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7:15 PM on 05.13.2013

Uglydolls announces collaboration with DC Comics

Uglydolls and DC Comics have just announced a new collaboration that will see Uglydolls characters get a superhero makeover with a new series of plushes! The first two plushes, appropriately enough, are two versions of Ice Ba...

Brian Szabelski

2:00 PM on 03.09.2013

Uglyoll's UglyCon comes to Los Angeles on June 15

David Horvath and his adorable Uglydolls are having a party and we are all invited! The event is none other than 2013's UglyCon which, after being hosted at San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo, will be returning to Los Angeles...

Natalie Kipper

9:00 PM on 06.13.2012

Thumbtack Press adds Uglydoll to its print offerings

Art print retailer Thumbtack Press already features art choices from several artists you've seen on Tomopop, namely Jason Limon, Jeremiah Ketner, Ken Kierns and Nathan Ota, but their most recent addition might raise a few eye...

Brian Szabelski

Toy Fair 2012: Uglydoll photo
Toy Fair 2012: Uglydoll
by Natalie Kipper

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Uglydoll and it looks to be a good year, indeed. At their booth at Toy Fair 2012, the brand displayed not just new additions to their toy line but also accessories for everyday life touched with a pinch of Ugly magic. Let's start off with the 10th anniversary edition plush of Wage, the very first Uglydoll every made. He is the orange one with the little blue apron. He will be available for purchase later this year. Next are the Uglybuddies. These are Uglydoll plushes that have a pocket in their belly to hold a smaller, included Uglydoll.

Outside of plushes, there was still plenty of Ugly to go around. The adorable monsters will also be made into figures from Funko's Pop and Blox series. The Uglydoll kites that were shown at the event are sure to be a hit in parks and beaches. For those of you who want to put your Uglydoll characters on non-toy items, the Uglydoll booth also had a variety of Uglydoll-emblazoned iPhone cases on display. 

[gallery and header images via Uglydoll FaceBook page]

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7:00 PM on 12.21.2011

Meet Gragon and Softy, the first Uglydolls of 2012

It will soon be a new year, so how are you planning on kicking it off? Uglydoll's answer to the annual question is a release of two new plushes: the pink Gragon and the aqua Softy. Judging by their bios, Gragon seems to have ...

Natalie Kipper

9:00 PM on 12.04.2011

Working monsters get their day with Uglydoll Citizens

Even toy collectors who are only mildly interested in the Uglydoll franchise can identify characters such as Babo and Ox. They are the Bill Murray's and Goldie Hawn's of the Uglyverse. But, what about the everyday, white coll...

Natalie Kipper

2:00 PM on 11.09.2011

Funko POP line expands to Uglydoll, Sci-Fi, V

Back when Kristina reviewed Funko's POP! Vinyl Tinkerbell and Micky (reviewed), I was impressed with simple design and how cute the whole thing looked. I wondered what other properties might look if they were done in the POP ...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 11.08.2011

Uglydolls making their way to Toys 'R' Us stores

We all love Uglydolls right? The soft, colorful characters and derpy expressions never fail to make me, or my friends, smile! Pro tip: Uglydolls make fantastic gifts. However, they haven't been the easiest thing to get your h...

Jackie Zysk

8:00 PM on 10.27.2011

Uglydoll's Cookie Dream Babo is about to wake up, don't sleep through this last chance to own him

We may not know if robots dream of electric sheep but we can be certain that Uglydoll's Babo dreams of cookies. The 2011 exclusive plush of him is proof of that. But that proof may not be around for much longer as the Cookie ...

Natalie Kipper

10:00 AM on 10.13.2011

New Jersey's Uglydoll fans have their day with a signing event Monday

With the two New York Comic-Con events recently announced and now this event, Uglydoll fans sure have a lot to be excited about. David Horvath, creator of Uglydolls, is going to be busy because, on Monday, he will b...

Natalie Kipper

8:00 PM on 10.10.2011

Uglydoll's David Horvath to appear at two NYCC events

Uglydoll fans are in luck this month. If they can find a way to New York, that is. Two events are taking place this week in New York City as part of New York Comic Con's festivities, both with chances to meet U...

Natalie Kipper

2:45 AM on 02.19.2011

Toy Fair 2011: Uglydoll Booth Overview

Uglydoll always has an epic booth, no matter the convention, but they really pulled out all the stops for Toy Fair. I mean, they had an entire Uglyvillage set up around the booth! Of course, the had giant Uglydoll mascots to ...

Tomopop Staff