Wanted a better look at the upcoming VPAK Spider-Man and Thor? While Square Enix's promo images may have been a little dark, Keith was able to snap a few photos which give us a better look at the designs. Thor looks better th... read feature

Square Enix tweeted several images of the Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai figures on display at its booth, a selection which notably included Thor and the Spider-Man which we saw in an illustration at last year's NY Toy Fair. Un... read feature

VinylMation World has posted an image of an upcoming Hot Topic-exclusive flocked Pop! Simba. However, he's not the only upcoming Hot Topic exclusive as the retail chain will also be receiving a (far less exciting) black &... read feature

Funko has shown off two versions (each) of its upcoming NYCC-exclusive Pop! Star Sapphire Wonder Woman and Frost Giant Loki, to be sold at Fugitive Toys' booth (#410). Both versions will be available in a standard edition as ... read feature

Funko has fleshed out its cast of Thor movie Pop! figures with Odin, Lady Sif, and Heimdall (one brotha in all of Asgard and he's the doorman? Racist much, Marvel movies?) as well as a new helmeted Loki, all of which are curr... read feature

For those who missed the somewhat weird announcement earlier this week, Thor will soon be a woman. No, it's not a gender-bend (although it's worth noting something similar was done with Lady Loki) nor is she being billed as a... read feature


By Odin's beard, figma Thor verily looks great but is verily too expensive

Jun 11
From the Halls of Asgard to the Fires of Muspelheim, all sing the song of Thor. Thus verily should it come to nobody's surprise that Max Factory's upcoming figma Thor has received additional images. While I like figma Thor, I... read
Funko easily ranks among the top makers of blind-boxed collectibles, and it's easy to see why with exciting entries such as the Marvel Mystery Minis series. This time around Funko has released a regular version of the series ... read feature

figma Thor

Avengers figma Thor arrives for previews and pre-orders

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing
Feb 27
They've been teased for some time already, but it looks like we are finally getting those figma Avengers figures. The first Avenger won't be Cap, but rather the demi-deity from Asgard, Thor. Full previews are now out as well ... read
Wonder Festival figma

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Giant figma roundup

Giant as in lots of cool stuff, not over sized figma
Feb 09
I'm sure it comes to no one's surprise that there were a lot of new figma on display at Wonder Festival. But could you really predict just how varied the offerings this time around would be? They really dug out some unexpecte... read

Lego stop-motion clip features Thor vs Loki

There's even a bit o' mecha
Jan 13
Since I'm on a Lego kick this fine day, I figured you needed this in your life. What you have here is a stop-motion video of Thor fighting Loki. Sounds simple. It isn't. With some amusing sound effects, some visual pizazz and the Gurren from Code Geass, Jordan Tseng has made a delightful video. Hope ya dig it as much as I did! [via Kotaku] read
Did you ever think you'd see the day when Jane Foster got an action figure? Despite being a long-standing supporting character in Thor's life (as well as one of his love interests), I can't recall Jane Foster even once receiv... read feature


DST's MS Jane Foster, Thunderbolts Minimates, on the way

Only select retailers are worthy enough to wield these offerings
Dec 19
Diamond Select Toys has announced that its upcoming Thor: The Dark World Marvel Jane Foster, along with other offerings, should be hitting stores this week. Expect to see Jane Foster, the Marvel Now! Minimates Thunderbolts bo... read
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: Yes, today is Tuesday

Cute Llamas, new metals, and crocheted video game characters
Nov 19
Welcome to Custom Made Monday! What? What do you mean today's Tuesday? Are you sure? Ok, fine! I admit it, today is Tuesday. This week I'm bringing you a special edition of Custom Made Tuesday. That doesn't make this edition ... read
Mjolnir Kittens

Thor's Mjolnir in kitten form is far too cute

Who knew making kittens from a hammer would be so adorable?
Nov 19
Alright, so Thor's Mjolnir as a kitten is not something I had ever imagined in my life, however it is quite adorable. Alexandra, known as AcidDaisy on deviantART, has created these plush kittens that bring that cuteness proof... read
Last week I announced a giveaway contest for one Funko Avengers Thor Pop! figure. Thank you to everyone who entered. I never get tired of hearing why Thor is so great! Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner, which I did ... read feature


DST unveils Thor: The Dark World Minimates packaging

Mere cardboard and plastic can't hold back the might of Thor!
Nov 09
Diamond Select Toys has unveiled the packaging for its upcoming Thor: The Dark World Minimates. In addition to the packaging photos, DST Zach uploaded a video discussing the company's various Thor: The Dark World (or Thor 2) ... read
It seems like just yesterday I was watching a fairly unknown Chris Hemsworth on the big screen portraying Marvel’s Norse God, Thor. Now two years and three Marvel movies later, Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor in Thor: ... read feature


Hot Toys lights up the Dark World with two new Thors

And this? This is not the hammer I'm referring to
Oct 30
Hot Toys has unveiled TWO new 1/6-scale Thor figures based on Chris Hemsworth's appearance in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World (slated to hit U.S. theaters on November 8th!). The new Thors, both of which look great, seem to ... read

DST will satisfy your Thor: The Dark World toy needs

Thor mania begins in November
Oct 01
The sequel to Thor, Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters in November, so fans still have some waiting to do. While you wait for the release of the movie, you can now also wait for the release of these new Thor toys from Di... read
MS Thor

Marvel Select Thor: The Dark World Thor unveiled

Is he wearing black because the film's name is 'The Dark World'?
Aug 12
Diamond Select Toys has released its first official photo of the upcoming Marvel Select Thor based on the character's appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Both Thor and Jane Foster (still no photos) are currently available for... read
Hot Toys Loki

Hot Toys' Loki gets to spend time with the real deal!

I never thought I would be jealous of a toy in my life
Jun 28
I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I'm looking forward to Thor: The Dark World with what a nutty fan I am for the God of Mischief, but this takes the cake. I thought it was bad enough that I ordered/own the Hot T... read

Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro - Marvel Universe & other 3.75-inch

It's a pretty big little thing.
Feb 10
While Hasbro's 6-inch Marvel selection may monopolize many collectors' interest, the company also had a decent amount of 3.75-inch offerings on display. Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, the backbone of the format for collectors... read

Hasbro calls possible purchase by Disney just a rumor

Analysts say there's no chance of DIsney buying Hasbro so soon after having just bought Lucasfilm Ltd.
Nov 08
Unless you've been living in an ice cave on planet Hoth for the past week you know Disney has been making some pretty big headlines. There's the 2015 date for The Avengers 2, the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd., and their... read

Hot Toys tease upcoming Thor figure

Apr 21
Yup, this is the Avenger I was waiting for. Come over this way, beefcake! Hot Toys sent over a press release with this lovely Thor teaser. All we've got for now is a great view of his musculature and large hammer, but fret not - soon enough we'll see the full reveal. Check it out in the header and gallery! [Latest reveal: Captain America] read

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