[NSFW] Get two times the Tamaki with Clayz and Beat!

Aug 09
Because you really, really can't get enough Tamaki, we've got word of not one, but two upcoming versions of everyone's favorite To Heart redhead. Fortunately if both of these lovelies catch your fancy you'll have some time to... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 6, 2012

Apr 07
It's all about VOLKS' Hobby Round 7 today for Reserve or Regret though there is almost no time left since the event is happening today in Japan. There are several exclusives from VOLKS that have people pawing at their monitor... read

[NSFW] Tsun Face Tamaki is the derpiest Tamaki

Mar 29
Much as I love the normally pretty face of To Heart, even a fan like me knows when to take a step back and say "No, sir, I will not partake!" In this case, such measures are needed in the face--no pun intended--of Daiki Kougy... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 28, 2012

Mar 29
I'll let you know now, this is going to be a disappointing day for Reserve or Regret. You might as well just leave your wallet in your pants. ...if you're wearing pants. We tend to go pantless around here at Tomopop. And if y... read

[NSFW] Pre-order Griffon's latest sexy Tamaki

Mar 28
Near the end of last year, we took a look at a Tamaki from Griffon that was definitely on the racier side of things--as Tamaki usually tends to be. Unlike many, though, this one tended to lean on the classier side of things t... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 26, 2012

Mar 27
Getting sick sucks. It also sucks to know that I have been allowing you folks to get away without spending money. That has gone on long enough. Pull out those credit cards, borrow some cash, or do what you must because it's t... read

This Tamaki gallery is sweet!

Mar 15
Last month we brought word of Kotobukiya's towering new Tamaki figure, though it received surprisingly little fanfare for such a startlingly huge figure of such an infamous character. In case you missed it and actually do sti... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 13, 2012

Mar 14
Consider your money safe today and not needing to ask yourself "reserve or regret?" Yesterday brought us more exclusives and some re-releases from Griffon Enterprises. None of which are anything special. Griffon Enterprises h... read

Volks USA brings you the Dollfies of Dolpa 26 and Kyoto 9

Mar 13
For those who have been wanting to get their hands on Volks' Dollfie clothes from Dolpa 26 and the exclusives from Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9, your chance is now available. Volks is taking orders on the clothes and lottery entri... read

[NSFW] 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Daiki Kougyou

Feb 23
There's been one notable omission so far from all things WonFes and Hobby Maker Expo, and that's Daiki Kougyou. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing looking at their Hobby Maker Expo wares. Things start out as you might expect,... read

Pre-order this tasty new Tamaki

Feb 20
Can't get enough of the ever-present Tamaki? Kotobukiya's got you covered with yet another upcoming figure, scantily clad as ever in a barely-there bikini. Of course, if that isn't suggestive enough on its own, Koto's making ... read

Daiki Kougyou has Tamaki show off her tsun side?

Feb 16
A month without Tamaki? I know! That's just too long for this popular lady from ToHeart2, huh? Well, Daiki Kougyou is looking to fix that by... oh. ... Re-releasing a Tamaki figure with a different face. That's just lazy. Com... read

PhotoKano and ToHeart2's schoolgirls hit Home Town Dolpa

Feb 14
So, yeah, I'm still into that doll thing. Doesn't help that I now own my second doll with Volks' Dollfie Dream Saber given to me by my awesome best friend who spoils me. So my interest has been captured with Volks revealing t... read

Now you can pre-order a really big Tamaki

Jan 19
I didn't know Kotobukiya had even made this, but now you can pre-order their gigantic 1/4-scale Tamaki from To Heart2 DX Plus. That is a lot of Tamaki (270 mm tall!), and at 1/4-scale I'm sure her other... qualities... will b... read

Vacation Tamaki is caught in the act with this gallery

Dec 31
No matter how many Tamaki figures are released, I'll always stay true to the thought that you can never have too many! That's rarely been more apt a sentiment than with this new release from Griffon, showing off a particularl... read

Get the full Sasara Kusugawa experience in this gallery

Dec 26
Here's the deal: if you want to see plastic boobies of anime girls, check out Moeyo's gallery of Daiki Kougyou's Sasara Kusugawa figure. I'll leave the NSFW stuff for them as they do it so well. Otherwise I've grabbed a few s... read

ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers' Sasara strikes again

Dec 19
Just a little over three months ago, Daiki Kougyou released the samurai version of Sasara Kusugawa from PlayStation Portable title ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers. Just like Daiki Kougyou (and many others), Sasara is back again, ... read

To Heart's Sasara earns your vote with these pre-orders

Oct 31
Silly me, thinking the infamous Tamaki was "bad" as To Heart got with its character designs. Apparently, FREEing is making me second guess things with this upcoming release of student council president Sasara Kusugawa. With a... read

Ilfa here (Manaka de Ikuno!!) is one of the more beautifully colored figures I've ever had the pleasure to handle. I really love it when they use nice pastel blues, purples and reds cause it gives well-molded fabric such a gr... read feature


Take first place with Circuit Angel Tamaki

Oct 23
Ah, Tamaki. Everyone's favorite curvy ToHeart lass. She of a million figure variations in any number of poses. This latest comes to us from Kaitendo, and features Miss Kosaka decked out in the garb of the oh-so-Japanese "race... read

While I'm not so much a fan of eroge, and I am definitely wary of any anime adapted from a game (especially if that that game has multiple outcomes), I can't deny that I'm drawn to the ToHeart 2 character designs. Silfa is ap... read feature


Take aim at this gallery of Kotobukiya's Sniper Karin

Sep 29
Still on the fence with Kotobukiya's latest ToHeart 2 offering? Perhaps not holding quite the same appeal as long-time favorite Tamaki, Karin certainly has her own appeal — particularly in this rather revealing sniper g... read

Kusugawa Sasara rocks the samurai look for her latest figure

Sep 06
Normally, the very sight or mention of To Heart puts me into a coma. I don't know what it is about that series in all of its forms, but its never been able to hook me. A couple of the girls are pretty cute, but moé doe... read

AlphaMax's Tamaki ready for mopping duties

Aug 26
Buried in this month's latest round of scans was this new Tamaki from AlphaMax, and yep, she's kind of a bit suggestive. Dressed in a little maid outfit, Tamaki's got a mop and is ready to clean, though I don't think you clea... read

Kotobukiya's Sniper Karin aims for your heart

Aug 18
The ToHeart 2 figures from Kotobukiya should be no mystery to longtime Tomopeeps, so perhaps it's not a surprise that the series continues on with Sniper Karin from the ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers game. She's not perhaps dres... read

It's time for Silfa to show off her summer look in a gallery

Aug 11
Oh hey, it's another gallery post! This morning, I bring you images of Kotobukiya's upcoming Silfa from ToHeart2: Another Days. This is her Summer Version, and she's already due for release next month. I don't really know muc... read

WF2011S: Griffon

Jul 25
Griffon is a company that seems to wear many hats. Most of you know them as those dudes who make all those Touhou figures and make no mistake, Touhou was there at Griffon's booth. Most of it was stuff they've already shown or... read

WF2011S: Kotobukiya crosses into the various worlds of ToHeart to bring you figures

Jul 24
One thing that Kotobukiya has that they can keep going back to for variety is the ToHeart series. There's ToHeart 2, ToHeart2 ~Another Days~, ToHeart 2 XRATED, ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers, and Manaka de Ikuno!! Final Dragon Ch... read

Waterproof your robots with To Heart 2's Summer Silfa

Jun 29
With summer in full swing, no company is safe from the allure of the ever popular "swimsuit cheesecake" figure. Kotobukiya is, of course, no exception, and simultaneously brings us this lovely To Heart 2 figure and answers th... read

ToHeart 2's Maryan-senpai makes a splash

Jun 21
It seems like amongst the deluge of Tamaki figures, Harumi isn't the only To Heart character that hasn't been forgotten. Manufacturer Beat goes right past the line of heroines in general, picking up the choice of ex-student c... read

Chara-Ani makes tiny adorable To Heart 2 trading figures

Jun 06
To Heart 2 figures have made a big splash recently and now Chara-Ani is micro-sizing their whole line into adorable little trading figures! Tamaki, Harumi, Manaka, and others appear in both schoolgirl outfits and Manake de Ik... read

There are lots of reasons to buy a figure. Sometimes you like the character or the sculptor, or maybe the design and sculpt are just too awesome to pass out. However, every once in a while, something comes along that doesn't ... read feature


Race Queen Tamaki jumps the gun

May 30
With a figure so all-encompassing as ToHeart's Tamaki, loved by but a few of us at this point, it stands to reason that not every release can be a winner. Unintentional racing puns aside, it seems like the most recently misse... read

Enjoy some new shots of Volks' Manaka de Ikuno!! Tamaki Valkyrie figure

May 30
If you remember back to last month, we brought you some news about the upcoming Manaka de Ikuno!! Kousaka Tamaki Valkyrie ver. figure. Well, now there's a whole bunch of lovely shots of this Tamaki to share, and while she's n... read

Volks Manaka de Ikuno!! Bishop Manaka gallery

Apr 18
This isn't the first time we've seen Bishop Manaka, but she's so pretty that new pictures are always welcome! I gotta say, there's something sort of serene about her smiling face framed by the blue hood and giant bells. Overa... read

Check out a gallery full of Kotobukiya's Dancer Maaryan

Apr 11
Last month, we heard about Maaryan being the latest addition to the hoard of Dragon Chronicle figures, and this month we have a nice gallery to show her off. Cute girls in bunnygirl outfits are always welcome, right? A bunnyg... read

Manaka de Iku no's Bard Silfa takes a new job class to cleanse the world of evil

Apr 08
Kotobukiya has been seeing a lot of success with their line of figures of the ToHeart2 spin off RPG, Manaka de Iku no!! Final Dragon Chronicle ~Guilty Requiem~. Taking the cast and throwing them in outfits from a fantasy worl... read

In a surprising turn of events, I have acquired another Tamaki figure. I know, shocking. It's been almost two whole weeks since my last Tamaki review! But this time, we're going to be taking a look at a very different Tama-ne... read feature


To Heart2's Kono Haruma seems to be losing her clothing

Mar 29
I'm sure it's a dream of many of the world's men that they would meet more women whose clothing would simply just fall off. While said women look sweet and giggle about it, in fact. Enter Miss Kono Haruma from To Heart2 Anoth... read

Lotion up with beach-ready Tamaki Kosaka

Mar 25
There are a lot of Tamaki figures out there. A lot. So you know when someone actually manages to come up with an idea that still seems a bit unique, that's not exactly a small feat. Yet, somehow, New Line manages to do the im... read

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