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Limited Edition Yin & Yang Tuttz minis

Argonaut Resins has released numerous incarnations of their Tuttz figures, but this version created and designed by Eric Nocella Diaz has to be my favorite. Painted in a simple black and white design, these stoic cats are elegant and a...

Argonaut Resins photo

Design your own Tuttz and win from Argonaut Resins

To celebrate his birthday, creator of Argonaut Resins, END, has decided to hold a design contest. On social media, he announced that he will be having a Tuttz art contest where fans can win a Tuttz mini. If you want to enter, download the ...

Argonaut Resins photo

Argonaut Resins' Sparkly Tuttz Minis are festively fun

After the success of the Christmas Holiday Hunt and New Years Hunt Tuttz blind boxes, Argonaut Resins is releasing the Tuttz Mini Sparkly Cats again. This time they won’t be blind boxed so you can pick out the figure you want. There ...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: The Puzzle & Dougrams edition

Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! In one week from today we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America and I for one am looking forward to getting stuffed on some turkey! Even though it's a popular vacation week ...

NYCC: The Jelly Empire photo

The Jelly Empire having a post-NYCC sale

The Jelly Empire had a great NYCC, but it looks like a few figures are still in need of loving homes. So! Tomorrow (Friday, October 18th), at 3 PM EST, head on over to her store for a chance at what you missed. Check out the gallery for ima...


NYCC 2013: Argonaut Resins & The Jelly Empire

At this year's NYCC, Argonaut Resins shared a table with The Jelly Empire. For the event, both companies created many exclusives. For Argonaut Resins, some of their exclusives they had were Brim Stone Pharaoh Hounds, Leopard and Snow Leopa...

Argonaut Resins photo

Tomopop Interview: Argonaut Resins

Hailing from Hoboken, New Jersey, Argonaut Resins has been designing and making figures for six years. While they've created many figures in the past, they are currently known for creating the Tuttz, Pharaoh Hound and Sucio. Their Tuttz is...


Emily Bee's newest custom Tuttz is quite the Renegade

Emily Bee has finished up another great custom Tuttz figure. This eight inch Tuttz figure from Argonaut Resins is painted in a colorful design incorporating red, pink, white, black and grey. When I first saw this custom, I thought the lett...


Argonaut Resins goes tribal with their new releases

Argonaut Resins will be dropping more eye catching hand crafted figures into their store today. Their first new offer is the Witch Doctor Tuttz. This figure is eight inches tall and made in collaboration with Small Angry Monster. This figu...


Argonaut Resins' new customs are looking snazzy

Argonaut Resins will have lots of new customs available tonight in their store. Their first new figures come from artist Angella Powell. Customizing their Tuttz Mini, Pharaoh Hound Mini and Sucio, Powell has created a custom set called "Co...


Emily Bee shows off personal custom 'Without You'

Emily Bee is an animator and artist who does work on many customs. Her latest work is called "Without You". This piece has been customized from an 8-inch Tuttz from Argonaut Resins. "Without You" is a very personal and emotional piece...


Argonaut Resins puts a curse on you

Argonaut Resins is back collaborating with Small Angry Monster for a bunch of new customs. Their first collaboration is a wave of Tuttz figures called Cursed. Coming in an ominous custom hand painted stone textured box, each Cursed Tuttz w...


Glow in the dark figures drop in on Argonaut Resins

Tonight at 10pm Eastern Standard time, Argonaut Resins will be adding some illuminating figures to their online store. Available will be limited glow in the dark figures of their signature Tuttz, Pharaoh Hounds, and Sucios. Another figure ...


Argonaut Resins stocks up new customs from Adam Pratt

Gaze in wonder at one of Ancient Egypt's monumental creations, the mighty Tuttz! Seen with workers toiling over it's massive structure, this is a new set that will be available from Argonaut Resins. Coming with the micro workers, loos...


The Jelly Empire kicking butt with two releases this week

Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire sent over some pictures of two crossover sets she'll be releasing this Friday (March 1st, 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) inspired by comics and Bruce Lee.  The first crossover set is in the style of Gre...


NYCC 2012: The Jelly Empire

Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire, ever charming with her Jellybots was also present at NYCC with plenty to offer. We already wrote on the comic she'd have there as well as accompanying Supes stickers and more, but Brian snagged some more p...


Another update from Emily Bee on her piece 'Conquest'

Wednesday last week I wrote about Emily Bee's work in progress piece for her collaboration project with Argonaut Resins. She has updated since then with a few pictures of the figure revealed to be called Conquest with a splash of color! I a...


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