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8:45 AM on 07.21.2014

Teaser appears for Koto's upcoming Tekken Bishoujo Anna Williams

Kotobukia has posted a teaser image for what appears to be a Tekken Bishoujo of Anna Williams along with the caption, "Try showing me a good time." Anna's teaser joins teasers for a Marvel Bishoujo Wasp, DC Bishoujo Zatanna, and Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura in a very teaser-filled month. Full image in gallery.


Kotobukiya redefine the human anatomy with Bishoujo Nina Williams photo
Kotobukiya redefine the human anatomy with Bishoujo Nina Williams
by Martin Siggers

I've had a bad feeling about Bishoujo Nina Williams ever since we saw some brief prototype shots at WonderCon earlier this year. Now Kotobukiya have unveiled a gallery of the finish article and oh my god what is even going on?

Even leaving aside the fact that Nina appears to be presenting like a mandrill, this is one of the most ridiculous poses I've seen in a while. How is her spine not shattered into a million pieces? It's not like I'm digging the other bits of the figure either - the purple camo is pretty flat and dull, and the face is just off enough to look weird. But really, just glancing at this thing makes my back hurt. Talk about twisted.

[via Kotobukiya's Facebook ]

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WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 1 photo
WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 1
by Natalie Kipper

For a toy collector, if you only attended one panel at last weekend's WonderCon, it was Kotobukiya's Spring Preview. They had licensing announcements. They had prototypes. They had concept art a plenty. Heck, they even had a very generous raffle! So much awesomeness is impossible to contain within a mere one post and thus this panel's summary has been split into two posts. The anime, Star Wars, and gaming news can be found here and the rest will be in part two. For now, don't worry so much about that. Just read on and take in the excitement.

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6:00 PM on 04.20.2014

WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya didn't bring much (if anything) new to WonderCon, which is understandable as it's not a tentpole convention in the US. However our determined editor Natalie covered their booth all the same despite being sick as a ...

Tianxiao Ma

8:00 AM on 02.20.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is always fun to see at conventions because you never know what new stuff they’ll have. Their recently revealed DC Bishoujo Starfire was on full display, and actually looks better in person than those promo ...

Vanessa Cubillo

11:30 PM on 02.09.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Roundup

Most of Kotobukiya's newer Bishoujo figures were up at WonFes, included a painted Starfire sculpt for DC fans! I think she looks great; her green eyes really stand out, and the sculpting on her hair is awesome. We've seen the...

Tianxiao Ma

11:30 AM on 02.08.2014

Tekken Tag Bishoujo Nina Williams enters the arena

I'm kind of amazed at how many Bishoujo figures that Kotobukiya has released. Of the many releases, I'm most surprised at the amount from Tekken Tag 2. Not that it doesn't have a great roster for release, but that it's gone o...

Andres Cerrato

Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu by Kotobukiya photo
Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu by Kotobukiya
by Tianxiao Ma

It felt like yesterday when Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo figures were just a nascent product line. The series has filled out quite a bit since it was first announced, and now everyone's favorite fighting Chinese schoolgirl has joined the cast.

My dream of seeing a Shunya Yamashita-designed Yoshimitsu in a skimpy outfit will probably never come true, but I'm content with the Tekken ladies getting the figure treatment. Read on to see how Xiaoyu stacks against the other gals in the line.

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10:30 PM on 10.11.2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

After taking a brief look around Kotobukiya's booth, some of you were undoubtedly impressed by the assortment of Bishoujo figures. As any good man would, sometimes you have to go back and take a second look. In doing so, I wa...

Andres Cerrato

5:00 AM on 10.11.2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya

At this year's Kotobukiya booth there were lots of new figures for fans to see. These last couple of days they've been releasing teasers for new figures in their Bishoujo lines and these teasers and figures were in attendanc...

Vanessa Cubillo

Have a lovely preview of Tekken Bishoujo Jun Kazama photo
Have a lovely preview of Tekken Bishoujo Jun Kazama
by Rio McCarthy

Tekken's Jun Kazama has jumped from the video game world to the figure world, and she's ready to show it all off. This is one hot mama who looks absolutely gorgeous, and anyone should be proud to have her in their collection once she arrives in March 2014. We've seen some images of her previously, but the gallery AmiAmi Blog have posted are just beautiful!

Are you into side-boob? Got it. Are you into a nice booty? It's here. Are you into an amazing looking feminine figure in a very form fitting outfit? Bingo! The bunching of the fabric on her body suit on her rear end looks very realistic and awesome. Give her a look and feast your eyes, you're definitely in for a nice surprise!

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2:30 PM on 09.06.2013

Kotobukiya releases images of Bishoujo Jun Kazama

Kotobukiya has just released images of their newest Tekken Bishoujo figure, Jun Kazama. After seeing her illustration, done by Shunya Yamashita, revealed in March, we're finally seeing how the actual figure will look like. J...

Vanessa Cubillo