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1:00 PM on 09.02.2014

Taito is back with more CuteRody Miku

Earlier this year, we brought you news of Taito's lethally cute CuteRody Miku plushes. Well, CuteRody Miku is back, and she's looking as adorable as ever. The solar-powered figure basically just sways her head back and forth ...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 PM on 02.03.2014

Taito's CuteRody Miku plushes are lethally adorable

I've somehow missed out on the Hatsune Miku x CuteRody plushes that Taito is producing, but my goodness ... they are adorable. Featuring Miku wearing a little hat that resembles the ear of a Rody horse, it's just too cute for...

Brian Szabelski

12:30 PM on 07.01.2013

Here are all of Taito's Persona 4 Arena prize figures

As Kristina noted in her What's in UFO Catchers? feature, Taito had been stocking their machines with Persona 4 Arena merchandise, but two of them eluded my sight until now because they were just released last week. One of th...

Brian Szabelski

What's in UFO catchers? Eva, Persona, Toy Story, and more photo
What's in UFO catchers? Eva, Persona, Toy Story, and more
by Kristina Pino

I make it a point to visit one of my local arcades at least once every couple of weeks to see what figures are in the UFO catchers, and I figure I may as well share it with you all. Pardon the image quality — I don't walk around arcades with my DSLR.

The way that prize figures in arcades work is, rather than trying to pick them up like a normal crane game, you've got to manipulate various objects inside the machine that would then give way to a box with your new figure in it. Sometimes, it's a square of toilet paper that sits in your way; other times, it's one little peg that needs to be moved aside. These games are designed to eat tons of yen before they pay out, which is why they can sometimes be expensive or difficult to find online.

Check out the gallery for images of what I saw in the UFO catchers last week, which include goodies from Amnesia, Evangelion, Bakemonogatari, Toy Story, P4U: The Ultimate, Blue Exorcist, and bonuses like plush Robo-Hello Kitty. 

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12:00 PM on 10.30.2012

Who is coming to Animate Girls Festival 2012?

Otome games, anime, cosplay, and especially Boys' Love are all the things you're going to find at the upcoming Animate Girls Festival 2012 event in Tokyo. But what about figures of boys, boys, and more boys? Who is coming alo...

Jonathan Tubbs

11:00 AM on 10.20.2012

Taito brings an assortment of items to Dengeki Festival

Prize figure companies are making their mark at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival, one of them being Taito. The company didn't have much to show but did have various products on display including plush, trading figures, k...

Jonathan Tubbs

[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein photo
[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein
by Kristina Pino

[update: Once again, I forgot to put in the deadline! Thanks for reminding me, tears4dragons... you've got until Monday, August 27 to enter this contest! Good luck, everyone!]

August already? Yeesh.

So, last month's "Micropixel" contest was rather successful, eh? We got lots of beautiful entries, and staff had a hard time picking a winner as always. The votes are in, and it looks like the person taking away the big swimsuit figure is Pinkcheeks! Tied for second place (and behind by just 1 vote each): IshokuOsero and Israel Figueroa! Honorable Mention goes to XHatching because that's just too much. The four of you, please email me (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com) to claim a prize! I've got a few trading figures and things I can send over to the runner ups.

As for the new contest, all the rules and guidelines are below the cut, as well as the prize info (though if you've been paying attention to our reviews lately, you should already know what those are). Your challenge themes: National Picnic Month, National Smile Week, Watermelon Day, Book Lover's Day, Tell a Joke Day, and Frankenstein Day. Feel free to go with one or several (or all?) of these themes. Both photo and video entries are allowed, and you can express yourself in as little or as many frames as you like. (holiday list)

Also, a big, hearty thanks goes out to HobbyLink Japan for sponsoring our contest! Be sure you check out the gallery for pictures of all your entries in one place. I think I got you all - if I missed your image, let me know! Finally, and this is important, of you normally skip the guidelines and such below the cut, at the very least look at the last paragraph. Thanks!

Now, for all the mumbo-jumbo (click the jump).

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8:00 PM on 08.03.2012

Taito's Fairy Tail prizes come up in better photos

When I wrote about Taito's plans to create several plushies and figures of Fairy Tail characters, we only had this small graphic to look at with pictures of everything. Thanks to eagle-eyed Natalie with her constant scouring ...

Kristina Pino

Tomopop Review: Persona 4's Yukiko and Chie by Taito photo
Tomopop Review: Persona 4's Yukiko and Chie by Taito
by Kristina Pino

Normally I would do two reviews for two separate figures, despite them being part of the same series, but Chie and Yukiko here are meant to be together. They even come packaged in the same exact box.

Taito is one of those "silent" companies. They don't make too much noise, but they release plenty of lower priced figures regularly, usually of popular anime characters like, say, Persona 4: The Animation's main gals.

The main reason why these two are in my possession is because they're going to be prizes for our next Megapixel contest in August (along with one more surprise that'll be reviewed soon), and I figure we've got a lot of Persona fans in the house. HobbyLink Japan did, too, because they're the amazing people who sponsored these.

Check out my full review below the cut!

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11:00 PM on 06.11.2012

Fairy Tail prize figures, more on the horizon from Taito

< insert squeal of delight, here. > Check out a scan in the gallery for a look at plush Happy, prize figures Lucy and Erza (I'm not sure why Erza is so nakie-like, but I'm loving that Lucy), Celestial Spirit Gate Key ke...

Kristina Pino

10:30 AM on 02.19.2012

Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Taito

Taito is not just about plush at the AOU Amusement Expo 2012 / Prize Fair 2012 Summer event. The company did have prize figures on display from a few series as well as some interesting and cute odds and ends. Two kinds of To ...

Jonathan Tubbs

11:00 PM on 02.18.2012

Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Taito - Plush

Prize Fair was an invasion of plushes this year, it seems, and Taito helped lead the assault with a ton of new ones! Whether you're a fan of Gloomy Bear, Doraemon or those crazy cats Toro and Kuro from Doko Demo Issho, you're...

Brian Szabelski