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SDCC 2014: Uglydoll

Aug 13 // Natalie Kipper
SDCC 2014: Uglydoll photo
DC comics' cast of characters walk on the ugly side
When Uglydoll's David Horvath revealed their con-exclusive, a plush of their Big Toe character cosplaying as The Joker from DC Comics' Batman, I knew the booth was going to be swarmed even more than usual this year. This...

Uglydoll SDCC exclusive photo
It's Big Toe dressed as the Joker!
Uglydoll is one of those San Diego Comic-Con exhibitors whose con-exclusive toys charm me year after year. And boy, have they outdone themselves this time! Making use of their recent partnership with DC Comics, it looks like ...

New Uglydoll toys photo
New Uglydoll toys

Uglydoll brings its comic series friends to plushie life

David Horvath's designer plush family continues to grow
Jan 22
// Natalie Kipper
David Horvath's Uglydoll line of huggable monster plushes seems to constantly be finding new ways to add more cuteness to to the brand. We have seen cross-overs with Universal classic monsters along with the DC Comi...

Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition

Dec 12 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Wooser is almost here again! Season two returns in January so that means a big product push for all things Wooser. Kahotan has posted this Belle Maison oshiruko soup set that features rubber straps of mascot Shirukuma and Wooser. They also have a pair of Wooser talking pens. Wing gave a very cryptic hint for one of their next figures. The hint is just an offset black and white image of a fleur-de-lis. They'll be doing their official reveal at Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] in February. Disney has posted on their Insider blog a look at the creation of their Infinity game figures from sketch to final product. The post talks pretty extensively with Art Director Jeff Bunker and Lead Character Designer Jon Diesta of Avalanche Software and their roles in making the game and figures a reality. Chauskoskis appears to be in a Greasebat kind of mood as he's made two of them. Based on Jeff Lamm's characters the first is Dunny baby Greasebat that he has Jeff's OK to make a few resin castings of. The other is an evil Greasebat that is only one of a kind that he put up for auction.  Check out this amazing Iron Samurai kitbash bade by Ken Lee. Reminds me of one of those samurai from Sucker Punch. I thought that movie was kinda awful, but this is very cool! It's 1/6 scale and a nominee for the 3A Customs and Kitbashes 2013 Awards. Good luck! No, I didn't embed an ad into LinkUP. Well, I mean I did, but not for advertising purposes. Matt Hopkins of Custom Papertoys sent along this really cool commercial he worked on for the SPCA. You think stuff like this is done with CG, but it's really stop motion. Matt says he built the models and much of the stop motion.  Tenacious Toys is offering Nerviswrek's Nibirian Drone resin figures by We Are Not Toys. The terrifying little things are hand painted and sold in set of 12 for US$350. Reflective Boundary did a great gallery for Alter's 1/8 Chitanda Eru from Hyouka. I'm glad this show is still getting some great figures, it gives me hope that a second season could be on the horizon! The AmiAmi blog posted a review for the latest Vocaloid GUMI figure. The Megpoid Whisper version made by Aquamarine is in a cute outfit and the bright colors fit her perfectly. She'll be out in February. VISEone displayed six new 16 inch Qee customs at a charity event in Germany recently. His work was a big hit and he even sold one right at the event with all proceeds going to the charity.  Funko is showing off a new series of Uglydoll x DC Comics vinyl figures. Featured are Ice-Bat as Batman, Wedgehead as Robin, and Babo as Superman. They'll be out on February 11.  Ron English has a special Metallic Purple Heart Skull in his PoPaganda store just in time for Christmas gift giving. They're going for US$150 and limited to only 20.  If you've ever wanted to try your hand at building Gunpla with no idea where to start then check out this handy ebook. Mecha Model Guide for Beginners looks to be a very comprehensive guide judging from its preview were it goes deep into all sorts of terminology and even deciphers the little symbols found in the instructions. There's even modeling history in there which could make it a good read even for advanced modelers. The ever-manly Black Star from Soul Eater has gotten the HQS treatment from Tsume with this fantastic looking statue. He's only limited to 250 printed on a metal serial plate and priced at 259€ (about US$356).  Akiba Hobby has posted a review (in Japanese) of Wave's new Beach Queens Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer! She'll be out in 2014. Hopefully if she sells really well they'll make a second season of the anime! Tentacle Armada posted a lengthy review of Pop Culture Shock's Katana statue from Mortal Kombat. They've got an awful lot to say about this enormous figure and it sounds like it isn't without its fair share of problems.  And that brings us to the end of another Tomopop LinkUP. See you next week where we'll have another batch of great things to talk about. 
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Seems to have been the week for handmade and limited editions
Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day t...

Tomopop About Town: UglyCon 2013 at GR2

Jul 10 // Natalie Kipper
The gallery was packed with Uglydoll goods. Two of the walls were dedicated to custom-made Babo plushes (he was the star of this year's UglyCon), while another wall had paintings (both by invited artists and Uglydoll's Sun-Min Kim) along with sketches by Uglydoll's David Horvath. Uglydoll piñatas hung from the ceiling accompanied by two hooded Babo plushes. I felt a little sorry for the plushes, being strung upside-down and all, but they looked like they were having fun. The gallery's center display table had a section dedicated to UglyCon. The red shirts were exclusive to the event and only a few were left. I really liked the design and was slightly tempted to buy one but red isn't my color. The headgear debuted at UglyCon is still available now that event is over.  Near the door was a kiddie bench piled with art supplies and papers. The bigger sheets bore the UglyCon 2013 logo and were meant to be used and coloring pages but the smaller sheets were quite special. Much like at Uglydoll's 10th Birthday Party, Eric Nakamura at Giant Robot set up a button-making machine. You just have to color in one of those sheets, cut it out, and hand it over to Eric. He then puts into this contraption, pulls a lever twice, and you magically have a button of your very own! Mine is colored like a cookie, in honor of Babo's famous love of the dessert.  Now, onto the exhibit! David Horvath's color sketches are cute art to a bystander but a piece of history to an Uglydoll fan. Each piece was one of a kind (hence the "1/1" mark in the bottom corner). Other licensed work included draft pages from the Uglydoll comics by Ian McGinty.  Non-plush artists, such as TOUMA and Luke Chueh, had there contributions hung amongst David Horvath's sketches. I particularly liked Luke Chueh's. It seemed so uncharacteristically happy for one of his drawings. I also spotted a diorama on this wall, Sean Chao's "Ugly Cookie Friend." I was laughing for a good minute after seeing this. I think it was the combination of the realistic-looking bear and the cartoony Babo (who seems to edging away from the bear) that really brought it home. Sun-Min Kim's paintings were on the wall opposite the entrance to the gallery and the bright colors looked great in the sunlight. This is a small thing but I absolutely adore the flowering trees in the paintings. So dream-like! A gang of plushes were on the same wall as Sun-Min's works. Flat Bonnie's family of seven flat plushes (six of them bearing cookies) mingled well with House of Darkly's "Cookie-Juggling Babo and Bird." Babo's Bird doesn't get a lot of coverage so I was glad to see of plush of it (and such a cute one at that). Janie XY's intricate plush diorama shared the shelf.  Plushes filled the wall on the register's side. It was nearly overwhelming. You can see more of them in the gallery but here are my two favorites: Lana Crook's "The Cookie Thief" (top) and Scrumptious Delight's "Sailor Babo" (bottom). I loved Lana Crooks' design and muted color scheme. Babo's hand behind his back is too cute! Scrumptious Delight's use of fabrics and overall look makes it my number one favorite.  In a nook near the register, the fan-made Babo plushes were displayed. These were made by fans like you and me who simply wanted to celebrate the event. Each of the fan-made plushes wore a large tag with the creator's name written on it. I was incredibly impressed at these entries. Not only were some very imaginative (one of the Babo's was made of clear vinyl fabric and filled with plush cookies, for example) they all were very well made. These plushes were not for sale. During my visit, I managed to purchase the last of the UglyCon 2013 gift bags. The bag itself was very swanky, with the UglyCon logo printed on the red fabric. It was better made than those cheaper ones you get at grocery stores and the like. Inside the bag was a limited edition Cookie Scarf, handmade by Enkyskulls, and a plush Babo. Doesn't he look so sweet all bundled up? I think so, too. You can still purchase some of the artist-crafted UglyCon goodies at the Giant Robot online store here. Oh, and be sure to check out the gallery to see even more pictures from the event!
UglyCon 2013 at GR2 photo
Uglydoll and Giant Robot's recent show was ugly, handmade, and glorious
This year's UglyCon was an event that I had been looking forward to since it's announcement way back in March. For those unfamiliar, UglyCon is a gathering, or rather, a celebration of all things Uglydoll. The festi...

Uglydoll x Universal photo
Uglydoll x Universal

Uglydoll takes on Universal monsters for creepy-cute fun

Old-school movie monsters get the Ugly treatment
Jun 21
// Natalie Kipper
Summer may just be getting started but Babo, Ice-bat, and other Uglydoll favorites are already gearing up for Halloween. Uglydoll has just announced their partnership with Universal, in hopes of unleashing a movie monster-the...
Uglydoll Par-tay! photo
Uglydoll Par-tay!

UglyCon starts next weekend in Los Angeles

A celebration of all things Uglydoll begins Saturday, June 15
Jun 09
// Natalie Kipper
We briefed you on UglyCon three months ago when it was announced but, with the event beginning next Saturday, now seems like a good time to serve up a friendly reminder. The tribute to those lovable Uglydoll characters t...

Uglyoll's UglyCon comes to Los Angeles on June 15

You can join in the festivities online, too
Mar 09
// Natalie Kipper
David Horvath and his adorable Uglydolls are having a party and we are all invited! The event is none other than 2013's UglyCon which, after being hosted at San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo, will be returning to Los Angeles...

NYCC 2012: Mimobots

Check out the Uglydoll collaboration!
Oct 14
// Tianxiao Ma
If you dig collectible gadgets, then Mimoco's Mimobot line is perfect for you. They're USB memory sticks shaped like characters from comics, cartoons, and whatever else. Recently Mimoco has started a line of Mimobots with the...

Uglydolls x Mimobot is a combination I can dig

Get up to 64GB of DEEEEEEEEERP!
Oct 11
// Pedro Cortes
Who needs to wait for New York Comic Con to release new product? Mimoco sent an email earlier today revealing their mashup with the so-busted-they're-cute Uglydolls. As you can see in the header, the gallery or the video past...

A preview of Giant Robot Biennial 3

Show opens tonight at Japanese American National Museum
Sep 22
// Brian Szabelski
Can't make it to the Giant Robot Biennial 3 show's opening event tonight at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles? Never fear: we here at Tomopop are happy to help give you a peek at some of the customs on disp...
Show and Tell photo
Show and Tell

Show and Tell: Natalie's SDCC 2012 haul

Aug 31
// Natalie Kipper
Brian wasn't the only one to attend San Diego Comic Con and, likewise, come out of the event with more than he started (check out his Show and Tell to see what he ending up taking home). Not too surprisingly, my haul mostly c...

Tomopop About Town: Uglydoll 10th birthday at Giant Robot

Aug 19 // Natalie Kipper
Greeting me at the entrance to GR2 was both a poster and a standing bulletin announcing the party and Darvid Horvath's attendance. I noticed a few passersby checking out the poster as the walked down the street, occasionally peeking their head in. GR2 is a pretty open store, in terms of space, so you could see all the activities just by walking in. There was button-making, in which you color in the art and Giant Robot staff turn your work into a pin-back button, paper craft, a sweet party spread, and, as advertised, David Horvath a.k.a. Chief Ugly was present to sign your Uglydolls and be an overall cool guy. The first thing I did was get in line to get the 10th Anniversary Wage that I bought at San Diego Comic Con signed. The line was pretty short when I got there (which admittedly was about 2 minutes after the party started) but it got longer later in the day. In case you missed out on purchasing the 10th Anniversary Wage previously for whatever reason, Giant Robot's Eric and company were selling them bundled with tons of goodies, including 2 limited edition pins and 3 sheets for bingo (dubbed "Wage!"). Buying the bundle was actually the only way to take part in the activities but for US$25, I figured "Why not?"  While I waited at the register to buy the bundle, I noticed that few of the Horvath custom vinyl figures left over from Giant Robot's booth at SDCC were in a display cabinet. Only a few were left but I was surprised that there were any remaining at all. Before I started coloring in my buttons, I decided to have a look around at the party decorations and goodies. The most prominent was a orange cloth-covered table laden with Wage-themed deserts plus punch. There were cookies shaped in Wage's face with M&M's for eyes as well as a "cake" made up of individual cupcakes. The cookies kept needing to be replenished (I don't know where they kept coming from) but I think most people thought the cupcake cake was too pretty to eat and remained largely untouched. A paper craft Wage guarded the napkins. There were also Uglydoll balloons placed unobtrusively around the room. I got a kick out of them. A cardboard wage cut-out was a ready and willing to take pictures with guests. After feeling that I had explored the party scene thoroughly, I headed on over to the designated activity table which, to my semi-suprise, was populated entirely by adults. They were all very nice and happy to share the colored pencils that had been left on the table for use in coloring our pins. I took my time trying to make my buttons festive (it was a birthday party) and then carried my sheet over to the the register where it was turned into the buttons you see above via a hand-pressing machine thing. It was all very high tech.  A lot of the party guests really got into the spirit of the celebration and brought custom Uglydolls along to show David. One that particularly impressed me was a Wage dressed in a little spacesuit, complete with jetpack. He was just so darn cute! There were a few others, like one that had an electronic noise box inserted, but I didn't get a chance to snap shots of those. I had a lovely time celebrating this occasion with David Horvath, Eric Nakamura, and the Uglydoll gang. They sure know how to throw a party! 

Last Sunday was another one of those times I felt extremely fortunate to live in Los Angeles. Why? Close proximity to Disneyland aside, Uglydoll and Giant Robot held a 10th birthday celebration for the very first Uglydoll, Wa...


Celebrate Uglydoll's 10th birthday at Giant Robot in LA

Aug 10
// Natalie Kipper
This Sunday, Uglydoll and Giant Robot are throwing a birthday shindig for Wage, the very first Uglydoll ever made. He was first sold at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, so it is fitting that the 10th anniversary party be held ther...

SDCC 2012: Giant Robot

Jul 19
// Natalie Kipper
Giant Robot worked double-duty at SDCC, serving as both a retail booth and as a home to a custom toy exhibit, which was co-curated by Luke Chueh. The exhibit, entitled "Remix Project: Uglydoll x Horvath," showcased custom Ugl...

SDCC 2012: Uglydoll

Jul 15 // Natalie Kipper

Uglydoll's booth at San Diego Comic Con was big, cartoony, and guarded by a giant Power Babo plush that hung above the register. Lined by a seemingly endless cast of plushes and Uglydoll-themed tin wind-up toys, this booth wa...


10th anniversary Wage Uglydoll available at SDCC

Jul 10
// Natalie Kipper
We already learned about Uglydoll's Comic Con-exclusive plush, Power Babo, but it turns out that won't be the only special item the company will have at their booth (#3245). Debuting at the con will be the 10th anniversa...

After that tempting teaser Uglydoll unleashed on their Facebook page last week, I (and certainly, countless other plush fans) was eagerly awaiting a complete image of their Comic Con-exclusive item, Power Babo. Today, my seem...


Uglydoll updated their FaceBook with a very exciting picture to whet the appetite of any plush collector attending San Diego Comic Con. The picture, shown in the header, was a teaser for their SDCC exclusive toy, Power Babo. ...


Uglydoll's Uglybuddies coming this June, up for pre-order

May 23
// Natalie Kipper
I love Uglydoll plushes. I really do. And yet, for some reason, I have never purchased one. However, I think their next release, a set of plushes called Uglybuddies, may be the push I need to take the plunge. Each set consist...

Get flatter and a little bent with the latest Uglydolls

Apr 18
// Natalie Kipper
Uglydoll recently added two new characters, Flatter and Little Bent, to their plush lineup. The green puppy-looking one is Flatter. He seems to be a rather clumsy yet thoughtful guy. Little Bent is reminiscent of an...

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