Carry out your naughty ideas with Figuarts Momo

Bandai - Figuarts
Nov 20
// Emily Smalara
The latest addition to Bandai's Figuarts line is none other than To-Love Ru's Momo Deviluke, so you can only imagine the sorts of situations you can put such a poseable character in with source material like that. After all, ...
S.H.F Momo photo
Let's start the countdown to Nana being announced
Earlier this year Bandai released Golden Darkness (or Yami if you prefer) from To Love-Ru in the S.H.Figuarts line and hasn't wasted too much time in adding a second figure. She'll soon be joined by Momo Belia Deviluke with a...


Figuarts Golden Darkness shines brighter with a pre-order

Bandai - Figuarts
Jun 01
// Emily Smalara
To-Love Ru's Golden Darkness has often drawn parallels to Nanoha's Fate, but she'll be branching out with a much more pure version thanks to the S.H. Figuarts line. Dressed from head to toe in elegant white, the ex-assassin l...


Say 'I do' to pre-ordering this marriage-ready Momo

Max Factory - 1/6 Scale
May 28
// Emily Smalara
Say what you will about the quality of To-Love Ru and its successors, the creator certainly knows how to make some exceptionally appealing ladies. The Deviluke clan has always been some of my favorites as well--barring Lala a...

Strip Orchid Seed's latest castoffable with Kotegawa Yui

Apr 22
// Emily Smalara
I admit, I'm not terribly familiar with the infamous To-Love-Ru, other than knowing the recent manga continues to push the boundaries of acceptable publishing in the face of Tokyo's insanely manga-loathing governor. In that s...

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