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11:00 PM on 04.01.2010

A bundle of Beagles that even the Red Baron would be afraid of

Who doesn't love an adorable bundle of joy such as a Beagle? No one of course! Without further ado I bring you a bundle of Beagles.Hit the jump to see them in action!

Rio McCarthy

10:00 PM on 04.01.2010

Snug as a Pug in a rug!

The above Pug is pretty snuggly, are you? Well if not, kick back, relax and check out this assortment of adorable Pug videos handpicked by yours truly.Not all dogs are as special as Pugs - Hit the jump to see what I mean!

Rio McCarthy

9:00 PM on 04.01.2010

Dogs that look like people!

Ever see a dog who looked like a person? I know I sure have! Thanks to the internet, I can now show you lots of pictures of dogs that look like people. Ugly people, pretty people, fake people, and even Woody Allen are all her...

Joshua Hayes

8:00 PM on 04.01.2010

An ode to Basset Hound paws

Basset Hounds have the most adorable duck-like paws, and they're the only breed I've ever seen that practically drown themselves trying to get a drink from their water bowl while they step on their ears. Without further ado, an ode to Basset Hound paws... LOOK AT THEM!

Rio McCarthy

7:30 PM on 04.01.2010

Tale of the Tape: Krypto vs. Dex-Starr

When it comes to animals that kick ass you don't get much better than Krypto. How do you beat a hyper-intelligent dog with all the power of superman in a cuddly little dog body? I don't know if you can, even if you introduce ...

Tomopop Staff

7:00 PM on 04.01.2010

A new challenger appears: Cat in training to take on dogs, end universe as we know it

Today, a cat begins his training. For what? The most epic dog fight of its life. Cats can dream too, and this one had better hope it has nine lives. Dog fights can be very serious business landing professional basketball play...

Joshua Hayes

6:00 PM on 04.01.2010

Werepugs on the rise... Yours could be next!

It has come to my attention that there is a horrible case of viciousness on the rise, and it has all started with one Pug. It all started when gopugyourself01's pooch got a hold of a copy of Teen Wolf, and then the mess began.Hit the jump to see what you should be on the lookout for!

Rio McCarthy

5:15 PM on 04.01.2010

Wait, you can buy puppy chow made by puppies for puppies!?

Wow, of all the things I could ever want for my pet, this is tops. Why waste time feeding them some terrible processed food when you can give them a real treat. Dog food for dogs, by dogs. It's like the FUBU of the dog world, except they can eat it and not die from consuming denim and cotton.Check the video after the jump.

Tim Sheehy

5:00 PM on 04.01.2010

The apocalypse is upon us: Dog cleans up its own poop

The apocalypse is clearly upon us! As foretold by the oracles of both ages and seasons, dogs are now cleaning their own feces. This is the first sign of the end. All is lost, love is over, and may our various gods have mercy ...

Joshua Hayes

3:30 PM on 04.01.2010

Samoyed: the polar bear of puppies

There's been a lot of cute shared already today, but you're bound for even more. Next up is the Samoyed, who is not only beautiful, but is also pretty much the polar bear of puppies. These white fur balls are perfect for snuggling, and they can't wait for you to 'Aww' all about them.Check out the gallery for some snow white cuties!

Rio McCarthy

3:00 PM on 04.01.2010

Dog narcolepsy: the growing epidemic

Have you ever walked your dog and it just collapsed out of nowhere? Does your dog seem to fall asleep while eating? If you have, you might be one of the thousands of dog owners across America that has a dog with narcolepsy. B...

Garrett Yim

2:30 PM on 04.01.2010

Corgi Cuteness: So sweet your teeth will ache

Corgi are one of my favorite breeds of dogs, right up there with Pugs. They're mischievous little shorties that have the most adorable stubby legs of all time. No matter what you're doing right now, stop it and hit the jump for some videos that are cute enough to make your teeth hurt.Hit the jump for the videos, then check out the gallery for more photos!

Rio McCarthy