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7:00 PM on 04.02.2013

A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives

ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have...

Brian Szabelski

TADO introduces us to Panda Otaku photo
TADO introduces us to Panda Otaku
by Brian Szabelski

The duo known as TADO won't just be at ToyCon UK: they're bringing a brand new figure serieswith them, Panda Otaku. Mike and Katie's character from the series, whose name is Jerry, has been carved into wood by British artist Nick Hunter, and for ToyCon, they'll have both painted and natural versions. 

Each Jerry figure comes with two cameras (a random assortment of picks from Polaroid, Leica, Rolleiflex or SLR versions) and a miniature "gentlemen's comic/magazine," as TADO puts it. The laser-etched shop you see in the backdrop is actually the box that Jerry will come in, and the figures are finished with a coat of protective beeswax to prevent chipping and such.

The natural, unpainted one is the version you see above, complete with little details on the shop that should be familiar to collectors. The Panda Otaku logo looking so similar to Bandai's logo, the little Tamiya-like logl on the shop and the SmileToy wordmark that perhaps is a Good Smile Company reference?  It's all good to me!

Expect to see five Jerrys at ToyCon UK for £80 each, bit a limited number will be in the TADO shop after ToyCon for pre-orders as well.

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9:00 AM on 05.17.2012

Here's TADO's Judge Death plush OH CRAP THAT IS SCARY

That headline above about TADO and Together Plus' new Judge Death plush? Yep, those were my initial thoughts when I saw it. TADO, normally known for their more cuddly designs, putting together a plush of the scary Judge Death...

Brian Szabelski

Introducing Mathmos and TADO's Chuppi photo
Introducing Mathmos and TADO's Chuppi
by Brian Szabelski

The folks at Mathmos, the British company who invented the lava lamp in 1963, have a new project on the way in collaboration with TADO, and it's something a little bit different than what we've seen before. Say hello to Chuppi, one part ambient light and one part designer vinyl toy. The wireless light/vinyl figure is, at first glance, a blank DIY toy that comes with stickers so you can make your own face for it. You don't even have to worry about painting it because you can set the color of Chuppi's light or let it cycle through the color spectrum if you can't decide. Chuppi also comes with a nice little charger base and has a battery life for up to six hours between chargings.

Chuppi goes on sale April 30 for £30 (€40; approx. US$48) at Mathmos. Putting aside my love for TADO, I think it's a cool little idea and it should have appeal to both younger kids and older collectors and artists, both as a simple light or as a new DIY platform. It seems a little expensive at first glance (probably in part because of all the lighting and electronics guts inside of it) but it is 20 cm (7.8 inches) tall, so the price when compared to a similar-sized Dunny or other vinyl piece is a bit cheaper, actually. 

Hit he jump for a little video, but let us know in the comments what you think about Chuppi!

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Creo Design, TADO's Funghi on sale tomorrow photo
Creo Design, TADO's Funghi on sale tomorrow
by Brian Szabelski

On Friday, we're getting a new release from Creo Design and one of my personal favorites, TADO! Friday marks the official release of their 4" Funghi figure, which will come in 35 different colorways and have a total of 60 pieces, each individually numbered. The actual shapes will all be the same, of course, but you probably won't know which ones you get until they arrive.

You can pick them up starting at noon GMT (7 a.m. Eastern, 4 a.m. Pacific) for £45 (US$70) in two locations: TADO's shop and Creo Design's shop. Considering I didn't get a Piggaphunt and I'm still utterly bitter about that ... yeah, I'll probably be fighting tooth and nail for one of these. Will you?

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