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Minifigures photo

Boldly go where Lego minifigures have not gone before

The crew over at Minifigures.com have announced their newest offering of famous faces in mini figure form with four of the crew members of the Starship Enterprise. Star Trek's main players Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Sulu are now part of the s...

Disney photo

Cinderella movie dolls available at The Disney Store

With the release of Disney's live action Cinderella set to release on March 13th, merchandise for the film is coming out in full force. True to form, Disney has released three new film collection dolls, Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother ...

SDCC 2014: Big Chief photo

SDCC 2014: Big Chief Studios

Hanging out in the Diamond Distribution booth this year was Big Chief Studios' pair of 1/6-scale Sherlock figures. Featuring Sherlock and Watson (as portrayed in the BBC series), this was my first chance to get a look at them in person...

SDCC 2014: Threezero/3A photo

SDCC 2014: Threezero/ThreeA

Tucked away inside Diamond Distribution's SDCC booth were a multitude of figures from ThreeA and Threezero, most of them being licensed figures from the two companies. It was a chance to get up close and personal (well, as personal as you c...

Funko Legacy Tyrion photo

Walgreens-exclusive Hand of the King now available

Funko have released a new Legacy Collection figure of Tyrion Lannister dressed as the King's Hand as seen in Game of Thrones. The figure resembles Tyrion in most ways, but then again, you wouldn't really confuse it for anyone else. It also ...

LEGO photo

C-3PO wields a giant gun in new LEGO Star Wars special

I'd hazard a guess and say LEGO Star Wars may be responsible for the resurgence of the building block toys that we all love. The games were good, simple fun that could be shared with the younglings, which eventually lead to more games and ...

Simpsons photo

Simpsons has a Lego episode, gets a lot of attention

2014 might be the year of the collector. First we had a G.I. Joe-themed episode of Community and now we're getting a Lego episode of The Simpsons (trailer here). Of course, because it's The Simpsons (and not the iffier, less popular Communi...

Game of Thrones photo

Custom Tyrion Lannister looks determined

Super popular shows like Game of Thrones tend to spawn some pretty neat works of art. When you get a deep world with interesting characters, something cool is bound to come out. In this case, it's a custom molded and painted version of Tyri...

LEGO - The Simpsons House photo

LEGO introduces its first The Simpsons set, the House

[Update: Image of the back of the box provided by Tiptop. Thanks!] Last year back in March, it was reported that Lego was interested in acquiring the license to the best satire of American life, The Simpsons. Now that it's 2014, the set loo...

White Walker Statue photo

This White Walker is probably safe to keep at home

Dark Horse have recently revealed a White Walker bust (from Game of Thrones) that is looking mighty fierce. It stands about 9 inches tall and its spread is around 13 inches long. For now, there isn't an edition size for the fiend, but it's ...

K-9 Plush photo

This K-9 plush is adorable? AFFIRMATIVE!

As a proper Whovian, I've got my fair share of knick knacks. One of the few things I'm missing is a version of K-9, the loyal and occasionally snarky robotic hound from the future. Well, I can end that search, what with the upcoming release...

Billy Bad Dunnys photo

Dolly Oblong returns to Albuquerque with more Billy Bad

Remember back in August, when Dolly Oblong released their Billy Bad Dunnys, inspired by Breaking Bad? Well, they're back with friends: a new batch of 6 Billy Bad Dunnys will drop in the Dolly Oblong shop on Thursday, Oct. 3 (that's this Thu...

Obi-Wan bust photo

Obi-Wan bust bank is straight out of animated Clone Wars

It's a damn shame. This Obi-Wan Kenobi bust bank looks... absolutely amazing. He looks perfect - right out of the Clone Wars animated series. But I feel like there's so much potential tossed out of the window as this is just a bank. A hollo...

Hot Toys 1966 Robin photo

Holy photo galleries, Tomopop! Hot Toys' Robin appears

Along with Batman, Hot Toys has sent over some photos of their upcoming 1/6 scale Robin figure (ie, the other half of the dynamic duo) based on the character's (and actor Burt Ward's) likeness in Batman: The Movie (1966) which spun off from...

Hot Toys 1966 Batman photo

Batusi along with Hot Toys' 1966 Batman

Hot Toys has sent over some photos of their upcoming Batman, based on the character's (and actor Adam West's) likeness in Batman: The Movie (1966) which was a spin-off of the 1960s Batman tv show. This 1/6 scale figure will come with thirte...

PAK black suit Superman photo

Play Arts Kai Superman will be back in black for NYCC

Toyark has posted photos and details in regards to Square-Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai Man of Steel black suit Superman. The site alleges that the figure will be a NYCC exclusive and sell for US$80 at the event. The costume is apparently a...


Sharknado: Now in LEGO form

Last week SyFy premiered their soon to be classic movie, Sharknado. That movie was the best unintentional comedy I've seen in a while. Shark attacks, Tara Reid, and that guy from 90210 who's now a Chippendales dancer; it was fun! It was so...


Family Guy's Stewie roams NYC for Under the Stars event

Citizens of New York City have reported sightings of a menacing looking baby on the loose. Yes, popping up all around the city have been sculpted statues of Stewie from Family Guy. As part of a promotional campaign by PIX 11 for their "Fam...


Pass the time with Doctor Who stress toys

If you're like me then you probably just finished the last episode of Doctor Who until it returns in November. After such an amazingly brain melting episode followed by a shocking surprise ending I can tell I'll be spending days mulling ove...


Gallery 1988 holds The Official Bad Robot Art Experience

For fans and art lovers of the work of JJ Abrams and his production company, Gallery 1988 has a new exhibit for you. The Official Bad Robot Art Experience will open this Friday, April 26, at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. This show will feat...


Check out Diamond Toy Select's Enterprise E

So, you all remember Star Trek Nemesis the movie right? I won't lie, I fell asleep during that movie but admittedly on my second time watching it. Well, if you enjoyed that movie and or Star Trek in general you should check o...


Funko's slew of POP! figures up for pre-order

Toy Fair gave us so many POP! figures to look forward to if you collect them, and from so many different series it's ridiculous. Of course, I'm mostly excited for the two new Thriller Michael Jackson figures, but I love the Batmobile they'v...


LEGO reportedly negotiating for The Simpsons license

Reports have come out of a Danish newspaper (via Brickset) that LEGO is currently in negotiations with The Simpsons' parent company Fox to produce sets based on TV's most famous family. Following up, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that t...


Mezco shows off two Walter White figure prototypes

Following an announcement back in December regarding Breaking Bad figures, Mezco is already delivering with these smashing images of Walter White all suited up for work. He is sculpted by Trevor Grove, who also does work for Sideshow Collec...


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