k!) while Yaya will be ¥59,850 and Erica c... read
Chara Hobby: Volks photo
Chara Hobby: Volks

Chara Hobby 2013: Volks

Lots of girls with a little bit of Panzer
Sep 03
At Chara Hobby 2013, Volks brought plenty of new kits and figures to look at. And plenty of Girls und Panzer. More specifically: There was a ton of Girls und Panzer merchandise at the booth, most notably the unpainted v... read

Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku is incoming!

Hold onto your wallets!
Aug 30
[UPDATE 2: Hobbylog have a few more images, including one which says that the DD Miku will be priced at ¥65,100. Better start saving!] [UPDATE: The official Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku page is now up in english! Pre-orders... read

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Volks

Gotta take the rough with the smooth
Jul 29
There were very few surprises at the Volks booth this time around at Wonder Festival. They showed off their entire catalogue on their website weeks before the event and there were no surprises in terms of what was on show. Wh... read
Tomopop About Town photo
Every city has its secrets
If you consider yourself a bit of a doll fan or even if you're just a little curious, there's a place in Hong Kong which you should check out. Hidden (and I mean REALLY hidden) in the 18th floor of a very nondescript building... read feature


Hobby Round 9: More Mecha Challengers

Select your Virtuaroid (or scopedog, or Mortar Head)
Apr 15
They may have teased fans for some time now with various parts on display but at hobby round 9, Volks finally showed off their completed (albeit unpainted) Temjin kit from Virtual On! It's the 707-G variant which was first se... read

Hobby Round 9: Disgaea CharaGumin

Etna and lots of Prinnies
Apr 15
Volks's Hobby Round 9 featured the return of a trio of CharaGumin kits featuring Disgaea characters. You can see Etna sitting atop a Prinny, a pose which was taken from artwork for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. There's also... read

Hobby Round 9: Valkyria Chronicles

Tank! Tank! Tank!
Apr 14
For gamers and kit lovers everywhere, Volks revealed a major release over at Hobby Round 9. Edelweiss, the main tank of Valkyria Chronicles' Squad 7, is to be a new 1/35 scale kit! This fine piece of machinery will be availab... read

Hobby Round 9: Sakura Wars CharaGumin

Coming to you from Volks
Apr 14
Over at Japan's Hobby Round 9, a simply stunning CharaGumin piece from Sakura Wars (or Sakura Taisen, if you prefer) was revealed. The figure shows perhaps the title's most recognizable character, Sakura Shinguji, posed atop ... read

Hobby Round 9: Slayers CharaGumin

My favorite mysterious priest live and in color!
Apr 14
It's no secret how much I love Slayers. It has been my favorite anime since back in the 90s when it came out. Now, what some people may not know is that Xellos happens to be my favorite character in the entire series, so it's... read
Asuna DD photo
Sword Art Online heroine available at the end of the month
We saw her fully unveiled just recently, but now Volks have updated their website with a dedicated page for Dollfie Dream Asuna, revealing some new shots and some finer details on what's sure to be a hugely popular ... read feature


Volks Charagumin line churns out a couple of new Kits

Predictability. It's so... Predictable!
Mar 22
This months magazine scans give us a little look into what Volks have in store for their events in the near future but for those who have been keeping up with their releases, they come as little surprise. Both kits are new en... read

Volks' Dollfie Dreams sister Nanami can't be this cute

Tomopop editor not afraid of curses... or ghosts.
Feb 16
Some on the site have occasionally asked why we don't have more doll coverage, but there's actually a relatively simple explanation for that: Tomopop is cursed. Or, more specifically, the doll segment of Tomopop is cursed. Al... read

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Volks

Oh Volks, you're such a tease. And not the good kind!!
Feb 14
Well, this is a little awkward! As usual Volks were at Wonder Festival but were surprisingly tight lipped about what was at their booths. Many of the usual sites simply reported on the new Charagumin Aliasse from Valkyria Chr... read

Volks are going full force with GK for Wonder Festival

Take no Quarter!
Jan 28
The monthly magazine scans may have given away much of the surprise but it seems that Volks still had a few tricks up their sleeves as they have just opened up their Wonder Festival page on their main site to show what they w... read

Volks give their own version of a taste of heaven

Stairway to Heaven!
Dec 29
While many eyes are on Comiket, which happened over this weekend, Volks decided to hold their own event called Hobby Tengoku and showed off some of their products, old and new to visitors. At the top of the list is the debut ... read

Volks' Sorbet from Shining Hearts makes a cool accessory

Dollfie Dream Melty's pet accessory is a delicious highlight of this upcoming doll.
Nov 12
It's Monday. I don't want to work and I'm sure you don't either. Heck, you're probably sneaking in some internet at your job right now. So if we're wasting time, let's all go out for some ice cream with Sorbet from Shining He... read

Dollfie Dream Aoko and Melty fully previewed by Volks

A complete look at the dolls of Aoko from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Aoko and Melty from Shining Hearts
Nov 08
Just a few days ago, Volks officially revealed on their Dollfie Dream blog that dolls of Aoko Aozaki from TYPE-MOON's visual novel Mahou Tsuaki no Yoru and Melty from SEGA's role-playing game Shining Hearts would be the next ... read

Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki and Melty revealed by Volks

Dolls from TYPE-MOON's Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and Sega's Shining Hearts coming to the popular line by Volks.
Nov 05
Volks just keeps rolling out the Dollfie Dream news this year. We know that Xenosaga: Episode III will see KOS-MOS and M.O.M.O., Asuna from Sword Art Online will be revealed officially some time, Sakura from Sakura Taisen, an... read

Only Xenosaga Dollfie Dream M.O.M.O. pre-orders for US

Copyright prevents Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS from being pre-ordered in the United States.
Oct 29
With Volks Japan announcing that both KOS-MOS and M.O.M.O. from Xenosaga III would be added to the Dollfie Dream line, it was only a matter of time until Volks USA gave us info on whether or not these new dolls would be avail... read

Hobby Round 8 has announcements from Volks MoeKore+ line

Oct 28
The MoeKore+ line of PVC figures was somewhat quieter than the other showings at Hobby ROund 8. Much of what was on display were older figures such as the Strike Witches line of figures and Imka and Riela from Valkyria Chroni... read

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