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2:00 PM on 09.20.2013

Vannen, Kronk collab on the new Rat Basterd watch

Vannen Watches' latest is a new timepiece with art designed by Kronk called Rat Basterd. Using Kronk's style — which is based off tattoos and as I just learned, old-school animation — the watch is his take on a Mi...

Brian Szabelski

2:00 PM on 03.06.2013

Vannen's first Regular Show watch now on sale

Last week, we made mention of a new Regular Show series of watches from Vannen. The first one is up for pre-order, and it's not too bad. The Mordecai and the Rigbys watch is limited to 300 pieces and honors the episode o...

Brian Szabelski

3:00 PM on 02.25.2013

Vannen announces Regular Show watches

A little bit of a surprise here but cool news none the less: Vannen Watches is going to offer up Regular Show watches starting March 6 at 9 a.m. Eastern (6 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. GMT). The first watch will be limited to 30...

Brian Szabelski

4:00 AM on 10.26.2012

Vannen's next CMYK watch goes black

A while back, we brought you news about Vannen Watches' CMYK line kicking off with the Cyan watch, so I thought it'd be appropriate to let you know the next entry, Black (a.k.a. Key), is available. It is, not surprising, the ...

Brian Szabelski

1:00 AM on 05.01.2012

Vannen Watches kicks off its CMYK watch series

Vannen Watches are launching a new series of watches that appeals to the newshound in me, the CMYK series. With a different watch based on the four primary colors used in printing — cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black)...

Brian Szabelski

Vannen Watches, Nathan Jurevicius bring us Haven photo
Vannen Watches, Nathan Jurevicius bring us Haven
by Brian Szabelski

Vannen Watches have announced the release of their newest timepiece, Nathan Jurevicius' Haven. Textured to look like a giant treehouse, the watch's strap features a ton of birds on it, with a big owl gazing out from the back of the watch's face. The back features two birds tweeting at each other in an engraving. It looks pretty cool!

Haven is out now, limited to 150 pieces and retailing at US$85. You can pick one up at Vannen Watches, and one lucky buyer will win both a Nathan Jurevicius owl print and a custom Akis resin piece from Cherry Vinyl, as well!  

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3:00 PM on 11.11.2011

Vannen Watches, TADO's "Daydream" watch now available

As mentioned recently, Vannen Watches and TADO's "Daydream" watch is officially available for purchase today. We're also getting a look that the colorful watch itself, and while the watch face might be a rainbow with some clo...

Brian Szabelski

Vannen Watches, TADO's
Vannen Watches, TADO's "Daydream" watch arrives Friday
by Brian Szabelski

Vannen Watches' newest release is coming this week, and it's a collaboration with one of my favorite artist teams, TADO. On Friday, their "Daydream" watch will be on sale in the store, and Vannen's been posting some teasers of the box so far. Pics of the watch itself will be teased soon, hopefully, but just seeing that box makes me smile.

The watch is limited to just 150 pieces at US$85 each. All the watches will be signed and numbered, plus there's a surprise in store for buyers. We'll find out more about that later this week, it seems, but I'm excited! How about you?

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9:00 PM on 03.22.2011

Vannen teases the next watch in the XL line, Time Machine

Vannen likes to reveal the watches in their XL line very slowly, as evidenced by our coverage of the Luke Chueh watch Killing Time. The third in the line from London based artist McBess, Time Machine, is limited to 150 pieces...

Colette Bennett

6:00 PM on 02.11.2011

Tomopop Unboxes: Luke Chueh's Bloody Valentine

Vannen Watches has been teasing us about the Luke Chueh watch coming in their XL line like crazy, and we've been patiently waiting for the reveal. Okay, maybe I got mine a few weeks early, but how to keep my mouth shut until ...

Colette Bennett

6:00 PM on 02.03.2011

The new Vannen Huck Gee watch is called 'Lifetime'!

Well, will you look at that ... that sure does look familiar. In fact, it looks like the Vannen Xl "Killing Time" watch from artist Huck Gee (Unboxing here), but that watch is black. Are you saying there will s...

Colette Bennett

Tomopop Interview: David Stowe of Vannen Watches photo
Tomopop Interview: David Stowe of Vannen Watches
by Colette Bennett

We've kept tabs on the Vannen Designer Watch series since it launched, reviewed models such as Buff MonsterHalloween Exclusive and Huck Gee "Killing Time" from the XL Series, and basically frothed at the mouth when new watches were announced. I love the idea of wearing art on my wrist, and Vannen founder David Stowe has done exactly that with his innovative accessory line. 

Any business has a story behind it, and we've been curious about Vannen's for a while. Luckily, David was kind enough to spare us some time to answer a few questions. Hit the jump to find out how and why Vannen launched, what artists we will see in the series next, and what special surprises we can expect later this year. Can you say Comic-Con exclusives? Yes, you can!

Oh, and did we mention we have the exclusive reveal of the price of the Luke Chueh watch? Yep ... we got that!

Hit the jump for more. 

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