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Odin the Destroyer may be the most powerful figure in DST's Marvel Select line

Jun 17 // Scarecroodle
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Prepare to be destroyed! The next 7-inch-scale Marvel Select action figure is the Destroyer, the massive Asgardian automaton that regularly menaces the Mighty Thor! Measuring approximately 9 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, this spiked powerhouse comes with the powerful Odinsword, as well as an interchangeable head, revealing the one-eyed face of the All-Father, Odin, from the times he has worn the armor in battle! Whether you choose to display him as the Destroyer or as Odin, he’s more than a match for your Marvel Select Thor, or Hulk, or even Juggernaut! Packaged in the display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean!
Marvel photo
Destroyer of pre-orders
Last year, I picked up Hasbro's Marvel Legends Odin BAF and thought to myself, "It doesn't get much better than this!" Of course, Diamond Select Toys must have heard that thought and taken it as a challenge since the company ...

DST photo
A whole lot of want
Diamond Select Toys recently announced that a slew of coveted collectibles -- including a Femme Fatales Lady Thor, Batman: The Animated Series Bane bust, new X-Files figures, and Ghostbusters Select figures -- are now availab...

Toy Fair 2015: Square Enix

Feb 27 // Scarecroodle
Square Enix photo
A webswing and a miss?
Wanted a better look at the upcoming VPAK Spider-Man and Thor? While Square Enix's promo images may have been a little dark, Keith was able to snap a few photos which give us a better look at the designs. Thor looks better th...

Marvel photo
Speak softly and carry a comically oversized hammer
Square Enix tweeted several images of the Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai figures on display at its booth, a selection which notably included Thor and the Spider-Man which we saw in an illustration at last year's NY Toy Fair. Un...

Funko photo
Roughly three times cooler than a glow-in-the-dark
VinylMation World has posted an image of an upcoming Hot Topic-exclusive flocked Pop! Simba. However, he's not the only upcoming Hot Topic exclusive as the retail chain will also be receiving a (far less exciting) black &...

NYCC photo
Sometimes it's too hard to come up with a pun or semi-witty remark
Funko has shown off two versions (each) of its upcoming NYCC-exclusive Pop! Star Sapphire Wonder Woman and Frost Giant Loki, to be sold at Fugitive Toys' booth (#410). Both versions will be available in a standard edition as ...

Thor photo
The gang's all here this wave... except for Thor himself
Funko has fleshed out its cast of Thor movie Pop! figures with Odin, Lady Sif, and Heimdall (one brotha in all of Asgard and he's the doorman? Racist much, Marvel movies?) as well as a new helmeted Loki, all of which are curr...

Thor photo
Merchandising doors to shortly crash open
For those who missed the somewhat weird announcement earlier this week, Thor will soon be a woman. No, it's not a gender-bend (although it's worth noting something similar was done with Lady Loki) nor is she being billed as a...

Avengers photo

By Odin's beard, figma Thor verily looks great but is verily too expensive

Jun 11
// Scarecroodle
From the Halls of Asgard to the Fires of Muspelheim, all sing the song of Thor. Thus verily should it come to nobody's surprise that Max Factory's upcoming figma Thor has received additional images. While I like figma Thor, I...

Tomopop Review: Funko's Marvel Mystery Minis Loki

Apr 05 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Mystery Minis Loki with staffFigure Manufacturer: FunkoRetail Price: US$6 to US$8.50Available At: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Big Bad Toy Store Cool things come in small packages. The Marvel Mystery Minis box is the same size as the other Mystery Minis series like the Horror Mystery Minis and the Game of Thrones Mystery Minis. However, the shrinkwrapping doesn't look as tight on this set which I've also noticed with the packs I've seen at retail. Besides the shrinkwrap, the figure inside is contained in a black plastic baggy so it would be *very* hard for a collector to just mess with the packaging a little to find its contents. As with the Domo DC Mystery Minis (N52 "Batman" reviewed) and other series, the front and two sides of the box display the character illustrations upon which the figurines are based. The back contains the rarity chart. It's important to remember that there are 24 boxes in every case so a 1/24 would mean a figure is packed one per case whereas a 1/72 is one per three cases. Meanwhile the two rarest figures, Loki with his staff and Deadpool with guns, both have a 1/144 rarity which puts them at one per six cases. So basically if you bought a full case you'd be guaranteed to have two of each of the 2/24 figures, one Phoenix, and then you'd have a chance of getting either Thanos, Ultron, Deadpool with guns, or Loki with his staff (bearing in mind that, at 1/72, you'd be more likely to get a Thanos or Ultron). Given that the two rarest figures are just variants, it's a cool way to handle the rarity. It's a bit less cool that Thanos and Ultron, who are both incredible characters, are shortpacked, though. That said, it's an incredible roster that features many of Marvel's most iconic heroes and villains. When I recently stopped into my local Hot Topic, I noticed that the store had an exclusive series in stock and couldn't resist picking up a pack (partly because I still wanted to get a Galactus). Had I been aware this series didn't include the Green Goblin, I might have just skipped. The revised Hot Topic series made some pretty significant changes. The Deadpool with guns has been switched to his gray costume and his rarity went from 1/144 (one per six cases) to 2/24; basically he replaces the Green Goblin's place on the rarity chart. In exchange, his old place on the rarity chart is now occupied by a Phoenix variant with clear flames. The normal version of the Phoenix has gone from being 1/24 (one per box) to 2/24 because the standard Deadpool, who now has a yellow-ish colorway (which references... I DON'T KNOW!), was bumped to the 1/24 slot. Finally the 2/24 Hulk now glows in the dark. As far as exclusives go, the set is somewhat weird although it improves the rarity of the Phoenix which is a plus. I'm just somewhat baffled why the Green Goblin, one of Marvel's most famous villains (character-wise, he's like Lex Luthor and the Joker rolled into one), has been dropped instead of somebody like the Scarlet Witch. My only possibly guess is it has to do with the Scarlet Witch appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Just in case you were wondering, the Hot Topic pack I bought didn't have any of the exclusives. Instead it was a Spider-Man, the character I wanted the least from the series, which continues my trend of only having awful luck at Hot Topic. Loki, however, looks great. The figurine's only major issue is that the staff )which looks a bit like a pitchfork) is made from a thinner plastic which has a habit of bending in box. Loki features a metallic bronze color for his helmet, gloves, and such, with a dark green for the rest of his outfit. It really shines under very high lighting. The body itself is stylized and resembles a slimmer version of what we saw in the DC Comics Mystery Minis series. The biggest difference between those two comic-based series, however, is that the Marvel figurines are bobbleheads. I can't help but wonder if the two sets may have had a closer style if not for this fact. Judging from what I've seen of the Mystery Mystery Minis, they appear to be a good deal smaller than some of the previous series like the DC Comics Mystery Minis and Domo DC Mystery Minis. However, part of it might come down to having used a smaller head for the bobblehead effect. I'm not sure why Funko opted to make the figurines in this series bobbleheads, as I can't think of another Mystery Minis set that's featured them. However, since all of the Marvel Pop!s are also bobbleheads (something that isn't always done for the Pop! series), I suspect that it might be a licensing issue. The sculpting and craftsmanship have produced a really cute figure. Funko has done a wonderful job in translating the character into an SD format. My only real criticism (besides the staff issue) might be in the eyes, which can look funky at times depending on the angle. The problem is that his left eye looks straight right while the right looks more down and to the center. It's something you only really notice when looking at the figure either head-on or from below. Overall, the Marvel Mystery Minis seems like an awesome blind-boxed series and has some of the best variety in terms of character selection. The standard series only features two variants -- both of which are ultra rares -- so you won't get a lot of the same characters in different poses (conversely, if you like specific characters, this system may not work as well for you). The Marvel Mystery Minis series is made even cooler by having the option of the Hot Topic-exclusive version which improves access to some of the figurines. [ Thanks to Funko for sending over a blind-boxed figure for review ]
Review: Loki photo
Pint-sized mischief-maker
Funko easily ranks among the top makers of blind-boxed collectibles, and it's easy to see why with exciting entries such as the Marvel Mystery Minis series. This time around Funko has released a regular version of the series ...

figma Thor photo
figma Thor

Avengers figma Thor arrives for previews and pre-orders

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing
Feb 27
// Andres Cerrato
They've been teased for some time already, but it looks like we are finally getting those figma Avengers figures. The first Avenger won't be Cap, but rather the demi-deity from Asgard, Thor. Full previews are now out as well ...
Wonder Festival figma photo
Wonder Festival figma

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Giant figma roundup

Giant as in lots of cool stuff, not over sized figma
Feb 09
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I'm sure it comes to no one's surprise that there were a lot of new figma on display at Wonder Festival. But could you really predict just how varied the offerings this time around would be? They really dug out some unexpecte...
Lego photo

Lego stop-motion clip features Thor vs Loki

There's even a bit o' mecha
Jan 13
// Pedro Cortes
Since I'm on a Lego kick this fine day, I figured you needed this in your life. What you have here is a stop-motion video of Thor fighting Loki. Sounds simple. It isn't. With some amusing sound effects, some visual pizazz and the Gurren from Code Geass, Jordan Tseng has made a delightful video. Hope ya dig it as much as I did! [via Kotaku]

Tomopop Review: DST's Marvel Select Jane Foster

Jan 07 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Marvel Select Jane FosterFigure Maker: Diamond Select ToysRetail: US$25 MSRPAvailable at: Diamond Select Toys | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store Jane Foster comes in the standard Select packaging which consists of a card wrapped around a plastic bubble. Usually the inner card is decorated with character art, but Jane Foster, being a movie figure, instead gets a presumably Thor-specific series of lightning bolts. Since Jane Foster is a bit on the smaller side (remember, this same type of packaging has held figures like the Juggernaut and Hulk), she should have a fair deal of elbow room. However, the packaging looks filled to the brim thanks to her alternate (spoiler-y) head, gigantic "display base" accessory, and a smaller dark elf weapon accessory which fits into the display base. One of my favorite Select packaging elements has always been the sticker on the front. I usually clip them out to save them, as they have something of a stained glass look to them and look great when placed in a window... well, up until the light begins to discolor the sticker. My Marvel Select Rhino sticker is starting to look a little gone and I've only had that one hanging since last February or March. The sticker on this pack depicts a movie Thor holding Mjolnir with a lightning bolt streaking across the image, among other effects. While the sticker may not be tailored to Jane Foster, at least it's a new image since the Marvel Select Thor's sticker features some mystic-looking seal. (This is probably a good time to mention I haven't seen Thor: The Dark World yet.) The side of the box sports an image of Jane Foster together with Thor. You may notice that the armor looks silvery in the art but all of the photos I've seen show the armor has having more of a golden hue. The back of the card features a remarkably "clean" layout: there's relatively little white space without any real clutter. Part of that might come down to the use of borders on the product image and character bio. On the bottom right we get a better look at the prop that comes with Jane Foster which, as previously mentioned, connects with the piece that comes with the Marvel Select Thor: The Dark World Thor. Although it's referred to a display base, the prop is really intended as a stand-alone item and features no method of mounting the figures (plus Jane Foster lacks pegholes in her feet anyway). Those pegholes would have benefited the Marvel Select Jane Foster, as standing her can be a little tricky at times. From the waist down, Jane Foster is wearing a thick, rubbery plastic dress which conceals her legs and leg joints which can make posing a little difficult at times (especially if you're used to adjusting a figure while it's standing) in addition to limiting the figure's articulation. Some of these problems might not be as big of an issue on a fabric dress but, in terms of the general line, real fabric would probably look very out of place. The dress features molded folds and layers, all of which are kept very close to the body. The overall impression is that the dress is of a thinner material and is very form-fitting. The dress has a glossy finish and a somewhat marbled appearance with the darker shading in places. The armored bits are of a darker, more subdued metallic color (a bronze of some sort?) and are engraved with some (presumably) Asgardian designs. The back of the dress features a large slit which provides the dress itself a little more give room when posing, in addition to adding a great shortcut if you can't get her to stand or are worried about the figure falling over: You can just tuck the figure's legs behind her, through the slit, and it looks like she's standing on her legs despite just balancing on the dress itself. By the way, if you haven't seen the film and want to avoid what may be a mild plot spoiler, stop reading the rest of the review since the third photo down shows that alternate head. Bear in mind that I haven't seen the film either so I don't really understand the significance of the alternate look so it may be a minor spoiler or a massive one. (And no, that's not an invitation to tell me what it means.) The face sculpt seems to be a point of contention for some people, as I've noticed a few comments criticizing the likeness to actress Natalie Portman. The biggest problem here may be the fact that Natalie Portman is easily among the most attractive women on the planet and, as such, no representation will be able to live up to those standards. That said, I can see a reasonable likeness to the character (and actress). I imagine if the face had a little more emotion to it the likeness would be unmistakable. Speaking of emotion, here's "evil" Natalie Jane Foster. The alternate head-sculpt features black eyes with blue pupils as well as a slightly darker skin tone. I'm not sure if there's anything different with the sculpting itself, but it looks radically different which is really cool. Apparently it pertains to a plot point in the film Why did I select a photo where her face is half shadowed? Because evil. For those curious about the design of Jane Foster's chest-plate, the ribbon going over Jane's shoulder can be lifted. Interestingly, the armor looks molded to her body type so I'm wondering if it was specially made for Jane upon arriving in Asgard. As previously mentioned (and/or implied), Jane Foster's poseability is relatively low. While the character has fully articulate legs (including double-pinned knees), the dress really limits those options and the high heels (which lack peg-holes) can be hard to balance on. (As far as I can tell, the character doesn't seem to have ankle pivot despite appearances to the contrary.) The upper body has similar issues. Jane's had can't really move due to the hair sculpting which, while a softer rubbery plastic than the dress, still impedes movement especially when trying to adjust her head back a bit. The torso joint offers a relatively small amount of rotation; it's hard to tell whether I'm going forward/back motion as well or just warping the joint. The shoulders and elbows are ball-socketed. The armor-plate on the right shoulder is mounted to the bicep and can flip up a little bit to accommodate movement. The elbow range is disappointing since the joint can't go in that far although the joint's sculpting looks decent enough. The wrists are probably the most disappointing part, however, as they're just pegged on and thus only rotate. They would have been awesome with some in/out motion. Jane Foster stands roughly 6.75-inches tall. She's posed alongside one of DST's earlier Marvel Select Thor figures (which you can still find on Amazon, among other places) because I don't own either of the MS movie Thors. Finally we have the impressive display-base accessory. The base is this massive, impressively sculpted apparently-plot-important stone. The rock portions look absolutely amazing and the glossy finish gives it an obsidian-like appearance. The Elven weapon is meant to attach into the slot seen in the base but I can't seem to get it to stay at the exact angle pictured on the back of the box since the weapon tends to just fall over. You can fit the weapon in different ways, though, to get the effect you want. The other portion of the display base, which comes with Thor, snaps into the other side and is decorated with a dark elf mark. Although the display base lacks pegs, I suppose you could always just pose the figures on it anyway. However, it really seems to be a free-standing display piece. Also note that this is the side that connects to Thor's piece, thus the blank, detail-less portion towards the bottom. It's somewhat hard summing up the Marvel Select Jane Foster. The figure lacks a good deal of poseability but, given the nature of the outfit, it's understandable. I suppose the most important point is that this very well may be the only collectors-level scaled Jane Foster figure that we'll ever see (at least for the foreseeable future), movie or otherwise. As such, it instantly ratchets up the figure's significance and makes her more of a must-own. Poseability aside, DST's Marvel Select Jane Foster is what you'd expect of the design and does look fairly good. The giant display base piece also adds to the overall value. Remember: This might be the only scaled Jane Foster action figure ever. Don't leave your Thor feeling lonely. [Big thanks to Diamond Select Toys for providing this review sample]
Review: Jane Foster photo
Thunder-God sold separately
Did you ever think you'd see the day when Jane Foster got an action figure? Despite being a long-standing supporting character in Thor's life (as well as one of his love interests), I can't recall Jane Foster even once receiv...

Thor photo

DST's MS Jane Foster, Thunderbolts Minimates, on the way

Only select retailers are worthy enough to wield these offerings
Dec 19
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has announced that its upcoming Thor: The Dark World Marvel Jane Foster, along with other offerings, should be hitting stores this week. Expect to see Jane Foster, the Marvel Now! Minimates Thunderbolts bo...
Custom Made Monday photo
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: Yes, today is Tuesday

Cute Llamas, new metals, and crocheted video game characters
Nov 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Welcome to Custom Made Monday! What? What do you mean today's Tuesday? Are you sure? Ok, fine! I admit it, today is Tuesday. This week I'm bringing you a special edition of Custom Made Tuesday. That doesn't make this edition ...
Mjolnir Kittens photo
Mjolnir Kittens

Thor's Mjolnir in kitten form is far too cute

Who knew making kittens from a hammer would be so adorable?
Nov 19
// Rio McCarthy
Alright, so Thor's Mjolnir as a kitten is not something I had ever imagined in my life, however it is quite adorable. Alexandra, known as AcidDaisy on deviantART, has created these plush kittens that bring that cuteness proof...
Contest photo
Are you excited?
Last week I announced a giveaway contest for one Funko Avengers Thor Pop! figure. Thank you to everyone who entered. I never get tired of hearing why Thor is so great! Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner, which I did ...

Thor photo

DST unveils Thor: The Dark World Minimates packaging

Mere cardboard and plastic can't hold back the might of Thor!
Nov 09
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has unveiled the packaging for its upcoming Thor: The Dark World Minimates. In addition to the packaging photos, DST Zach uploaded a video discussing the company's various Thor: The Dark World (or Thor 2) ...
Contest photo
To celebrate Thor hitting the big screen again, we're having a giveaway!
It seems like just yesterday I was watching a fairly unknown Chris Hemsworth on the big screen portraying Marvel’s Norse God, Thor. Now two years and three Marvel movies later, Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor in Thor: ...

Thor photo

Hot Toys lights up the Dark World with two new Thors

And this? This is not the hammer I'm referring to
Oct 30
// Scarecroodle
Hot Toys has unveiled TWO new 1/6-scale Thor figures based on Chris Hemsworth's appearance in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World (slated to hit U.S. theaters on November 8th!). The new Thors, both of which look great, seem to ...

DST will satisfy your Thor: The Dark World toy needs

Thor mania begins in November
Oct 01
// Vanessa Cubillo
The sequel to Thor, Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters in November, so fans still have some waiting to do. While you wait for the release of the movie, you can now also wait for the release of these new Thor toys from Di...
MS Thor photo
MS Thor

Marvel Select Thor: The Dark World Thor unveiled

Is he wearing black because the film's name is 'The Dark World'?
Aug 12
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has released its first official photo of the upcoming Marvel Select Thor based on the character's appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Both Thor and Jane Foster (still no photos) are currently available for...
Hot Toys Loki photo
Hot Toys Loki

Hot Toys' Loki gets to spend time with the real deal!

I never thought I would be jealous of a toy in my life
Jun 28
// Rio McCarthy
I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I'm looking forward to Thor: The Dark World with what a nutty fan I am for the God of Mischief, but this takes the cake. I thought it was bad enough that I ordered/own the Hot T...

Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro - Marvel Universe & other 3.75-inch

It's a pretty big little thing.
Feb 10
// Scarecroodle
While Hasbro's 6-inch Marvel selection may monopolize many collectors' interest, the company also had a decent amount of 3.75-inch offerings on display. Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, the backbone of the format for collectors...

Hasbro calls possible purchase by Disney just a rumor

Analysts say there's no chance of DIsney buying Hasbro so soon after having just bought Lucasfilm Ltd.
Nov 08
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Unless you've been living in an ice cave on planet Hoth for the past week you know Disney has been making some pretty big headlines. There's the 2015 date for The Avengers 2, the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd., and their...

Hot Toys tease upcoming Thor figure

Apr 21
// Kristina Pino
Yup, this is the Avenger I was waiting for. Come over this way, beefcake! Hot Toys sent over a press release with this lovely Thor teaser. All we've got for now is a great view of his musculature and large hammer, but fret not - soon enough we'll see the full reveal. Check it out in the header and gallery! [Latest reveal: Captain America]

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