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8:00 PM on 07.26.2014

U R NOT (red e) for transforming PlayStation Optimus Prime

First Takara Tomy surprised everyone by partnering with Sega to make Megatron into a transforming Mega Drive (Genesis) and now they're doing it again with Sony. Just revealed are plans to add Optimus Prime as the second proje...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:00 PM on 07.17.2014

TF4 Optimus Prime finally gets ideal movie likeness with new model

Back in 2011 Takara Tomy introduced us to the first Dual Model Kit, a kit of Optimus Prime as he appeared in Transfomers: Dark of the Moon. It was a very impressive kit featuring a fully articulated, pre-built and pre-painted...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:00 PM on 07.16.2014

Mysterious Japanese Optimus Prime appears online

Best part about being a fan even in this day and age is that there are still surprises and mysteries that are hard to explain on their own. Over on Transformers Facebook fan site Planet Iacon they've found themselves wit...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

[Updated] Be@rbrick Optimus Prime gets painted and brings some friends photo
[Updated] Be@rbrick Optimus Prime gets painted and brings some friends
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

[Update: AmiAmi has an early listing for the impending pre-order for Optimus Prime and Megatron. They're 145 mm or 5.7 inches tall, which isn't bad, but they're breaking the bank at a suggested price of ¥5,184 each. I like them, but not that much! They're be out in late July]

It's been almost a month since we've seen Medicom and Takara Tomy's jointly made Be@rbrick Transformers Optimus Prime in scans and he's already back again. And this time he didn't come alone. AmiAmi blog posted the first colored photos of Optimus Prime along with Megatron, Starscream, and Bumblebee. Each of the fully transforming figures in robot mode have unique heads for each character featuring bear ears of their own. The likenesses are pretty good, especially loving that Megatron head, one of the best we've gotten in a while (even with the bear ears). They also have two robot body types.

The figures are nearly the same size in both modes and now we have a better idea of their height. They appear to be between four and five inches tall, much larger than the usual Be@rbrick figures. What that will mean for their price is still unknown, but I'm starting to think these won't be particularly cheap. We should be getting more info and even pre-orders pretty soon if they're already this far into production. I like them and want them all, but going to have wait to see what the price looks like. 

Don't forget to check the gallery!

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New official shots of Masterpiece Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus hit Amazon photo
New official shots of Masterpiece Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus hit Amazon
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

New images of Transformers Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee found their way onto Amazon Japan giving us our biggest and best looks at the two newest MP figures yet. I've already spoken quite a bit about Bumblebee so there isn't a whole lot more to say. On the other hand this is our best look at Magnus in color yet and I've still got a few more things to say. 

Let's start with the most obvious thing, the red front bumper. It's easy to look at it wonder what the folks at Takara Tomy were thinking since it's rarely seen, but it's actually cartoon accurate. Ugly, but accurate all the same. I could go without it, but I'm not going to flip a table over it either. We also get to see Spike and Daniel painted for the first time and they're basically what we would expect when compared to the young Spike that comes with Optimus Prime and the Daniel that comes with Bumblebee. We also get a better idea of how the facial expressions can be changed, presumably by removing the front portion of his head and sliding off the face. I had hoped his gray gun was just unpainted, but now that we can see the handle it's pretty obvious it was meant to be gray and won't be white like on the original figure. The missiles do appear to both be able to fire, yay! Interestingly he appears to come with a special pair of hands just for using with the Matrix. 

With all the new Ultra Magnus photos I'm surprised we aren't seeing the unmasked face we saw in prototypes or the truck cab removed from the trailer. Maybe we'll see them in magazine scans. The new photo sets also come with both figures compared to Prime. Accurately Bumblebee barely reaches Prime's hips while Magnus towers over him. Bee will be released in November for ¥6,480 while Magnus will come out in December for ¥19,440. Pretty soon we'll be getting a full blowout for Masterpiece Star Saber, but not just yet. He was at Tokyo Toy Show, but no photos were allowed. 

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10:00 AM on 06.13.2014

Star Wars finally to be mass merchandised by mass manufacturers

If a catalog coming out of the International Tokyo Toy Fair is to be believed, there is going to be a lot of people involved in Star Wars over the next few years. Bandai has already revealed their hand partially with S.H. Fig...

Andres Cerrato

7:00 AM on 06.13.2014

Who needs a sports car when you can have a US$30,000 Optimus Prime statue?

And here I thought it was ridiculous when Prime 1 Studio was asking some US$2,300 for a three-foot tall movie Optimus Prime statue. If I only knew.  Takara Tomy has revealed this enormous statue of Optimus Prime that can...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Tokyo Toy Show: First colored pics of MP-22 Ultra Magnus photo
Tokyo Toy Show: First colored pics of MP-22 Ultra Magnus
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Takara Tomy is giving us our first colored look at Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus at Tokyo Toy Show. Thanks to images from TAG Hobby we can get a clearer look at what parts do what on the new figure. Something that really stands out on the figure, and not necessarily in a good way, is all the red used on his legs. More than likely the red portion will form the bottom of his car carrier mode. It's not as much red as the original G1 figure, but it is a lot more than what was seen in the cartoon that these figures try so hard to imitate. 

Otherwise the color use is good, even though this is obviously a hand painted prototype (check out the white patch on the right side of his chest). Some people are complaining about his squat bulky body, but it's likely a combination of his strange pose and the odd angle of the photo. Hopefully some better quality photos will appear soon. My expectations remain high and the new images just add to my eagerness to get my hands on the guy this December!

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Tomopop Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Generations Metroplex photo
Tomopop Review: Takara Tomy Transformers Generations Metroplex
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

For the longest time Transformers fans wanted two things: New combiner figures and a reissue of Fortress Maximus. The combiner part happened several times over, but has yet to be done in a way that really excites. As for the Fort Max reissue Hasbro said no many times citing safety laws and the massive figure failing drop tests. Takara Tomy, however, was able to make it a reality last year thanks to the much more lenient Japanese safety laws. Fans in the west, hoping for a compromise, begged Hasbro to make a new city-bot that would be just as impressive as Fortress Maximus in both size and features. Hasbro continued to say no, but in reality they were secretly working with Takara to make this guy: Transformers Generations Metroplex. 

This figure has seen four different releases now, each just a little different from the others.We'll be taking a look at the Japanese retail version from Takara Tomy. It's an exciting figure that does nothing but impress every step of the way. So join me after the jump as we check out all of the features in the figure that gave birth to the Titan class figure scale.  

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1:00 PM on 05.26.2014

Begin the great console wars with Mega Drive Megatron pre-orders

At WonFes earlier this year, Sen-Ti-Nel unveiled its collaboration project with TakaraTomy. In recent days, Transformers have crossed over with other franchises that make fanfiction.net members angry that they didn't butcher ...

Andres Cerrato

10:00 AM on 05.26.2014

These new Parasyte plushes are pretty freaky

The manga series, Parasyte, has always given me chills and goosebumps from the covers because invariably there is some horrifyingly mutated monster-thing plastered across it. Long story short, I couldn't get myself to lift up...

Natalie Kipper

Tomopop Review: Takara Tomy Transformers 4 Premiere Edition Optimus Prime photo
Tomopop Review: Takara Tomy Transformers 4 Premiere Edition Optimus Prime
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

You're probably already well aware that 2014 marks yet another Transformers movie year. This time around Transformers 4: Age of Extinction begins a new story arc featuring returning and new Autobots (now in more knightly looking forms) facing a threat from both Deceptions and humans alike. Of course Both Hasbro and Takara Tomy have big toy plans for the movie and they've kicked it off with a dual release of First Edition Optimus Prime. Both figures are 100% identical, this one just happens to be the Takara Tomy release.

It's no secret that the two companies have been slashing the costs to make Transformers figures by simplifying them. Unfortunately even collector-level figures haven't been spared. I won't lie to you, this figure is anything but 'prime'. Follow me after the jump for the full review. 

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