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Uamodoc photo

Uamou, Onell Design collide with Uamodoc

More custom colorways coming in 2014
Dec 30
// Brian Szabelski
I don't normally think of killing machines when I see Uamou, but the Uamodoc collab with Onell Design is here to make me think otherwise. It's a combination of an Armodoc with a Uamou head and some paintwork from Ayako Tagaki...
NYCC 2013: Onell/Uamou photo
NYCC 2013: Onell/Uamou

NYCC 2013: Onell Design, Real x Head and Uamou

Is that a giant Callgrim, or are you just ... yeah, it's a giant Callgrim
Oct 16
// Brian Szabelski
Like last year, Onell Design partnered up with Real x Head and Uamou for their New York Comic Con booth. Also like last year, their booth was full of Callgrims and Glyos figures, Uamou and Boo sets and Real x Head's larg...

Toy Art Gallery presents Rock 'n' Roll Uamou exhibit

These customs want to rock all night, and party every day
May 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
Ayako Takagi, known also as Uamou, is a Japanese artist who produces vinyl figures also known as Uamous. Toy Art Gallery in Hollywood, California will be having an exhibition on Takagi's latest work called Rock 'n' Roll Uamo...

Tokyo x Creatives mini-documentary explores UAMOU

IndieGoGo fundraiser started to help finish work on film
Feb 05
// Brian Szabelski
Niko Lanzuisi is an Amsterdam-based filmmaker who also happens to have recently returned from Japan, where he attended school. While he was there, Niko began work on a series of films entitled Tokyo x Creative. If you guessed...

Tomopop's Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup (Part 2)

Nov 01 // Brian Szabelski
Toy Art Gallery Toy Art Gallery's booth this year, #400, is host to a multitude of exclusives. These include the black edition of Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire; Metallic Rainbow Uamous from Uamou; Deathshead White Edition by David Flores; 4-inch MyGuys by Meredith Dittmar; Pokken Kaiser and Luftkaiser editions by Paul Kaiju; Waodog one-offs from Waotoyz; an exclusive or two from Galaxy People; and more. There's also three planned signings: Davis Flores from noon to 12:30 p.m.; Nathan Hamill from 1 to 1:30 p.m.; and Paul Kaiju from 2 to 2:30 p.m. Finally, visitors will get a peek at the TAG Lifesize Figure Series. Munky King The big news from Munky King for DesignerCon is the release of Luke Chueh's Target (US$100, 1000 pieces in colorway total), which comes with a removable brush accessory and walls that will interlock with the other colorways to let you create a shooting gallery-like display in the future. Luke will be signing at the booth, #217, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Scott Tolleson If you pop by booth #708, you might find yourself in the middle of an army of brand new Deadbeets! The second run of Scott's sofubi carrot monster will be at the show (US$60, 25 pieces) and not only is it cast with translucent orange glitter vinyl (that's a mouthful), but it apparently glows in the dark. Sounds like some serious qizardry may be involved there ... If you're a fan of the Designer Toy Award-winning Nosellots plush line, then you'll want to know that Jedidiah McDoogle, the last of the gang to debut, will be making an appearance at DesignerCon. There will also apparently be a special "D-Con Deal" on the Nosellots line. Scott's also releasing the artist proofs of his Mr. Pinkerton Mini Qee, with five pieces of each of the four colorways available for US$50. These will be signed and it sounds as if the first 20 purchases come with a limited edition print. Squid Kids Ink Squid Kids Ink is hunkering down in Booth #600, and their exclusive is the little guy you see above: a golden DesignerCon 2012 Mini 10-Doh! figure! Nate from Squid Kids Ink actually designed the back cover of the program for the event, and the Mini 10-Doh! features the old version of Vincent because ... well, Nate said he couldn't get the new DCon logo design for this year to fit on the label. Still, it's a nice little figure and another chance to pick up an event-exclusive golden 10-Doh! for those of you who collect these little fellows.  Vaud Villain Studios Along with bringing Bi-Polar Molar, Vaud Villain Studios will have the Mostly Mono Modern Martians at booth #828. The first in the Mostly Mono Martians series, these are a series of custom Munnys painted in a single color; this variant happens to be blue, with some yellow and red accents. The five-eyed little fellow is also wearing a little hat and dressed in the most modern of fashion. He comes inside a hand-painted box with an illustration showing the Martian and his fancy little Hover Vespa. You know he has to have one being modern and all. Nick of Vaud Villain has also sent us teasers of a second Martian he just finished up, the Mostly Mono Madness Martian. No, it's not Randy Savage-themed, sadly, but it does come in green with pink and purple accents. He's got the words "1STP BYND" tattooed on his knuckles, a motto that he tends to live by on the big red planet. Kuso Vinyl Kuso Vinyl will be setting up shop in booth #330, and in addition to Ponburger, they'll have a few other things. One is a chance for the West Coast folk to get their hands on the Chester Runcorn Gin and Tonic edition from NYCC (US$150, 150 pieces in total between both events). Also at the booth will be four custom Celsius and Fahrenheit figures from James Fuller (a.k.a. Fuller Designs), who's turned Rotobox's gunslinging hero and villain into Punisher, a Celsius Spawn, Wolverine and Gunslinger. The customs will be on display at the booth. Evilos Those of you who are Vinylmation fans (yes, that's you, Kristina) probably already know who the heck Evilos is. For the rest of us, he's the artist who does some nifty Vinylmation customs and is taking up residence this weekend in booth #428. For DesignerCon, Evilos is bringing along an Alien Vinylmation pin (limited to 100 pieces) and some custom Vinylmation figures. Among those are the Mickey in Carbonite (20 pieces), which features some nice detailing on the surface, and the Jedi Mickey Vinylmation customs. Quite fitting given the news this week, don't you think? Galaxy Monkey The duo known as Galaxy Monkey have taken over booth #325, and they'll be bringing along a DesignerCon exclusive colorway of their first sofubi figure, Monkeynaut (US$65, 20 pieces). Monkeys in spacesuits? I'm pretty sure that idea always works for a figure, especially if Tim Tsui's work taught me anything. They'll also have limited numbers of GID and solid black DIY variants on sale for US$50 each and some customs at the booth. [So ends Part 2, but stay tuned: Part 3 is on the way and it's got some big hitters in it!]
Chock full of Martians, superheroes, monster carrots and Jedi!
Part 1 of our Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup had a lot in it, sure ... but it barely scratched the surface. We're on to Part 2, and this time, we've got some more familiar names for designer toy fans. Kuso Vinyl, Evilo...


NYCC 2012: Onell Design/Rampage Toys/Uamou/Real x Head

One booth with a ton to check out
Oct 17
// Brian Szabelski
Onell Design's booth at NYCC had one of the more interesting schedules, featuring rotating artists at the booth every 3 hours. There were plenty of Glyos figures on display to go around, including one of the event exclusives....

Uamou joining the MAQET family

Feb 03
// Brian Szabelski
So we haven't heard much from MAQET lately, but it doesn't mean they've been sleeping on the job. In fact, they've just teased via Twitter the next addition to the MAQET family, and it's Uamou from ... Uamou (a.k.a. Ayako Tak...

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