Josh Keyes Lifted II

Josh Keyes' first piece, Lifted II, on sale Oct. 8

Collaborated with ToyQube to produce sculpture
Sep 30
ToyQube's got another exclusive release in their store, and this time, it's Josh Keyes' Lifted II sculpture. This is Josh's first collectible piece, and it's based off of a painting he did last year of a circus elephant sitti... read
Keithing's The Soul Taker

The Soul Taker comes for you this Friday

New work from Keithing combines a Labbit and Bat Boy into death incarnate
Sep 18
Keithing has a new custom that he's just finished up, or really, I should say pair of customs. This Labbit-Bat Boy pairing is called the Soul Taker, featuring a little masked reaper (the 6-inch Bat Boy) and his scary pumpkin ... read
ToyQube x Josh Keyes

ToyQube teases a new piece from Josh Keyes

Sculpture based off Keyes' artwork
Aug 06
ToyQube have sent along this teaser image, showing a new sculpt they're working on. As part of their Signature Series, ToyQube is releasing a piece based off of Josh Keyes' artwork. Josh does very realistic paintings, but I'm... read

NEMO customizes some Sharkys for Tenacious Toys

Aug 28
Check out the gallery for images of what Mike "NEMO" Mendez has done to two of his Sharky figures (sculpted by NEMO and produced by ToyQube)! One of them looks plain old mean, while the other is a zombie shark. It looks prett... read

Keith Poon's Tiger the Hut coming Tuesday

Feb 27
Keith Poon has sent us info on his newest custom ... and it's not what you might expect. Taking Ron English's recently released Fat Tony, Keith has turned him into something out of the Star Wars universe. Oir well, tried to a... read

Keith Poon brings us some spooky zombified Disney characters

Oct 29
Keith Poon has sent us some info on his newest custom toys, these one just in time for Halloween. He's taken several 8" Disney vinyl figures and given them all a bit of a zombified look. They're all one-offs featuring Mickey ... read

NYCC 2011: ToyQube

Oct 26
Keith Poon's (a.k.a. Keithing) works have graced the pages of Tomopop plenty of times before. We went to visit his booth, met the artist himself and got to take some shots of the stuff on sale and display! Brian covered ToyQu... read

SDCC 2011: ToyQube

Jul 26
Coming all the way in from New York was the ToyQube crowd, with artist Keith Poon in tow, and there were certainly a lot of things at their booth to check out. As we mentioned prior to the show, Keith was bringing a ton of cu... read

Keith Poon's Baby Sharky to terrorize New York Comic Con

Sep 28
New York Comic Con is fast approaching, and the show's exclusives are already starting to be revealed. One of those will be Toyqube's latest unveiled exclusive, Baby Sharky by Keith Poon. It's a smaller, 5" take on Keith... read

'Stud' the GID resin cucake is lonely and looking for a home

Jan 02
Titanium Toys has just released this whimsical GID resin cupcake named "Stud," the first in a series called Snackz! For such a tiny dude, only 3" high, he had a lot of people working on his design and productio... read

kaNO 's Hi-Def vinyl figure to debut at NYCC

Feb 03
The first time I remember hearing about kaNO was after seeing his custom MADL for the MADL Citizens Show back in November. His custom piece turned out to be one of my favorites and cemented his status in my mind as one of the... read

ToyQube/Keith Poon's Black Extra Bloody Hammerhead Sharky ready for New York Comic Con

Jan 13
New York Comic Con is just around the corner (February 6-8), so it's right about time to start getting a glimpse at all the exclusives that will be for sale there. ToyQube kicks things off with the revealing of the Keith Poon... read

As per my last review, you can see I'm quite a fan of pirates and all things landlubber. This year's SDCC exclusive over at the ToyQube booth definitely fit my fancy, as not only was it pirate related, but it was decked out i... read feature

Custom Delights: Toyqube's fourth anniversary custom Sharky roundup

Aug 12
With Toyqube's fourth anniversary party drawing near more and more incredible custom Sharkies are popping up all over the place. While each and every one deserves individual attention (which you can pay at the show) we though... read

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