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Transformers Prime

Grand Galvatron photo
Grand Galvatron

Transformers Unite Warriors introduces Grand Galvatron

Unicron makes the ultimate evil combiner
Dec 10
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
For weeks now Takara Tomy has been teasing Transformers fans with a silhouette of their latest combiner for the Unite Warriors line as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive. Fans right away noticed that it was made largely of molds th...

Take a look at BotCon 2015's complete box set

May 05 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
BotCon 2015 photo
Cybertron: Most Wanted
BotCon 2015 is a little over a month away so let's see what's in store for their box set, Cybertron: Most Wanted. The story takes place on Axiom Nexus, a Cybertronian hub city at the  center of the Transformers multivers...

Transformers photo

Hasbro goes large with oversized simplified Transformers

These are actually kinda neat
Mar 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
So, out of no where, we got our first look at some new simplified Transformers from Hasbro. Normally I'd just shrug these off and hope they don't take up too much space, but these are actually pretty interesting. The line app...
Transformers photo

Takara Tomy adds Aerialbots, obscure repaints to Japanese Transformers lines

Robots in Disguise character repainted into another RID character is more unusual than it sounds.
Jan 25
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Recently Takara Tomy teased an image of Superion's silhouette announcing their plans for Hasbro's Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars figures. This past week they released images of the Aerialbots including Slingshot...

NYCC 2014 Transformers photo
NYCC 2014 Transformers

NYCC 2014: More new Transformers from Hasbro

Generations, RID, Kre-O, and Angry Birds, but no TF4
Oct 09
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
New York Comic Con, the first major convention of the fall, kicked off with Hasbro showing off a number of new figures spanning multiple Transformers lines. We've got official images for new figures from Generations, new anim...
Hasbro photo

RIP Hub: Discovery kills joint television venture with Hasbro

Hasbro still hangs around for six hours a day
Sep 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
It was only a matter of time, but soon Discovery will be announcing the end of their joint television venture with Hasbro, the Hub Network. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Discovery will soon be taking over control ...
Shapeways photo

Nintendo says no to Shapeways while Hasbro says go for it

Pokemon no, Ponies yes
Aug 26
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Shapeways can't catch a break, or maybe it can? Shapeways has a tendency to be a bit controversial, what with its place as a 3D printing hub making use of user-created 3D renders, many of which are based on licensed character...
SDCC 2014 Transformers photo
Adding to the big pile of not-yet-released figures
It's hard to believe that with so many new Transformers yet to be released from Toy Fair in February and BotCon back in June that there would be anything left to show at San Diego Comic Con. Well, believe it, they've got more...

[UPDATED] First look at what the 2015 Transformers toy line will be based on

Mar 28 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
LOS ANGELES - The Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families entertainment they can watch together, announced today that a new animated series is currently in production for the globally renowned TRANSFORMERS brand. Set to debut in early 2015, the new action-packed series is being produced by Hasbro Studios, the production and distribution division of Hasbro, Inc., and is executive produced by Jeff Kline ("Transformers Prime," "G.I. Joe Renegades"). Taking place years after the battle between Autobots and Decepticons in "Transformers Prime," this all new series centers around our hero Bumblebee stepping up to lead a brand new team of Autobots. The show features an all-star cast with Will Friedle ("Boy Meets World") returning as Bumblebee, along with Darren Criss ("Glee"), Constance Zimmer ("House of Cards") and Ted McGinley ("Married with Children"). Blending 3D characters with hand-painted environments, the series mixes action-packed adventure with lots of comedy, making it a rip-roaring experience for kids and families to enjoy together. This is a big year as the TRANSFORMERS brand celebrates its 30th anniversary. The Hub Network will also be celebrating the success of the franchise with special events to be announced later this year. TRANSFORMERS and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2014. Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. 
Transformers photo
So early they haven't even named it yet
[Update: We're now getting our first look at Optimus Prime thanks to an image in TV Kids magazine. Optimus looks a lot like his Animated incarnation crossed with the Cybertron series version. If this truly is a continuat...

BotCon 2014 photo
Off to a decent start
It was just a week ago when BotCon revealed their theme for 2014 to be Pirates vs Knights while promising to debut Star Seekers captain Cannonball within the pages of the club magazine. Well, not content to make people wait f...

TFCC Exclusives photo
Protoform X and Transmutate reformat later this year
Thanks to a Tweet from the Transformers Collector's Club we're getting our first look at the figures from the 2014 membership drive. These are separate figures from the BotCon exclusives that will be revealed later this year....

Tomopop LinkUP: Robot Carnival

Jan 09 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Reprolabels has made their first update of the year! If you aren't familiar with RL they're a genius group of artists that both reproduce vintage Transformers label sheets as well as new ones to enhance modern figures. They even occasionally dabble in other toy lines like Power Rangers and MASK. Their latest includes: Generations Sandstorm, Generations Skids, FansProject Code (Chromedome), FansProject Quadruple U (Weirdwolf), FansProject Last Chance (Deadend), Masterpiece MP-10B Black Convoy, and Toyworld Orion.  Third party group ExcellentToys has revealed their second unofficial SD Transformer in the form of Soundwave. The figure is thus far only in CG form, but it's looking good! To see the images directly requires a Weibo account, but you can see them mirrored over at TFormers.  Over in Japan there's an exclusive miniseries being launched called Transformers Cloud that features a number of repaints. The first three confirmed is Optimus Prime (repaint of Classics Voyager class Op), Megatron (repaint of Generations Voyager tank Megatron), and Rodimus (repaint/remold of Generations Springer). Supposedly the series will consist of eight figures in total released throughout the year. For non-Japanese fans the Transformers Collectors' Club is offering Optimus Prime and Megatron for US$89 each. Hopefully they'll be offering Rodimus as well, I kinda want that one.  Over on several of the staff forum regulars put together a lengthy list of top picks for 2013. They make some very surprising choices coupled with lots of banter. Nice to see some easily overlooked great figures get some notice.  Prime Ultimus got his hands on a super rare Wheeljack figure from the canceled Transformers Movie Trilogy Series. The figure is based on the very limited released Dark of the Moon Wheeljack, also known as "Q", with a new head and paint.  The Loyal Subjects has created a new Rainmakers box set. The set only names Acid Storm (the green guy) and that's probably safe since people seem to riot when you try pinning names to Rainmakers. But really, if you want to call the yellow guy Sunstorm and the blue guy Bitstream I don't think TLS will mind. A Toys R Us in Singapore has put up this really cool Transformers display as posted by Jason Taylor on Facebook. I wonder if they'd be willing to part with it after... ACToys has put up a bunch of pictures for Xovergen's new TrailerForce Masterarmor Vindicator. This unofficial piece changes from robot to trailer, but the real selling point is to use it a la Powermaster Optimus Prime. You can either snap in a Nucleon Quest Super Convoy or one of the various black repaints of Classics Optimus Prime. I think I actually like the black version over the original.  If you're a fan of vintage Transformers art work then you should plan on getting yourself a copy of Transformers Legacy: A Celebration of Transformers Package Art. The book is aiming to be as near of a complete collection of G1 box art as you would ever hope to find consisting of 300 pages of high quality graphics. There's still a few things missing, you can see a list of wants over on co-writer Jim Sorenson's blog. Looks like most of the original European art has been lost to the ages. The book comes out as a US$49.99 hardcover in May, though you can probably get it from around US$35 at places like the link above. I can't wait! That's it for this week. I'll see you next week when we'll be back to our usual mix of figures from the east and west!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
It's an article transformed!
You might have noticed last week things got a little bit quiet around these parts. Thanks to the New Year being a much bigger deal in the east than in the west, news coming out of Japan was pretty light. You might even call i...

Transformers Go! photo
Still has a questionable dragon mode, though
Took a while, but after a two month wait from what little we saw back in October we're finally getting our first clear look at the new Japanese Transformers Go! Optimus Prime figure thanks to a listing at Amazon Japan. I'm st...

TF Go! Optimus Prime photo
TF Go! Optimus Prime

New TF Go! Optimus Prime previewed several times over

Triple-changing Optimus Prime also combines with Kenzan and Gekisoumaru
Oct 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Earlier in the month retailer eToysJapan posted a pictureless listing for what they called "G26 Optimus EX Prime" with a release for sometime in January 2014. They described it as a triple-changing figure with both train...
Transformers Go! photo
Transformers Go!

Transformers Go! BeCool figures revealed on Amazon Japan

Plus a few other things
Sep 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Gotta love the left field, some really interesting things come out of there. A year ago Takara Tomy started quietly releasing Hasbro's BotShots line in Japan under the new name BeCool with the bulk of the offerings coming out...
Transformers SS 2.0 photo
Subscription window is only open for three weeks so make your plans now
After weeks of talking about it the Official Transformers Collectors Club 2014 Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 has finally begun. They're only leaving membership open for three weeks ending October 17 so you haven'...

Transformers photo

Amazon previews more Hasbro Transformers

New official images of Generations Deluxe and Beast Hunters Cyberverse figures appear
Sep 25
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Once again Amazon comes through with a new official look at a number of Transformers. Unlike the previous batch of official images for this group seen back at BotCon in June for Generations and Beast Hunters, this batch is ta...
TFSS Chromedome photo
Still waiting on the seventh incentive figure
Took a while, but the sixth figure, Chromedome, for the 2014 Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 has finally been revealed. He was among the first group of figures to be announced, but the last to be fully revealed. He's a ...

Transformers photo

First look at Transformers Go! Guren Dragotron and others

Includes Takara Tomy galleries for Go! Hunter Arcee, Deluxe Orion Pax and Megatron, and Titan Metroplex
Sep 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Little known fact: "guren" is a Japanese word meaning "giant robot in a red, black, and gold paint scheme".  OK, that's a lie. The word simply means "crimson lotus" which is probably why it lends itself so well to red an...
TFSS 2.0 Microns photo
TFSS 2.0 Microns

Transformers subscription includes a trio of Microns

Formerly Japanese-only figure molds to be paired with three of the subscription figures
Sep 10
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Last week the official Transformers Collectors Club promised they had some huge surprises in store for this week concerning the 2014 Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 and they weren't kidding! They came right out of the g...
Botcon 2014 photo
Botcon 2014

Could BotCon be returning to California in 2014?

Possible second year at the Pasadena Convention Center
Sep 04
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hardcore fans don't wait for official word apparently. When wondering where BotCon would be held in 2014 some eager members of Seibertron and TFW2005 took it upon themselves to simply call the Pasadena Sheraton that hosted co...

Next TFSS figure revealed to be WfC Barricade

Aug 22 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
TFSS Barricade photo
Transformers Subscription Service shows off first look at War for Cybertron Barricade
Fun Publication's Transformers Collectors Club has announced the fifth figure in their 2014 Subscription Service 2.0 to be the War for Cybertron game's version of Barricade. With all the talk of Fall of Cybertron game charact...

Deluxe TFP at Five Below photo
Deluxe TFP at Five Below

Deluxe Transformers Prime figures turn up at Five Below

Waiting may have saved you a little money
Aug 18
// Scarecroodle
Five Below, the discount retailer which sells everything for US$5 or less, has recently added deluxe Transformers Prime figures to its list of bargains. This is great news for anybody who thought US$8 was still too much for a...
TFCC Subscription photo
Transformers Collector's Club plans to reveal a new figure every week
There sure are a lot of figure subscriptions these days. We've seen Mattel do several of them in the past few years for their various properties via Matty Collector, and this year Hasbro and Fun Publications held their first ...

SDCC 2013 Transformers photo
SDCC 2013 Transformers

SDCC 2013: Transformers Construct-Bots

Line continues to get bigger and better
Jul 25
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Transformers Construct-Bots are now making their third US convention appearance following Toy Fair and BotCon and things continue to keep getting better and better! Many new figures have been added to the lineup includin...

SDCC 2013: Transformers Thrilling 30

Jul 23 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Transformers Thrilling 30 photo
Hasbro outlines plans for 30th anniversary collectables series
Back at BotCon fans noticed that the Platinum Edition and Masterpiece Transformers figures had an odd number system on them leading up to 30. During the Transformers brand panel at SDCC Hasbro finally spilled the beans on jus...

SDCC 2013 Transformers photo
SDCC 2013 Transformers

SDCC 2013: Transformers Generations and Beast Hunters

Several new figures on display
Jul 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Despite a strong number of new figures displayed at BotCon back in late June, Hasbro still had a lot to show at SDCC 2013. That's not to say it's all new; there was a number of figures announced for the Generations line at th...
TFCC photo
Fun Publications discusses membership incentives, subscription figures, and themes for 2014
We're halfway through 2013 and Fun Publications is giving us a preview of  their 2014 plans for the Transformers Collectors Club and BotCon.  To go along with this year's Depthcharge figure they announced that the 2...

Beast Hunters photo
Beast Hunters

BotCon 2013 day 3 shows even more Beast Hunters figures

Hasbro uses questionable practice of upscaling Cyberverse figures to make new Deluxe and Voyager figures
Jun 30
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Despite mixed reactions from fans Hasbro is still trudging along with new figures and repaints for Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. They've also started a questionable practice that we're going to discuss shortly.  Cyb...
Transformers Generations photo
Several new figures join the line at nearly every scale
Day 3 of BotCon was yesterday and Hasbro wasted little time in getting official images of all of their big panel reveals out onto the web. For now we're going to talk about what appeared in the Generations portion of their pr...

Transformers exclusives photo
Retailers online and off to get a number of exclusives, plus the return of Linkin Park Soundwave
Transformers fans have no shortage of choices when it comes to exclusives in 2013. We've already seen a number of them released between and what was made available at BotCon on day one.  Speaking of Amazon, so...

SDCC 2013 Transformers photo
Transformers to be well represented at San Diego Comic Con
Day 2 of BotCon came and went on Friday with a number of exclusives announced, but the biggest among them will be coming to San Diego Comic Con in mid-July! Let's just cut to it: The rumors are true, Metroplex is coming to SD...

Transformers mag scans photo
Transformers mag scans

Mag scans get up close to new Transformers figures

Figures from Transformers Go!, Generations, and Masterpiece take the spotlight this month
Jun 24
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Another month and another round of magazine scans highlighting some of the newest Transformers coming from Takara Tomy.  First up we've got a very up-close look at G05 Gekisomaru from Transformers Go! A light-up feature ...
Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters exclusive sub line includes European release plans
Hasbro appears to be acting uncharacteristically ambitious with their Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters exclusives this year. Last year it took a lot of fan outcry to get them to release a series of highly sought after exclus...

Hasbro offers up a bot-load of new Transformers pics

May 14 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Remember February 24? I don't blame you if you don't, but that day we got to see the box art for some of the figures coming along this year including Fall of Cybertron Decepticon Thundercracker and IDW comics version of Autobot Hoist. Thundercracker is a straight repaint of the previous Cybertron mode Starscream released earlier this year. He's a bit disappointing since he'll be the first of the repainted and remolded FOC figures to not have a new weapon. Oh well, if you've got Starscream then you'll probably be buying Thundercracker anyway so what can you do? Hoist, on the other hand, does things right. As a repaint and remold of the also soon to be released Trailcutter (Trailbreaker; see the gallery) figure he includes a few new parts including a new head and replaces Trailcutter's truck cap with a toe lift that can be folded into a gun. Fans have been really eager to see Hoist get an updated figure; closest we've gotten to a good one was a repaint of the first live action movie's Longarm figure done for Revenge of the Fallen. It was a good figure, but, you know, it was a movie figure, it doesn't really gel with the Generations line et al. Updates are good. Meanwhile, not long behind Voyager class Triplechangers Decepticon Blitzwing and Autobot Springer comes Autobot Sandstorm. Shortly after Toy Fair (also back in February) some extremely eagle-eyed fans noticed that the art used on the upcoming Metroplex figure's box shows a tiny orange helicopter-thing buzzing around the city-size bot and took this as a sign that a Sandstorm figure was in the works. Speculators certainly won this round when prototypes and box art began to appear online. Hasbro has finally decided to make things official with new images. Sandstorm turns out to be based on the Springer figure. Makes sense since each have both a car and helicopter mode. However Hasbro didn't settle for just a repaint with a new head; this is basically a new figure with only a few shared parts left in common. Some liberties were taken with the two vehicle modes, but they're growing on me. Bot mode is fine, but I miss his traditionally square head.  Let's switch gears now to Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. This is where things are going to get ugly. At some point someone on the Transformers design team thought Megatron wasn't terrifying enough and the only way to fix that was to make him into a fish. I'm guessing that's what happened because I can't think of any good reasons for this to have seen the light of day. I've heard some people call it Sharkticon Megatron, but really it just looks like a flounder with an overbite to me. Worst part is they even decided to make a special Decepticon symbol for him with the same fish jaws. I'm going to assume this is supposed to be some sort of armor and not a full-on fish mode, but it's pretty hard to take serious regardless. Finally we've got a Target stores exclusive box set attempting to recreate the G1 Decepticon Terrorcon team. The figures are showing up individually in stores now, but can soon be bought all together in this set. People were hoping the box set would feature more G1-accurate colors, but they've actually gone the other direction making some additional color changes and adding a lot of translucent parts. Kinda unfortunate, a real missed opportunity. We haven't really talked about these figures so let's take a moment to do just that. All five members from the original team are included, more or less looking like they did back in the 80s. Only one that's really missing the mark is team leader Hun-Grrr which has very little in common with the original. Combined as Abominus they show some effort, though a lot of people are angry that he doesn't have proper hands. I'm actually OK with that since I imagine five monstrous bots turning into a single bot would result in something kinda crazy looking, right? Well, it's times like these that we call on third parties to find a solution, right? Let's see if any groups take up the challenge. There's a lot more to see so be sure to give the gallery a browse through to see it all. There you'll find new looks at the IDW versions of Orion Pax, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Trailcutter. [via Transformers official Facebook page, juise of the TFW2005 forums]  
Transformers photo
New stuff for retail and a Target exclusive, too
Hasbro has updated Facebook once again to give us a first good look at a bunch of new figures for the Transformers Generations and Beast Hunters lines. Also included is a mix of new pics for some of their other upcoming figures. We're talking nine first looks and four more second looks.  Follow me after a jump to see it all and maybe even a little history lesson or two.     


First look at TF Go! Autobot and Decepticon combiners

Japan-only Transformers Go! figures bulk up the Takara version of Beast Hunters
Apr 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Back in early March we got the names and some accompanying rumors for four mysterious additions to Takara Tomy's Transformers Go! figure line. The Go! line primarily consists figures from Hasbro's Transformers Prime: Beast Hu...

Learn all you wanted to know on how Transformers are made

Gizmodo goes straight to Hasbro to learn every step of the process from sketch to shelves.
Apr 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Each Transformers toy is an amazing feat in technical engineering. Several tiny little parts going together to make a single figure that needs to be able to take two or even more forms. Their design process is far more involv...
Plus new look at Transformers Generations Data Discs.
Two weeks ago we talked about the mystery surrounding the Takara Tomy's upcoming Transformers Go! line with the company leaving us with only speculation on just what they have in store for a toy line that appears to be part T...


Speculation begins on Takara Tomy's Transformers Go! line

Once thought to be a straight Japanese version of Beast Hunters, new listings prove it to be something more.
Mar 09
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Not long ago the name Transformers Go! first appeared among Japanese sources. Initial reaction across many sites was that this would be the title of the Japanese version of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters and this made sens...

Final two figures revealed for Botcon exclusive box set

Obsidian and Megaplex complete the 2013 box that also includes Hoist, Skywarp, and Strika.
Mar 02
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Last week we previewed the first three figures in the Botcon 2013 box set Machines of War based on the 1997 Kay-Bee Toys exclusive Transformers toy line Machine Wars. This week we're getting our first look at the final t...

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