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1:00 PM on 08.01.2014

SDCC 2014: ThinkGeek

The majority of ThinkGeek's San Diego Comic-Con booth was dedicated to upcoming goodies with a smaller vending section to the side. The company's con-exclusive goods included a Bee and Puppycat inflatable sword, Star Wars R2-...

Natalie Kipper


Mistwalker Announces Upcoming Terra Battle Concert

Terra Battle concert planning is now underway as the popular mobile-RPG surpasses 1 million downloads in less than a month. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

9:00 PM on 06.04.2014

Protect your garden from random kaiju with Gardenzilla

Garden decorations have needed to improve, in my opinion. What’s mostly out there? Gnomes, pink flamingos, creepy children, animals, a lot of boring stuff. So that’s why I welcome garden decorations that add a l...

Vanessa Cubillo

1:00 AM on 04.10.2014

Domo-kun got dressed for Easter

When you do a themed version of a character, there are a few routes you can go. Good Smile Company tends to go all-out with their Miku redesigns, tweaking everything from her color palette to the style of her outfit. Domo doe...

Tianxiao Ma

12:00 AM on 04.10.2014

Now you can have your own three eyed raven to give you freaky dreams

The Game of Thrones TV show hasn't revealed much about the three-eyed raven, but it has played a significant role in the Song of Ice and Fire books so far. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this one now that the new se...

Tianxiao Ma

Tomopop Review: Blobfish plush by Hashtag Collectibles photo
Tomopop Review: Blobfish plush by Hashtag Collectibles
by Natalie Kipper

Let's not beat around the proverbial bush; I was dying to have Hashtag Collectibles' Blobfish plush in my life. I posted about it when ThinkGeek first listed it. It was my DO WANT choice for March. When I went to sleep, little baby blobfishes escorted me off to dreamland. Okay, maybe not the last one but you get the point; I badly wanted a blobfish plush. And thanks to the press relations fairies over at ThinkGeek, one of them found its way to my home.

Let's take a look at this squishy fellow, shall we? 

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2:00 PM on 03.21.2014

ThinkGeek's blobfish plush is huge, blobby

Under the sea, there are majestic creatures like the blue whale and the bottlenose dolphin... and there is this guy, the blobfish. It doesn't always look as bloated as it does in its plush representation. The pressure change ...

Natalie Kipper

11:00 AM on 01.09.2014

Get Wash's iconic dinosaur toys from Firefly

One scene from Firefly that really made me smile was Wash playing with the toy dinosaurs that sit near the controls to Serenity. They were just plastic toys but seeing the way the pilot loving played with them, combined ...

Natalie Kipper

8:00 AM on 10.20.2013

Check out ThinkGeek's Sleeping Like a Log Pillow!

Remember last Monday when we showed you a craftable squid pillow? If you like pillows but sewing a cool pillow is not your thing, then maybe you should check out these already-sewn log pillows over at ThinkGeek! They come in ...

Jon Wills

SDCC list of exclusives is now online photo
SDCC list of exclusives is now online
by Natalie Kipper

Open the floodgates! The list of exclusives for the San Diego Comic Con has gone online and, while it is not yet finalized, the thing is still pretty dang long and already has me dreaming of the exhibit hall. Within the scrolling page of links, you will find items we have already previewed, like Super7's Alien ReAction 2 Pack, along with tons of new goodies (doggie Yoda ears from Petco, anyone?). You'll notice that some of the companies have dark blue "Advance Purchase" links at the top of their exclusives page. You may want to consider that if something really catches your eye.

Keep checking back to the list because new information will be added as we approach the con. 

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10:00 PM on 05.18.2013

Pass the time with Doctor Who stress toys

If you're like me then you probably just finished the last episode of Doctor Who until it returns in November. After such an amazingly brain melting episode followed by a shocking surprise ending I can tell I'll be spending d...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

ThinkGeek's new plushes are a fat cat and a giant rat photo
ThinkGeek's new plushes are a fat cat and a giant rat
by Natalie Kipper

ThinkGeek recently stocked their ingenious online store with two must-buy (at least, in my book) plushes, Sushi Cat (US$19.99) and Princess Bride's Rodent of Unusual Size or R.O.U.S. (US$49.99). The heavy-hitter here, in both price and size, is the R.O.U.S., measuring in at 27 inches long, including its tail, and 21 inches around at the fattest bit of its belly. Princess Bride being one of my all-time favorite movies, the prospect of owning a cuddly plush of a character from the film has me giddy. Yes, I count the R.O.U.S. as a character and not a prop piece. This plush is exclusive to ThinkGeek.

The second plush, Sushi Cat, is more of the traditional cutesy variety than our first offering. Fans of the Sushi Cat iPhone and computer game will recognize the blue fellow immediately. The happy feline is 9 inches tall and 20 inches around. I guess all that sushi-eating caught up to him. I love the idea of buying both plushes and having a reverse cat and mouse chase. 

What you think of these new additions to ThinkGeek's plush section, Tomopeople? Do you have a favorite?

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9:00 PM on 03.06.2013

These plush Peeps Gift Sets are for cuddling, not eating

Marshmallow Peeps are probably my ultimate springtime guilty pleasure. They're just so addicting and full of sugary fluff! And now, you can get the nostalgic sweeties made of a new kind of "fluff." ThinkGeek has Peeps of the ...

Natalie Kipper