Tomopop Exclusive: Dark Horse releasing Hellboy Mini Qees

We're happy to bring you guys news that Dark Horse will be distributing a new series of Hellboy Mini Qees that Toy2R is producing. Dark Horse previously released some larger, 8-inch Hellboy Qees, and these are slightly smaller 5-inch Qees. ...


DesignerCon 2012: Scott Tolleson

Companies weren't the only one in attendance at DesignerCon: plenty of artists had their own booths, too, and once again this year, Scott Tolleson was among them. The booth this year included both the new Melange colorway of Scott's monstro...


Lisa Rae Hansen's custom PigQee for charity is in bloom

Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her lovely custom PigQee, labeled Bloom, which was donated by Toy2R for Art For A Cure (here's a link to the specific Cause). Bloom features a cute little flower decoration on its head that is r...


Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee headed to Tenacious Toys

You might remember back in March, we posted about a Kickstarter for Scott Tolleson, Toy2R and Tenacious Toys' Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee. Well, the Kickstarter was a success, the Qees have been shipped off to the backers, and the leftovers...


Toy2R announces four new Qees from four artists

Toy2R has a bunch of new Qees coming out in the next few months; in fact, four of them have already been announced by Toy2R, each featuring a different artist and different theme. Whether you want an undead warrior, an old-fashioned fi...


Under the Radar: Toy2R, JPK's Captain Sturnbrau colorway

It was a long while back that we got a peek at Jon Paul Kaiser and Toy2R's first big collaboration, the pirate Captain Sturnbrau. Now, we're getting a second colorway of the 5-inch Captain, albeit in a ghostly blue translucent colorway...


The custom Qees of So So Happy, Toy2R's touring show

Earlier this year, Toy2R and So So Happy announced they'd be teaming up for a custom toy show featuring Toy2R's Qees as customized by a number of artists from around the world. The show will be touring to various cons and other events throu...


Albert Art's newest Qees are Double Trouble

From Albert Art, we have photos of two of his recent custom Qees, the team known either as Double Trouble or A & A. Based on the style of his Letterman the Hound, the Pigee and QeeBear customs look ready for a fight or two. Regular toug...


Toy2R's Spike and Melting Toyer Qee Collection

I always liked the Toyer Qee design, and now that Spring has rolled around you'll be able to see two new designs for them. These newly sculpted 5 inch Mini Qees come as the Spike Toyer or the Melting Toyer and are available in four colors -...


Domo Qee Series 4 dropping later this month

A new Domo Qee blind box series coming soon? Count me in! I've had some of the previous series' pieces and I loved them! They're always very fun and come in exciting colors. Series 4 looks to be heading in the same direction, as there are s...


Under the Radar: Toy2R's Spider Baby Boom series

Toy2R and Sun-Min Kim are collaborating on a brand new artist figure series, Spider Baby Boom. The series will apparently feature up to 18 different designs of the little spider, along with artists' takes on the new platform. Above, you can...


Tenacious Exclusive Scott Tolleson Qee on Kickstarter!

Tenacious Toys is doing their thing and starting off a Kickstarter project to fund an exclusive grayscale colorway of Scott Tolleson's 5 inch Uncle Argh Mini Qee. If they reach their goal, Toy2R will produce 500 pieces of the figure as a Te...


Toy2R, Jon Paul Kaiser and their cryptic event teaser

Toy2R and Jon Paul Kaiser have sent us a teaser image for an upcoming event that doesn't really tell us much. Sure, it's got the date on there of October 11, 2012, which is during New York Comic Con, and the event's going to be held at Yoya...


Mikie Graham's Mon-Kii draws from So So Happy's world

Mikie Graham is entering Toy2R and So So Happy's custom Qee show, and he means business. Monkey business, that is. The premise of the exhibit is to design a Qee that would fit into the So So Happy world. His entry, Mon-Kii Bot, is a simian ...


Two new Deady Bunee Mini Qees on the way

Toy2R's Mini Qee line will get two new additions from Voltaire's Deady series this April in the form of the Deady Bunee Mini Qees. Each 5-inch Qee is based on the Bunee figure, and there will be two designs available — Deady and his n...


NYCC 2011: A run in with Crook ED the cop!

Ian Ziobrowski came in with a big box right as we were setting up to leave Toy2R & Tenacious Toys on Saturday with something quite dangerous inside! I didn't know it at the time, but apparently ED here is one crooked cop! When Crook ED ...


NYCC 2011: Checking out Rsin Art's customs at the show

While I was at Tenacious Toys & Toy2R's booth, I was lucky to run into a few other artists and customs I'd been looking forward to after we went to say hello, and the first artist I met (besides Carson, whose interview was combined with...


NYCC 2011: Toy2R & Tenacious Toys

Continuing our adventures at New York Comic Con, we stopped by the Toy2R/Tenacious Toys booth. There, the companies were highlighting several artists through out each day of the convention, giving passers by the opportunity to get a look at...


Toy2R announces Bissy Bear

You all love Bossy Bear, right? Tomopop loves Bossy Bear. But, in a shocking reveal in Toy2R's newsletter today, it turns out everything isn't his. Rather, it's all "hers hers hers." Yes, making her (very pink) debut is Bissy Bear! This new...


Jason Freeny's Visible Qee and signing at New York Comic Con

It's been a little while since we posted about Jason Freeny's work, and I'll break that trend with this post which contains something awesome. Jason has recently released this image of what he calls his Visible Qee, a cutaway of the popular...


Toy2R has a whole bunch of new stuff

This past weekend marked a major event for Toy2R with the opening of new offices. But they didn't decide just to open the new offices with some kind of open house: they went and made an entire one-day event around the opening, where they sh...


Toy2R unveils the newest Monster Bossy Bear: Toxic Stomp

In January, Toy2R unveiled their Monster Bossy Bear line. With kaiju stylings and a fun pop culture look, it garned a positive response from fans of the Bossy series and vinyl fans alike. Between the excellent price point (US$20) and the gr...


Toy2R's Qee to Happiness contest begins

The folks at Toy2R are in a generous mood and have put together a contest they're calling Qee to Happiness. Starting today and running through May 27, everyone's got a chance to get some free toys from Toy2R. But you'll need to use your noo...


Strange Beast Bossy Bear announced for May release

Toy2R first unveiled their monster Bossy Bear in late January. We all loved the look of it, and we've been waiting since to find out more on pricing and release info. Toy2R sent over some amazing new shots today, including the Godzilla-esqu...


Toy2R announces the Transparent Qee

What I love most about Qee bears is their simplicity. The newest release from Toy2R in their Qee line takes that concept to its apex with the Transparent edition, which stands seven inches in height and is limited to roughly 100 pieces. Thi...


Custom Delights: Scott Tolleson's Cousin Argh Qee

Scott Tolleson is bringing argyle back, one custom at a time. This time, he's taken his sweater stylings and painted them onto a Toyer Qee, creating Cousin Argh. I just love how smooth Scott's painting looks on the custom, as if this was pr...


J*Ryu's new custom Qee is in full bloom

I've got a confession to get off my chest: I don't really care about Qee. No need to get into specifics, they don't really do it for me. That's why it means so much when I take a look at J*Ryu's new custom Qee and feel my jaw drop to the fl...


Teasers appear for Toy2R's Mini Qee Event

Next Monday, Toy2R will be hosting a special event at Yoyamart (15 Gansevoort Street, New York City) called NYC♥QEE. The event will not only mark the launch of the 5" Mini Qee Collection, but it'll feature a ton of new customs based ...


Toy2R announces the 36 Qee Loves Green Bear

How much does it cost to own a 36 inch, flocked green Qee bear? Well apparently, all you need is a cool $2400 and you can add him to your toy harem immediately.Created by special order only as a part of Toy2R's celebration of Qee's tenth an...


Toy2R unveils a new 5" figure: Monster Bossy Bear!

Bossy Bear is easily one of my favorite figures that I own (You can see King Bossy Bear unboxed here). I've always loved his simple expression, but it looks like Toy2R are giving him a new one that we aren't going to be forgetting soon...


Dark Horse & Toy2R releases seven new Domo varieties

If your old standby brown Domo-kun is just not making the sparks fly for you the way he/she/it used to, these seven new varieties from Dark Horse and Toy2R will surely get the Domo-ness going. NHK's favorite mascot ...


Toy2R announces a holiday sale with 20% off EVERYTHING

Easily the most difficult part of Christmas shopping in my mind is ignoring all the deals of stuff you really want to buy for yourself but shouldn't, because you should save that money of gifts. Case in point: everything at Toy2R's web...


Week 13 of Toy2R's Facebook giveaways enter now!

Some people may not like the number 13, but I've always been a big fan of both it and the number 7. Not that that has a single thing to do with what we're talking about here, BUT it is time for the 13th week in the 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 ...


Toy2R announces several holiday-themed Qees

I have intensely nostalgic emotions about Qee bears. They really launched the collecting hobby for me, and the first vinyl toy I ever bought was an 8 inch skeleton Qee. I'm so happy to learn that 2011 marks Qee's 10th anniversary (which, I ...


Custom Delights: Troy Stith's Bodhi 20" Qee

Troy Stith's got a brand new 20" Qee that he's just finished for the Qee to the City show in Miami named Bodhi. Continuing with the ruins theme that we've seen in a few past customs from Troy, this damaged temple features a lot of incr...


Toy2R USA offering 25 percent off everything for Black Friday

The Black Friday keep rolling in, and this time around, Toy2R USA have a deal for everyone who buys from their online store. Starting today, Toy2R USA is offering 25 percent off everything in their store. That includes Skelanimal Qees, Mini...


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