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11:00 PM on 03.20.2015

Tsume debuts its Fist of the North Star line with Raoh

Tsume's Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) HQS series is ready to roll out, and the first release is a massive 1/6-scale statue of Raoh, King of Hokuto. Raoh is 50 cm by 50 cm (or almost 20 inches by 20 inches) and i...

Brian Szabelski

Not only is Tsume's awesome new Dragon Shiryu statue up for pre-order, but you also have a chance to win one photo
Not only is Tsume's awesome new Dragon Shiryu statue up for pre-order, but you also have a chance to win one
by Scarecroodle

The ever-incredible Tsume has released images for its upcoming limited edition 1/6-scale HQS Dragon Shiryu (Saint Seiya) which is now available for pre-order... and you also have a chance to win a copy through Tsume's give-away.

For those dreading what might happen if you pre-order and then win a copy through the give-away, Tsume has announced that it will refund the winner's pre-order (which I imagine is only the case if you pre-order directly from Tsume).

While the Saint Seiya series has never been my cup of tea (or coffee or soda, as the case may be), I can't help but be impressed by the dynamic look of Shiryu as he uses his 100 Dragon Attack. Not only does Shiryu himself look great, but the detail on those dragons is incredible. Have I mentioned that there are twelve of those awesome-looking dragons in the statue? Sure, it's a lot less than one hundred, but it's still a wicked amount.

Tsume's HQS Dragon Shiryu has a 449€ list price (which works out to around US$550) and is limited to 1,200 pieces. He's slated to release in the second quarter of 2015. Be sure to check out the additional images in the gallery.

[ Pre-order at Tsume | Big Bad Toy Store ]

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1:15 PM on 11.21.2014

Tsume's Orochimaru snakes it way into pre-orders

Tsume-Art's newest Naruto: Shippuden Xtra figure is upon us, and it's the villainous Orochimaru! Technically, it's a DXtra figure, as it includes a summoned giant snake on the base as well. He's in 1/10-scale (18 cm) wit...

Brian Szabelski

1:00 PM on 09.18.2014

Tsume-Art's HQS Renji Abarai is ready for a fight

Tsume-Art have sent us word that their HQS Renji Abarai figure is up for pre-order ... and it is rather impressive. Featuring the 6th Division lieutenant from Bleach and his Hihio Zabimaru bankai, the 1/6-scale resin sta...

Brian Szabelski

12:30 PM on 09.15.2014

Tsume-Art adds Dragonball Z to its stable

Tsume-Art's roster of licenses has been pretty impressive, and their resin-cast collectibles have been rather high quality ... so imagine the excitement that comes with Dragonball Z being the latest license they've acqui...

Brian Szabelski

1:00 AM on 05.24.2014

This Edo Tensei Itachi Uchiha statue is no genjutsu

Itachi is a character that knows how to play with your emotions. You spend such a large chunk of the Naruto story line loathing the guy, then you feel sympathetic towards him when he dies because of all the terrible things he...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

1:00 PM on 05.16.2014

Tsume's DXtra Marada Uchiha fans the pre-order flames

Tsume-Art's latest Naruto figure has arrived, the DXtra Marada Uchiha. Note that it's not Xtra like the other figures in the line, but DXtra. The difference isn't just the extra letter: Marada comes with a second head featuri...

Brian Szabelski

7:00 AM on 05.12.2014

Take over the shadows with Tsume's Shikimaru statue

Tsume-Art has released images and pre-order information for its upcoming Shikamaru Nara Xtra statue. The strategist is depicted in the midst of using a shadow jutsu. Tsume-Art's Xtra line launched early last year with Naruto ...


1:00 PM on 05.08.2014

Tsume's finished Roronoa Zoro could blow you away

The Tsume-Art crew are really happy with how their HQS Roronoa Zoro has turned out. We know this because literally said that in a recent Facebook page post showing off the 50-cm-tall collectible. In particular, they seemed pr...

Brian Szabelski

10:00 AM on 03.24.2014

Ice-Make plans to pre-order this new Gray Fullbuster figure from Tsume

With a new season of Fairy Tail only weeks away companies aren't wasting much time in getting new figures out to the long denied fans. This time around it's Tsume and their amazing looking Gray Fullbuster HQF. Gray is unsurpr...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:00 AM on 03.14.2014

Tsume Art opens pre-orders for a manga-styled HQS Phoenix Ikki

Tsume-Art's latest Saint Seiya HQS collectible  is a return to a previous character: the Kurumada Masami Edition of Saint Seiya's Phoenix Ikki. The name comes from the fact that this is more inspired by Masami's ori...

Brian Szabelski

12:00 PM on 03.04.2014

Tsume-Art pretty much confirms HQS Itachi Uchiha

Tsume-Art's Facebook page was updated just this morning with a teaser image for a new piece they're working on. Tsume's description of the translucent red resin arm is asking fans to share the photo "to give us the Stren...

Brian Szabelski