Vamplets photo

Vamplets release 4 new terrifying plush and cell phone covers

It's time to get spooky
Dec 10
The Vamplets Nightmare Nursery is ready to welcome four new babies, and six new cell phone covers into the mix. Feraline, the werewolf baby, Vamzomkey, the vampyre monkey (who was bitten by a zombie), Mourning Gloom, the bad ... read
SDCC 2014: Vamplets photo
SDCC 2014: Vamplets

SDCC 2014: Vamplets

Undead Baby Dragon's day out
Aug 17
Vamplets was celebrating a recent Kickstarter success at San Diego Comic-Con and their booth was fittingly decked out with gothic theming. The success in question was, of course, their campaign for the production of the ... read
Vamplets Kickstarter photo
Vamplets Kickstarter

Vamplets' Undead Baby Dragon and Bitemares materialize on Kickstarter

And another chance to snag a Ghost Pony!
Apr 23
Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Gayle Middleton and her Vamplets, a menagerie of creepy-cuties ranging from werewolf babies to vampiric kitties and even a giant cockroach monster-thing (complete with a... read
SDCC 2013: Vamplets photo
SDCC 2013: Vamplets

SDCC 2013: Vamplets

Adorable baby monsters in a lovely gothic setting
Jul 25
Stepping up to Vamplets' booth at San Diego Comic Con was like entering a secret world of dark-yet-delightful cuteness. The friendly people who ran the booth were clothed from head to toe in Victorian apparel. The space was d... read

Vamplets Kickstarter ends this Thursday

Help bring the plush series back from the dead
Apr 09
Vamplets, those spooky-cute designer plushes, have been holding a kickstarter campaign for a while now. In fact, it has just two days left (ending on Thursday, April 11 at 4:03 Pacific). The series has been so popular th... read

Vamplets kickstarts their next pair of plushes

It seems Vampyre Kittens and Ghost Ponies are in the works
Mar 16
Vamplets specialize in monstrous plush infants, ranging from the headliner vampire babies to werewolf babies, zombie babies, and just about every adorable demon-spawn in-between. Gayle Middleton, the not-so diabolical masterm... read

SDCC 2012: Vamplets

Jul 19
Vamplets brought a little bit of their delightfully gloomy home of Gloomvania to SDCC, with their booth all decked out in black, pink, and purple. Even the owners were dressed in their gothic best. This was a really fun booth... read

New Vamplets and VamPETS plushes are up for pre-order

Apr 28
I hope you have a nursery prepared because Vamplets has finally put all those delightfully spooky darlings they have been teasing up for pre-order. The announcement was made last night on their Facebook page th... read

Cyclops baby joins its Vamplets siblings

Apr 02
Hot on the heels of the recently announced Howliss and Mortis Van Kilt III comes baby Octavia, the cutest little Cyclops you've laid your eye on. This new addition to Vamplets' latest non-Vampire line-up has adorabl... read

[UPDATED] Zombie baby added to Vamplets' adoption lineup

Mar 24
Vamplets seems determined to take my money. They recently teased little baby Howliss the werewolf and now their FaceBook page has revealed the zombie baby, Mortis Van Kilt III. He may be the most harmless/adorable zombie that... read

Vamplets are adding a werewolf to the family

Mar 15
It appears that a werewolf baby is running loose in the Vamplets' town of Gloomvania, or so it was announced last night on the Vamplets' Facebook page. However, it seems more likely to me that someone saw this bundle of gothi... read

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