Beezleboss brings you a more accurate Classics Sideswipe and Generations Red Alert.
When it comes to Transformers, there are times when fans want the figure released to be as accurate as possible to how they either appeared from Generation 1, the cartoon, or comics. Unfortunately, they don’t get what t... read feature

iGear gears up to release their version of Gears

Apr 12
And the unlicensed Mini Warriors keep rolling in. This week, iGear revealed over on their Facebook page that they'll be releasing Cogz. It's a figure that looks exactly like the Transformers character Gears, but it isn't beca... read

Fugly robot to become fugly 3rd-party figure

Mar 22
Not all Transformers can turn into a sexy sports car. Some turn into weird, ugly space monster things. Sharkticon is one such Transformer. Despite its rather hideous exterior, Sharkticon will be getting a new third party figu... read

Megatronathon: Yet another 3rd party Megatron revealed

Mar 22
A life-long dream of mine was to get my hands on a Generation One-era Megatron so I could rob a bank without having to go through all the mess of getting a real handgun. Unfortunately, the prices of vintage guns that turn int... read

iGear to release Unlicensed Figure Object

Mar 04
In case the slew of new products iGear showed off last week wasn't enough, here's yet another familiar looking transforming robots. The company showed off photos of their latest Mini Warrior, UFO, who might be based on T... read

iGear continues to release bootlegs in disguise

Feb 22
iGear, producer of what is certainly not Transformers merchandise, has made some big announcements this week. The company showed off three new products on their Facebook page: Presser, Hench, and a weapons upgrade set. P... read

TFC Toys shows their herculean Devastator combined

Dec 21
Devastator, you beast of a combiner from Transformers. How you have made an impact on the fans of the series. Is it any wonder why you have been getting a bit of love recently from the third party makers? One of these makers ... read

Get a bootleg for buying iGear's Transformers bootlegs

Nov 17
When it comes to glorified Trasformers bootlegs, there's no one better at that than iGear. These are the guys that have brought us the smaller version of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, had plans to release a smaller Masterpiece M... read

MakeToys' Transformers Giant gets yellow and a price

Nov 15
Last week we saw MakeToys reveal every robot of their combining robot Giant, which is their interpretation of the first Transformers combiner, Devastator. The company has now updated their site with a color preview of two of ... read

MakeToys reveals every bit of its Giant... Transformer

Nov 10
If you're unfamiliar with MakeToys, the make, um, well... toys. More precisely, they make unlicensed Transformers toys. The one that has caught the eyes of fans, and other makers as well, is their take on the original combine... read

Third party Transformers makers keep busy with their original but not figures

Oct 25
Seriously, these third party Transformers makers have been quite busy with more makers sprouting as we saw with the latest weapon upgrades. This time we are looking at bigger things from these people and you can't get any big... read

Get your robots ready for these third party Transformers weapon upgrades

Oct 24
Seems like the Autobots are in need of additional fire power in their constant battle against the Decepticons? That's the only explanation I can come up with for unofficial Transformers makers to be produce an assortment of&n... read

The Transformers world will be filled with giants with Maketoy's take on Devastator

Jul 08
It looks like everyone wants a piece of that Devastator pie. Just like how Apple makes a product idea big, it seems like that is now the case for this construction vehicle combining behemoth from Transformers. We've... read

Maketoy Products makes Transformers toys a little too close to the original

Jun 24
These third party Transformers producers are getting a little rampant. A new face has entered the ring and has a few unoriginal ideas coming. Japanese manufactuer Maketoy Products has announced they will be making 80 mm tall ... read

Transformers Classics coneheads get targeted for the knock off market

May 17
Buyer beware! According to KOToys, those nefarious Transformers knock off makers are at it again. This time their eyes are set on Ramjet, the first conehead seeker to grace the Transformers Classics line back in 2007. With th... read

iGear continues to seek the missing Seekers in their latest Transformers knock offs

May 11
iGear hasn't been known for originality recently as a third party Transformers maker what with things like their knock off Masterpiece figures. We've seen them do Optimus Prime, a unreleased Megatron, and making their own ver... read

Tomopop Business Report: TakaraTomy cracks down on 3rd party Transformers

Apr 11
Transformers toys of the unofficial sort have been featured here at Tomopop for quite some time. However, TakaraTomy may just want that practice to come to an end. The company has issued notices to some Japanese retailers to ... read

TFClub releases new photos on their ambitious take on Transformers' Devastator

Apr 05
Transformers' Devastator has been quite the fan favorite for a long time ever since first appearing in the '80s cartoon. It left quite the impression on us kids as it was the first Transformer we were to ever see that was the... read

BTS updates Transformers' Soundwave for improved spying on Autobots

Mar 29
Several third party Transformers producers are always looking for ways to take classic characters and give them an update for modern times such as Perfect Effect's SFX Scouting Force X team. BTS is now taking a crack at givin... read

Ultra Magnus is not much of a Masterpiece after this upgrade by Dreamtoys

Mar 21
It is seldom that Transformers' Ultra Magnus is ever released as who he is suppose to be. When Ultra Magnus was released, he included a large car trailer that the cab would connect to make a base to attach the head. This cab ... read

Perfect Effect adds color in these new photos of their photo taking Transformer

Mar 16
Earlier this year, producer of custom Transformers figures, Perfect Effect, revealed that they would be releasing a figure based on the combining camera team Reflector. At the time, the PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X was shown as... read

Transformers' Classics Cliffjumper gets a second chance at being himself

Mar 02
One thing that's been great about Cliffjumper from the Transformers figure releases is he always had a different head mold from his yellow brother, Bumblebee. Well, most of the time. One of those cases that Cliffjumper wasn't... read

Shoot the perfect angle to hit your target with Perfect Effect's Transformers SFX set

Feb 15
At the end of last year, Colette felt the temptation of entering the world of Transformers when Perfect Effect showed off their latest take on the exclusive mail-order camera trio, Reflector. The PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X up... read

Smoke if you got 'em! iGear's Transformers Generations Kup custom head up for order

Jan 24
Back in November it was revealed that the third-party manufacturer iGear would be producing a new head for the Transformers Generations/United figure Sergeant Kup. Based on IDW Comics' Kup, this custom head kit features the v... read

Finally, the Perfect Effect Camera Set makes me understand Transformers

Dec 30
Look, let me tell you what I know about Transformers: jack sh*t. That's why Jonathan Tubbs writes about them and not me -- I really do not know a thing about them except that they look pretty cool. Well, that and that this on... read

FansProject announces the Causality Crossfire Side Story set

Dec 07
Remember the awesome upgrade set from FansProject that include two new figures to convert your Transformers Universe Bruticus Maximus to look more like his original Generation 1 counterpart? Well, those who past up on the new... read

WST Military Transport prototype shows up, d'awwww, what a cute little engine of death

Dec 05
Justitoys are known for their WST line. World's Smallest Transformers, the fans say, though they can't legally use that name, and for the most part, they are miniature retoolings of G1 Transformers toys. All well and good, th... read

Fansproject Protector Armor unboxed and- wait a tick, who's what minicon?

Dec 02
It's.......no, really, who? I know the Targetmaster attached to it, but the little rolling thing? I have no clue. I've been combing TFWiki, asking all of my friends, nobody, nobody seems to know who that little rolling thing ... read

Perfect Effect sends out its Scouting Force X, which only looks a little like Transformers' Reflector

Dec 02
So hey, do you remember in Generation one of the Transformers, there was a group of dudes collectively referred to as "Reflector" who would combine into a camera and act as a spy for the Decepticons? Yeah that's tot... read

iGear promotes smoking among robots with "Cygar" head for Kup

Nov 27
Man, that was fast. The figure's not even on shelves yet, but ol' iGear is planning an upgrade for Seargent Kup of the Transformers Generations / Reveal the Shield line. Based on the IDW Comics incarnation of the character, K... read

Knight Morpher Annihilator still coming out, new pictures arrive

Nov 24
So there are new pictures of the previously mentioned Knight Morpher Annihilator. Did I miss something somewhere? Did I miss some unwritten law that states that whenever a figure comes out that is meant to represent or even l... read

New images released for Perfect Effect's vision of Transformers' Eject and Rewind

Nov 18
Last month, third-party Transformers producer Perfect Effect released photos of their new classic cassette figures based on ghetto blaster rival to Soundwave, Blaster. With Rumble and Frenzy, er, I mean Warrior... read

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