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SDCC 2014: Yes Anime photo

SDCC 2014: Yes Anime

If you saw our Yes Anime coverage from Anime Expo, a lot of what was at their booth might look the same. The licensed Trexis are close to release (around September), with a few minor changes to be made to some (for example, the Naruto Trexi...

AX 2014: Yes Anime photo

Anime Expo 2014: Yes Anime

Yes Anime's Anime Expo booth was home to a few new prototypes including ... 12-inch Tiger and Bunny plushes based on the popular characters as alpacas? Yes: the plushes are designed to look like alpaca-fied versions of Wild T...

S.H. Figuarts Dragon Kid photo

Bluefin to bring SH Figuarts Dragon Kid to North America

The S.H Figuarts version of Tiger and Bunny's lightning kung fu master, Dragon Kid, was originally made available for pre-order to Asia-based collectors exclusively from the Tamashii Web Shop. North American fans were plum out of luck....

Hello Kitty Tiger & Bunny photo

Hello Kitty is now Hello Tiger and Hello Bunny

Hello Kitty continues to cosplay as pop culture icons, this time playing the hero as both Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. for the latest film Tiger & Bunny the Movie -The Rising-. The movie opens in Japan on February 8 and Kitty will ...


HobbyLink Japan is having a figure sale, up to 95% off!

There are sales and there are bargains. Often items posted on sale are not always marked at a low price but rather at their regular low price. Still within any sale there are always some alluring bargains to be found.  HobbyLink Japan ...

SHF Blue Rose photo

S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose now available for pre-order

The S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose, who made a surprise appearance in some magazine scans last month, is now available for pre-order. While the S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose was apparently left on hiatus for some time, it appears that Tiger & Bunny ...

SDCC: Tamashii Nations photo

SDCC 2013: Tamashii Nations

So we've seen Sailor Senshi and superheroes, xenomorphs and other morphers. But the Tamashii Nations booth was home to more than just some new reveals; plenty of figures coming in the next 6 months were all on display, from the Pink and Red...

SHF S.Mercury & Blue Rose photo

Scans detail SHF Sailor Mercury & revival of Blue Rose

S.H. Figuarts belongs to the ladies this month as Bandai detailed their prototypes for two upcoming releases. One, Sailor Mercury, was only recently known. Blue Rose, on the other hand, has been M.I.A. for quite some time. For Sailor Mercur...


Tamashii reveals TaiBani's Fire Emblem as an exclusive

Tamashii Web Shouten has revealed Tiger & Bunny's Fire Emblem as a web shop exclusive S.H. Figuarts, which is slated for release this July (¥4,725 base price from Tamashii). Don't fret, though -- a few shops will help you out if you...


Tomopop Review: G.E.M Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

It probably doesn’t come as much of a shock when I say I have a huge crush on Tiger & Bunny’s resident Oji-san (old man), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. Naturally, when MegaHouse announced that they would be adding Kotetsu to their G....


Tomopop Review: Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Without a doubt, the biggest merchandising surprise in the last couple of years is Tiger & Bunny. I don't think anybody figured that both men and women would flock to a show inspired by western super heroes, but lo and behold, everybody...


For the lady of your life, here's a cake with a Barnaby

You love cakes. Bandai loves making money, and perhaps also cakes. Mix in that love with a splash of Tiger & Bunny and you'll get the latest product offerings from Bandai for you to buy. Since the ladies love them some Barnaby (and prob...


MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: MegaHouse

MegaHouse brought an boatload of anime figures to MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn. And, I am pleased to see, there was quite a variety in the shows represented. We're seeing the lovely girls of The Idolm@ster and Idolm@ster 2 rubbing should...


More MegaHouse boys from Fate/Zero and Tiger & Bunny

Egad MegaHouse! You're going all out with the guys from Fate/Zero and then some as seen in the latest magazine scans! We knew that the 1/8-scale M.M.S. Collection Lancer is coming but now the fellow is featured in color bringing out ev...


Tomopop Review: Bandai's S.H.Figuarts Lunatic

While anime and manga have encompassed pretty much everything in existence, one particular area that they've never seemed to do justice has been the conventional superhero genre. Tiger & Bunny has been one of the most recent (and most a...


Become Wild Tiger with new 1/1 scale helmet

Fancy yourself a hero? If you've get the rest of the suit ready to go or just a maniacal villain wanting the heads of heroes on your mantle, Bandai has you covered if you've got the dough. Coming in February to the, you guessed it, Bandai P...


Tamashii Nation 2012 preview has a load of anime figures

Tamashii Nation 2012 may be tomorrow officially but the preview event is already giving us and then some for figure announcements. We've seen Sailor Moon and Sol Badguy to name a couple of big announcements. Now there's a slew of anime titl...


Eva, Kamen Rider, and more Bandai at Dengeki Festival

We've already seen quite a bit from Bandai at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival with series like Durarara!, Senran Kagura, and Strike Witches getting figures. With the number of properties Bandai produces for, of course there is much mo...


NYCC 2012: Bandai/Bluefin

Once again, we're here with a gallery from New York Comic Con! You saw some of the newer things at their booth, but this time around, you'll be checking out Bluefin Distribution's booth and all of their delicious Bandai merch. We have a met...


Battle it out for three big MegaHouse pre-orders tonight

Though MegaHouse tweeted about this a while back already, I wanted to make sure that the notice was fresh in your minds for tonight! The One Piece Portraits of Pirates faithful will be up for a heated battle tonight to nab Sailing Again Per...


Will you go Wild (Tiger) over this S.H. Figuarts release?

Bluefin Distribution will be providing a Western release for the Tamashii web-exclusive S.H. Figuarts "TOP MAG" version of Wild Tiger. Occasionally referred to as the "Crapsuit", this outfit was Wild Tiger's first and, might I add, cooler c...


Power Anime to return to retail this Friday in LA

Los Angeles-based collectors, rejoice! Power Anime will once again have a physical retail location beginning with its soft opening this Friday, September 7. The store's last location was at the Westside Pavilion mall and I shed many a tear ...


Keep an eye out for these Banpresto figures

More than a handful of awesome prizes from Banpresto have been released this month, so check these highlights: Blue Exorcist: Petites Rin, Yukio, Amaimon; plush Kuro two Hunter x Hunter DX figures: Killua and Leorio two K-On! figures:...


Wild Tiger's 12"PM figure will light up your wallet

After months of waiting (nine to be exact) Bandai is set to launch its 12 Perfect Model (12”PM) action figure line. The 12"PM line is designed to represent Bandai's high-end figures which feature meticulous detail work along with comp...


C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Collectage

Collectage are collections of premium chibi candy toys made by Bandai (here's the link to their main page). So far, the figures they're showing off are from Nisemonogatari and Tiger & Bunny, as well as a teaser for upcoming IDOLM@STER a...


C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Ichiban Kuji

Thanks to the cool folks at Tokyo Hunter (particularly Ramon McGlown, who took pictures), we've got some great images of what Ichiban Kuji showed at the C3 x Chara Hobby event this weekend. Check out the gallery for pictures of: -Goddess Ma...


Bandai reveals new Tiger & Bunny figure-rise 6 kits

The latest scan from Hobby Japan's October issue has popped up with the new additions to Bandai's Tiger & Bunny figure-rise series. The scan featured the figure-rise 6 model kits of Wild Tiger (FamilyMart Version), Barnaby Brooks Jr., a...


[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein

[update: Once again, I forgot to put in the deadline! Thanks for reminding me, tears4dragons... you've got until Monday, August 27 to enter this contest! Good luck, everyone!] August already? Yeesh. So, last month's "Micropixel" contest was...


Bandai introduces new 12" Perfect Model Series

The big announcement at Tamashii Features vol. 4 at Hong Kong is the formal introduction of Bandai's new product line, the Perfect Model Series. As to what exactly that means, the line is composed of 12" action figures (read 1:6 scale) like...


Tamashii Features vol. 4 brings crushed scouters & more

Across the other, much larger pond, Tamashii Nations is showing off their goods in Hong Kong. A lot of these goods we've seen before, but we're just getting a better look at them now. All I'm saying is that I'm officially sold on SHF Vegeta...


Figuarts Zero Karina Lyle is set for pre-order

It's been rather quiet on the Tiger & Bunny front these days, but that's about to change thanks to the newest Hero ready to join Bandai's Figuarts Zero line. So, who is the NEXt hero coming up for pre-order? None other than Karina ...


Tomopop Review: Chibi-Arts Kotetsu T. Kaburagi by Bandai

With the huge popularity Tiger & Bunny has garnered by both a male and female audience, I am not surprised to see its characters have followed One Piece into Bandai's Chibi-Arts line of figures. Pedro has already taken a look at some of...


Tomopop Review: Bandai's Chibi-Arts Dragon Kid

As I mentioned extensively in my review for Blue Rose, the chibi-arts line is comparable to Good Smile's Nendoroids. In terms of quality and character choice, Bandai is off to a great start with their line of super-deformed f...


Bandai wants you to smile courtesy of Tiger & Bunny

Now you can have your favorite Tiger & Bunny heroes always smiling at you, thanks to Bandai's relatively new trading figures line @be.smile. The line has a really cute catchphrase — The characters are always with a "smile." The se...


SDCC 2012: Tamashii Nations/Bluefin - Taibani

Check out the gallery for images of Bandai/Tamashii Nations' offerings via Bluefin Distribution in the way of Tiger & Bunny merchandise. You'll see Figuarts ZERO Kotetsu, Barnaby, Ivan and Keith. We've also got Wild Tiger, Bunny and Lun...


FamilyMart Wild Tiger takes you back to the beginning

With the much anticipated Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning movie scheduled to hit theaters September 22, it was only a matter of time before we finally got some movie related merch. If you’ve seen the trailers (like I...


Megahouse's new PVC goods are coming soon

Tonight is all about fireworks and the joys of Americana, but you may want to stay by a computer in the wee hours of the morning. Megahouse is getting set to release the info, and possibly pre-orders, of several awaited figur...


G.E.M Barnaby Brooks Jr. finally appears

It looks like we finally have our first peek at MegaHouse’s G.E.M Barnaby Brooks Jr. prototype from the hit show Tiger & Bunny. Excuse me a second as I go into complete Otome mode (Kya-aa!) over my beloved Bunny. Barnaby’s...


Tomopop Review: Bandai's Chibi-Arts Blue Rose

One of the best things that Good Smile Company has going for it's Nendoroid line is the sheer amount of characters available. If there's a popular show out there, there's a good chance that at least one guy or gal will join the big-headed l...


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