Previews, release dates, and pricing
The addition of Park Starz to Disney's world of Vinylmation grabbed collectors' attention in a big way. Unlike traditional Vinylmation, each figure in this line has its own unique mold rather than a standard Mickey Mouse form... read feature


Latest custom by Stephanie Cassata is simply DiVine

I had to do it
Apr 25
Stephanie Cassata customized  a 3-inch Vinylmation figure for Earth Day in the image of DiVine, the enchanting lady (on stilts and covered in leaves) who roams the area in the Animal Kingdom between Asia and Africa with ... read
Disney Parks Events

Look out for toys at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

The Vinylmation are in bloom
Feb 05
I realize that most of the United States is still covered in frost but over in Disney World, the weather is gearing up for spring. So now seems like an excellent time to start discussing EPCOT's International Flower and Garde... read
Rocket Raccoon custom

Custom Delights: Brian Shapiro's Rocket Raccoon

Custom Vinylmation hits the mark like one of Rocket's pistol blasts
Feb 03
Brian Shapiro has sent along his latest work, a one-off custom of the littlest Guardian of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon. The custom Vinylmation figure comes packing a pistol and Rocket's heightened senses and master tactician s... read
Welcome to the start of winter convention season
Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fai... read feature

Now is the time to think summer after all
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! I know I've complained at least once already about the winter, but when dealing with subzero temps as often as we have this year I think it warrants some additional complaining. They ... read feature

Highlighted by a new wave of Park Starz, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Duffy Bear, and Indy
2014 marks the fifth anniversary of Vinylmation and Disney is celebrating the occasion with quite a few announcements. Earlier this week, the Disney Parks Blog posted a preview of several new Vinylmation series coming to... read feature

Cheshire Cat custom

Brian Shapiro's Cheshire Cat custom has a little trick

First in his Invertimation custom Vinylmation series
Dec 16
Brian Shapiro has a new series of custom Vinylmation figures he's created, calling them Invertimation. A name like that might hint at what he's up to, but his first Invertimation figure — the Cheshire Cat — shows ... read
Vinylmation signing

Vinylmation Cutesters Series 6 signing on January 17

Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks will be at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World
Dec 08
The latest Vinylmation release takes a cue from the season and adds a dollop of sugary cuteness to the mix in Cutesters Series 6: Snow Day. The new set, designed by Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks, features fuzzy animals like a... read
Maybe not 'rage', but wow, there's a lot of Nendoroid stuff this week
Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! It's been pretty crazy this past week, what with everyone trying to extend Black Friday and Cyber Monday into more than just a single day. If you looked around there w... read feature

Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: Plushie fun for everyone

Sailor Moon, Hey Arnold, Pokemon, and more
Nov 25
It's the Monday before Thanksgiving, can you feel the craziness? It's freezing cold, food needs to be bought and prepared, where does the time go? Before you get swept into Thanksgiving madness, relax a bit while looking at t... read
Custom Androids, Vinylmation, and My Little Ponies from some very awesome artists
Evilos shared a booth with NRB Relic during last weekend's DesignerCon. The two custom vinyl artists had quite an impressive showing. Evilos brought with him his new Breaking Bad Androids, some Carbonite Vinylmation (in ... read feature

Disney Vinylmation

Haunted Mansion portraits getting a Vinylmation release

Grim, grinning Vinylmation come out to socialize
Nov 06
Okay, people who know me personally know that I am a big Disneyland fan, like, Premium Annual Passholder, making visits at least once a month, all that jazz. And my all-time favorite attraction is The Haunted Mansion. Who can... read
VM Villains series 4

Vinylmation Villains series 4 is delightfully diabolical

Atrocuoius alliteration not included
Oct 16
Oh My Disney recently revealed the now-released Villains Series 4, which might actually be the best Villains set yet. This series features Oogie Boogie (Nightmare Before Christmas), Dr. Frankenollie (from the short Runaway Br... read

Loving this custom Day of the Dead Vinylmation

Need more calaveras!
Oct 09
As we get closer to the end of October and the beginning of November, I'm seeing an increased amount of Day of the Dead art. This is a good thing, as I adore the style. StephanieImagined combined my love of the Day of the Dea... read
Vinylmation: TNBC

Jack Skellington and vinyl friends come out to play soon

New series slated for release this Halloween
Oct 07
The original Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmation set showcased the movie's main characters, but what about some of the funny townspeople, or even the memorable enchanted toys and human kiddos? This new series sets out to h... read
Vinylmation: Marvel 1

Vinylmation Marvel series 1 and combo topper revealed

Oct 05
Since Rio's "teaser" post of the upcoming Marvel Series 1 Vinylmation figures, Disney has fully revealed the set and, most recently, the amazing Hawkeye combo topper. This entire series was designed by none other than our pal... read
Disney Vinylmation

Disney tease Avengers Vinylmation which is not so secret?

Perhaps you should 'assemble' and make your way to the park for Avengers Vinylmation
Sep 26
Over on the Disney Parks Blog they've teased that there will be a new set of Vinylmation that is totally a secret. I mean, you might have to ASSEMBLE a TEAM of SUPER people to try and figure this HEROic endeavor from Marvel -... read
And yet again, they are cooler than most of the stuff US Parks get
As we edge closer to fall, Halloween merchandise starts to appear on shelves in Disney Parks around the globe. Starting on September 3, Tokyo Disneyland will have two seasonal Vinylmations for sale. The figures of Minnie and ... read feature

What happened to you, Ursula?
Disney's Popcorns series of Vinylmation definitely has its pluses and minuses. The figures are more stylized than traditional Vinylmation figures, with the molds based on a kernel of popcorn (hence the name). However, wi... read feature

Check out what kinds of collectibles can be found!
Disney's D23 Expo starts Friday, August 9, and information regarding exclusive merchandise is beginning to come forward. While there will be things like Dooney & Burke bags and Sephora's Little Mermaid makeup line, let's be honest here: We are in it for the toys. And with that in mind, here is a look at the collectible toy goodness to be found at this year's D23 Expo! read feature

Obscure brings his steampunk show pieces online

From Steampunk LA, Obscure's custom works vary from Hello Kitty to C3PO
Jun 25
On June 21 at the Vex Arts Center was a great steampunk event called Steampunk LA. Over 50 art pieces were shown at this event, and one of those featured artists was Matt Perez, also known as Obscure. Now he has taken pieces... read
Mickey and Minnie celebrate Summer with these new releases
If you happen to be in the Land of the Rising Sun's version of Disneyland this summer, be on the lookout for a new pair of Vinylmation. Entitled "Summer Fun Mickey and Minnie," the figures show the famous couple attempting to... read feature

Vinylmation Cupcakes!

Vinylmation Mystery Bakery cooks up some cuteness

The recipe calls for long-time Disney favorites and a hint of sugar
Jun 06
Disney's Vinylmation steps into the kitchen for their upcoming series, Vinylmation Mystery Bakery. The new release hides beloved Disney characters within the sugary confines of a cupcake, with their identity hidden underneath... read

A special Vinylmation figure sets sail to Alaska

Cute whale? Cute whale
May 21
Maria Clapsis has designed a delightful little whale Vinylmation figure which is to be sold for Disney Cruise Line's Alaska itinerary. You know, in case you need an extra little something to bring home besides the amazing mem... read
No CGI magic here, just talented artists plying their craft
This week on Custom Made Monday, we've gone to the movies for a bit! Or maybe back to the 1920s ... or the pages of your comic book ... or into the sky on a jetpack ... or all of the above. Why? Because they're all among this week's customs, silly. Hit the jump to check it all out! read feature

Fantasia Vinylmation series 4 through 8 by Thomas Scott

Seriously fantastical
May 06
I think we've missed some of these over the course of this year, but I'd like to remind everyone of the lovely Fantasia figure series by Thomas Scott. Most of the links within this post lead to the Disney Store online, where ... read

Custom Vinylmation, more for sale by Stephanie Imagined

10% off this week!
May 06
Check out the Stephanie Imagined Etsy Shop this week for wares including custom Vinylmation, airbrush artwork, and even My Little Pony goodies, all for sale and going for 10% off the regular price if you use the code "SCASSAT... read
New Duffy outfits, Vinylmation, and Star Wars merchandise spotted
Disney Parks Blog revealed a boatload of new merchandise today. The goods, ranging from iPhone cases to shirts to toys, will be released in the Disney Parks over the course of the Summer. Kristina covered the Beauty and ... read feature

Coming in June: Beauty and the Beast Vinylmation series

By the ultra talented duo of Caley Hicks and Maria Clapsis
May 01
A delightful Vinylmation series has been revealed featuring work by Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks, coming together to celebrate the Tale As Old As Time: Beauty and the Beast. For now, this set is slated for release on June 21... read
Timely movie-themed customs pop up in this week's post
Custom Made Monday is back this week after a brief C2E2-related vacation (pre-event preparation, mostly), and it seems in our time, we've missed a few things. Notably, there's some new custom designer toys worth sharing, but ... read feature

Park Starz series 2 Vinylmation artist signing on May 10

Meet Casey Jones at Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney
Apr 26
Last month, we previewed the second series of Disney's Park Starz Vinylmation figures. The set, like its predecessor, uses unique molds for each character rather than the traditional Mickey one. Park Starz Series 2 will be re... read

Disney's Animal Kingdom to sell custom Vinylmations

One of a kind pieces celebrate the park's 15th birthday
Apr 21
April 22 marks the 15th anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom park and, in celebration, new merchandise is being released. Among the bunch, the most interesting for toy collectors will surely be the one of a kind Vinylmation... read

Mickey's Wild West Vinylmation series releases April 22

With a special event today in Costa Mesa to celebrate!
Apr 20
Something to soften those Monday Blues come April 22 is the nation-wide release of Mickey Wild West Vinylmation series at the Disney Store. The set marks the first Vinylmation appearance of Donald Duck's precocious nephews, H... read

Goofy's Candy Co. as bite-sized Vinylmation figures

Junior size, and inedible
Apr 15
The latest release in the line of Vinylmation Jr. figures is based on Goofy's Candy Co., featuring three instances of the Goofman himself, plus a ton of sweet treats. The figures already had an early release on Facebook, but ... read

Custom Delights: Studio Ghibli Vinylmation set

Beautiful custom figures by Annemarie Brown
Apr 12
I've been excited about this post for days, because Mrs Annemarie Brown has been posting these figures one by one over Twitter and such, but I was waiting until the full set was revealed to do one big post about her latest cu... read

Grumpy, Eeyore, Ludwig von Drake, and more in Vinylmation

Animation series 3 is fully revealed!
Apr 07
The latest in Vinylmation is Animation series 3, which has now been revealed to include such characters as Stitch, Mowgli, an Ace (one of the painting cards from Alice in Wonderland), and even Panchito from the Three Caballer... read

My Little Pony Vinylmation custom and plushies!

Why not throw a little cute out this morning?
Apr 05
Though we may have seen some of these plushies in the previous Plushie Compilations that I've posted, I know we have yet to see this Vinylmation custom. Stephanie Cassata has created a 3 inch Vinylmation piece showing the hot... read
Do I spy the Orange Bird in the mix?
The first of Disney's Park Starz Vinylmation series was, far and away, my favorite of the blind-boxed figurines' lines. The second wave, which was revealed a few days ago, continues the trend of paying homage to Dis... read feature

Vinylmation Fantasia series 6 is devilish, coming soon

Limited edition of 1,500 - oh woe!
Mar 08
The latest upcoming Vinylmation figure release is a continuation of the Fantasia series. This time around, we've got a Harpy and a Demon, both designed by Thomas Scott. They are from the Night on Bald Mountain segment in the ... read

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