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9:00 AM on 11.10.2014

DesignerCon 2014: TOUMA

TOUMA hit DesignerCon with a vengeance. His DCon exclusive Knuckle Bear Cosmic (US$55) looks crisp as usual, and I always love his designs. He also had little soft vinyl toys of Pico Mao Cat, Pico Hitch Bear and more, also sh...

Rio McCarthy

1:30 PM on 06.05.2013

[UPDATE] Mighty Jaxx's next piece is TOUMA's Ifrits

TOUMA seems like a real busy fellow these days. Not only were some new collabs announced at Design Festa 37, plus the work he's done with Bandai and Max Toy Co., but you can add Mighty Jaxx to the list of collaborators. A cou...

Brian Szabelski

Under the Radar: Max Toy Co.'s new Monster Boogie Micros photo
Under the Radar: Max Toy Co.'s new Monster Boogie Micros
by Brian Szabelski

Max Toy Co. has a new series of mini kaiju figures that for some reason, I hadn't noticed until this week. They're called the Monster Boogie Micros, and they're a different way to enjoy some giant monsters. The recent release batch included five figures based on concepts by Yo Miyamoto: Cat Kaiju Nekoron, Nise Nekoron, the Mark 2 Mecha Nekoron, Dino Saikobi and Poodra, which was designed by TOUMA. Each one is 2.5 to 2.75 inches tall and is handpainted, too.

By now, only Poodra remains in stock at the Max Toy Co. store, for US$18. But never fear: Mark and company do a lot of colorways of their kaiju pieces (like many other kaiju producers including Super7 and Gargamel), so if you're not too picky on colors and are more a fan of the sculpts, you'll have chances to pick up new variants in the future. Bet on it.

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DesignerCon 2012: TOUMA photo
DesignerCon 2012: TOUMA
by Brian Szabelski

Coming all the way from Japan was TOUMA, who landed at DesignerCon with Mao Cats and Hitch Bears a plenty. But it wasn't just the past on display: there were some new projects on display, too, starting with the TOUMA x Dokutoku460 kaiju figure. The figure features a single common body with two separate heads — one by TOUMA and one by Dokutoku460 — and the good news is the heads both fit the body pretty well! It could be the start of an interesting line, too, if TOUMA and Dokutoku460 were to make different heads to match the body. Anyone else agree?

For you Power Rangers fans, though, there's something else coming on down the line: the upcoming Power Rangers vinyl figures TOUMA designed! You can see the Red Ranger from the original series among three designs shown off at DCon and I have to say, it's a pretty nice design. There's enough of TOUMA's style in there, but that style doesn't dominate the piece. It feels like a pretty good mash-up and one we'll hopefully have even more news on in the future.

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Tomopop's Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup (Part 3) photo
Tomopop's Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup (Part 3)
by Brian Szabelski

With two parts of our roundup already posted, you might think that we're done. That's not the case, actually; there's one more part to touch on, and here lie some of the booths with the most to talk about. That's especially true if you're a fan of custom Dunnys, The Sucklord and his bootleg creations, or the carnival of characters that come from the big tent at Circus Posterus.

Check out the last part of our Big Bad DesignerCon Roundup, and be sure to check out Tomopop this weekend, when we'll be covering the show!

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2:00 PM on 07.21.2012

TOUMA & Friends opens tonight at Munky King

At 7 p.m. Pacific tonight, TOUMA's first U.S. exhibition in a while opens at Munky King (7308 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles), called TOUMA & Friends! Running through Aug. 12, TOUMA & Friends features new works from TOUMA,...

Brian Szabelski

Tomopop About Town: My Little Pony Project 2012 photo
Tomopop About Town: My Little Pony Project 2012
by Natalie Kipper

This last Saturday marked the opening of the My Little Pony Project 2012, an art exhibit of custom My Little Pony figures that took up four stores on Los Angeles's Melrose Avenue. Twenty-five big name artists made one-of-a-kind toys in honor of the 25th anniversary of the toy franchise. Toy Art Gallery was were the bulk of the event took place but JapanLA, Munky King, and JoyRich also had giveaways and ponies on display. 

Hit the jump to check out photos of the event and the ponies on display!

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7:00 AM on 01.19.2012

Rotobox's new Suparobos built from Touma technology

Rotobox's next custom creations are a two-piece set using a platform I haven't seen many other people use yet. For the Mazingoon Z vs. Getter Fang set, they've taken Touma's Goon and Fangwolves figures and completely tra...

Brian Szabelski